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7th Dec 2004, 09:59
I understand this is tied in with one's local Council - so already probably a pointless endeavour !

However, just had some work done on my ageing Volvo to pass the MOT. I know my car explicitly and yes, it is quite possible that I missed something. However, I believe that a certain garage has - in fact I am 100% certain - claimed to have carried work out to get the MOT which was unecessary.

The invoice, MOT failure sheet is in the post - allegedly. On inspection the bolts in the area of the alledged work to pass the MOT have clearly not been touched. So basically the work has not been done and I don't believe it needed doing.

Trading Standards quite obviously state that I need the details of the alledged work carried out and a second opinion.

Any comments from the wise out there ?



tall and tasty
7th Dec 2004, 10:08

Take photographic proof of the areas untouched and go to a second opinion without delay. They should hand you the failure cert and invoice when you pick up the car never post it to you.

I was conned into having a head gasket changed and radiator and when I checked the bolts they had never been touched. A good friend of mine a car mechanic had checked the car before and afterwards and told me nothing had been done except a hose changed which had not been put on correctly and blew costing a lot of repair to the engine.

Hope that helps know I am a girly and not mechanically minded and I had sucker stamped on my head as I took it in, but they did not like it when I went back with my massive complaints and ended up with a result of them waiving the bill

TnT :ok:

7th Dec 2004, 11:18
I've used Trading Standards a few times, and I have always found them to be very helpful and keen to get involved in a problem.

I've found the threat of them has often proved a sufficient catalyst to get what I want.

I always like to include them in the "cc's" I put in my letters of complaint, along with BBC watchdog!!

7th Dec 2004, 19:07
A farmer friend took his ageing Landrover in for a service, but didn't trust the dealer to do all the work properly. He marked the removable bits under the bonnet, filters etc, with small dabs of paint to check on collection.

When picking up the car, the dealer handed him the invoice, together with a spoof entry for "one touch up paint pen". The farmer queried this, to be told with a smile that it had been used to put back all the little dabs of paint on the service items...............

Another tale to redress the balance. I took my car in for a service recently, but only a day or so earlier I'd refilled the washer bottle to the top. On collecting the car, I was a bit annoyed to see 2.62 added to the bill for washer fluid, but as the bill was around 500 or so I thought it churlish to make a fuss. When getting into the car I noticed a neat little Mercedes carrier bag on the seat, containing an almost full bottle of washer concentrate. I have to say this little gesture restored my faith in the honesty of garages (almost.........).

8th Dec 2004, 07:58
I have had mixed experience of Trading Standards departments.

West Sussex were off like a rat up a pipe when I made a complaint but Portsmouth City Council sent me a pile of leaflets and a standard letter saying that they could not get involved in individual cases and advised me to seek redress through the courts......Portsmouth Trading Standards are not fit to draw on the Queen's good oxygen in my opinion.

8th Dec 2004, 10:54
Word of caution.

If you are a junkie shoplifter, please don't try to use Trading Standards to act on your behalf to obtain a fraudulent refund on goods you stole from the shop a few days before and which were confiscated on return, and from which you have been banned for a number of years.

They might be willing and helpful, but they are not entirely gullible. Kind words for a local council dept at last. :}

Bern Oulli
8th Dec 2004, 17:19
Today's (Wednesday) copy of the Bournemouth Echo reports a "sting" by Trading Standards against a car dealership resulting in a fine of 6,000. Apparently MoT was done but faults not corrected although the punter was charged as if the work had been done.
Full story HERE. (http://www.thisisbournemouth.co.uk/dorset/bournemouth/news/BOURN_NEWS_NEWS4.html)

Trading standards officers believe one in five car services in Bournemouth is not carried out satisfactorily.......


8th Dec 2004, 18:37
Give this number a call it's the Vehicle Inspectorate MOT inquiries,
they should be able to help

0845 6005977

8th Dec 2004, 21:46
Have you considered waking your local plod up?

The garage is guilty of fraud and misrepresentation, i.e. obtaining money by deception, etc.

Might make a change for them to tackle some real crime ?

There again....no money in it is there;) :(

9th Dec 2004, 12:05
If Trading Standards in your area get involved in any capacity at all relating to shoddy goods / services you should count yourself very lucky.

Upon ringing TS recently regarding a repair job I received where a company had charged 280 for absolutely nothing, TS categorically stated (exact quote): "we only have sufficient funding to get involved if it's criminal mate, pursue them through the small claims court".

16th Jan 2005, 11:33
Some interesting developments wrt this matter.

Confronted the guy at the garage (No 1) who claimed to have done the 'unecessary' work. Strangely enough he wasn't too pleased.

Went to the garage that carried out the MOT and requested the checksheet. They would not allow me to have copies but they did allow me to have a look. Strangely no mention of a failure due to a suspension bush - that will be the one which has not been replaced and yet garage No 1 charged me for.

Made it quite clear that I had no issue whatsoever with the MOT or the quality of their work but could they possibly explain why I paid garage No 1 for unecessary work. I was then promptly led out of the door by a large gentleman who claimed to be an ex-Policeman.

A quick call to Trading Standards and the DOT - checking that the MOT has been issued by a valid testing station. It has.

Very impressed with the response.

Owner of the garage who claimed to have done the unecessary work has got a tad upset because he has had Trading Standards and the Vehicle Inspectorate crawling all over his garage.

If he has nothing to hide what is his problem ? Seems he has a big problem - he decided to come and play the brick throwing game over the weekend.

He is clearly not too switched on as he managed to break a window at my neighbours house.

My neighbour knows him and boy I would not want to cross him.

The Police are now dealing with the matter.

Case rested Ma Lord.

PS. Thanks for the advice chaps & chapesses - the phone numbers etc.

Worked well - and I thank you.