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9th Aug 2001, 22:26
From ireland.com:

Ryanair plane in emergency landing after engine failure

By Eoin Burke-Kennedy Last updated: 09-08-01, 15:13

A Ryanair plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Dublin Airport this morning after suffering engine failure en route to London Stansted.

The FR202 flight, which was scheduled to leave Dublin at 6.55 a.m., was in the air for some 15 minutes when passengers reported hearing a loud bang.

A short time later, it was announced the aircraft had experienced technical difficulties and would have to return to Dublin.

An Aer Rianta spokeswoman said a full complement of emergency services was present as the plane landed at 7.31 a.m.

None of the 114 passengers on board was injured in the incident.

She described the incident as a category 2 level emergency, which is less serious than a distress call but more serious than an alert.

A passenger on the plane told ireland.com she heard a loud bang before it was announced the plane would be returning to Dublin.

Ryanair confirmed one of its Boeing 737 jets had experienced difficulties. A spokesman said one of the plane’s engines suffered a technical problem. He said: "The plane returned to Dublin for precautionary reasons where it was inspected by engineers".

He said: "It was decided not to fly the aircraft and the passengers on the plane were accommodated on the next available flights to Stansted".

Details of where the aircraft was purchased or leased or when it was last serviced were unavailable.

In a separate incident a number of Ryanair passengers were stranded in Paris last night after the scheduled evening flight from Beauvais was delayed because of technical difficulties.

Irate passengers said they were left waiting some 8 hours, until 3 a.m., without food or accommodation before being told the 18.25 flight to Dublin would not fly until today.

The flight eventually left Beauvais today some 18 hours after its scheduled departure.

9th Aug 2001, 22:32
so where does it mention engine "failure" ?

10th Aug 2001, 07:04
Anyone know whether it was a -200 or -800 and what the reg was?

10th Aug 2001, 09:12
"suffering Engine Failure en route to London Stansted"


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10th Aug 2001, 10:25
A tiny bit of journalistic license perhaps?

Not really enough information to speculate, but could this be a case of compressor surge leading to engine shutdown rather than engine failure?

10th Aug 2001, 11:20
Assuming that it was a regular climb out with no extraordinary activities, 15 minutes into the flight I don't recon that the compressor would surge. Or could it?
I would agree with ramsrc though that it was a shut down rather than a failure

13th Aug 2001, 15:41
Understand incident resulted in an unsched engine change at Dub, which, was carried out on the ramp. Hangar was already in use with sched engine change on another aircraft.

14th Aug 2001, 01:13
MAYBE THE PLUGS WERE FOULED. :rolleyes: :p :rolleyes: :p :rolleyes:

Wee Jock
14th Aug 2001, 01:46
Item on this evening's news about Tony Bliar and family flying Ryanair on their hols this week instead of easyjet. S'pose they'll switch to Go next.....
:eek: :eek: :eek:

14th Aug 2001, 18:46
Question for clarification: Assuming the errant engine didn't fail but was shut down as a precaution, if the other engine WERE to fail, would an attempt be made to restart the shutdown engine?

Sorry if this seems pedantic, I'm just wondering about the terminology.

Heh, I can just imagine a former teacher of mine: "No, no, we don't talk about failures. #1 engine hasn't failed, it's just put itself in a position to consider other options..."

15th Aug 2001, 14:28
I reckon if Alistair Campbell had read this site during the last 2 months he wouldn't have booked them.