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6th Dec 2004, 20:16
TV is stuck on I'am a z list nobody and why am i on the telly (the remote is on the other side of the room) what utter bollix is this? Some bloke has his head in a tank filled with goldfish, spiders and eels and an oxygen tube, fairer me thinks if they take away the oxygen and let him either drown or explode from holding his breath, much more entertaing and more fun all round! :E

Thank you, rant over. Can catch some zz's now without wanting to punch something:\

Krystal n chips
6th Dec 2004, 21:34
You should have flipped across to C4--"Bomber Crew"----and watched some real people--notably the guys who did it for real and their anecdotes :ok: --not the "I'm a self-centric useless tosser" variety :yuk: :mad: They are utterly pathetic---and what's worse--they actually believe they are so :mad: wonderful !!

6th Dec 2004, 22:14
B*gger! You've just reminded me that I didn't set the video to record it before coming to foreign parts.

Edited to point out I meant Bomber Crew, rather than the other drivel

8th Dec 2004, 08:31
Ooh look, the off switch!

Not rocket science.

Devlin Carnet
8th Dec 2004, 11:32
And whilst we're on the subject... what is it with that wittering, annoying gobby bint that is the presenter on ITV2,

Mr Chips
8th Dec 2004, 11:42
I read the first post on this thread and wondered how long it would take for EAL401 to pop up with his usual insight. Eal, please let us discuss things that we want to discuss.....

8th Dec 2004, 12:11
This media fascination with celebrities has really gone too far now. My rancour is not with the celebrity themself, they're only making a living afterall, but with the TV producers who peddle this banal rubbish onto the public which parodys and confirms the lazy throw-away nation we have become.

We are not getting anything of real substance in our entertainment and people want their entertainment to be larger than life these days but the opportunities available are wasted by hollow TV producers catering for the lower end of the gene pool, the personification of the Sun newspaper readership.

We seem more interested in observing others on TV shows than doing anything remotely introspective. How easy the audience participation when all you have to do is sit in front of your television set and judge the fauna paraded across it! No concentration necessary/ no recriminations due - simple. Sell's like hotcakes because we've all been dumbed down over the years.

"Computer say's no".


Standard Noise
8th Dec 2004, 12:34
But what does it say about society today when huge numbers tune in to watch this load of old pish?! These "celebrities" are either trying to resurrect their deceased careers without wondering why those careers died in the first place, or getting on telly just to aid their pursuit to be famous despite being completely talentless anyway. As long as they all slide back to panto, sorry I mean obscurity, then everything will return to normal for a few months.
Mind you, we aren't taxed 100 and bleeding 20 quid a year to watch ITV (Idiot's Telly Vision). Now if the Beeb were peddling this trash I'd really be annoyed, oh hang on a minute, Fame Acadamy- aaarrrggghhh! Yeah, like that worked cos they're all sooo famous I can reel off their names.

Channel 4, please save us from the mind numbingly monotonous cack on 1, 2 and Idiot's TV.:{

Edited to say (before someone challenges me on the subject) that I don't consider 5 to be a proper TV channel.

8th Dec 2004, 12:54
Eal, please let us discuss things that we want to discuss.....
My apologies.

Please continue with how you're all too dumb to find some other form of entertaining yourselves if you don't like a TV programme.

I wonder if you are the same types who listen to the "some viewers may find this disturbing" before complaining about the disturbing content.

8th Dec 2004, 14:27
Thankfully I've not had the misfortune to stumble across "I Wish I Was A Celebrity" this year. I hate that sort of thing with a passion.

I did however catch that thing on Channel Four yesterday where they got a bunch of ex crims to steal a painting from an art gallery. That was actually quite involving! Was funny to see members of the public blithely wandering past as a man in a boiler suit clambered down a ladder clutching a painting.

Makes you wonder if you'd actually register something was awry if you saw that sort of thing yourself at 6am or whenever it was.

Cheers, SSS

8th Dec 2004, 15:07

Once again you are showcasing your unbelievabley naive nature in condemning those who speak out against things they disagree with. You did it when I raised the subject of the BBC publishing a distressing photo of a burning light aircraft at Bournemouth earlier this year, citing that I was giving the photo more exposure. The photo did recieve more exposure but unless it was highlighted the BBC would once again publish a distressing scene and our decency levels would have been eroded further. People stood up and complained thanks to the photo first being highlighted in the Private Flying Forum and further when I raised the issue in Jet Blast. An apology was forthcoming from the BBC and one hopes measures taken to amend their editorial decision making in future. This is called taking a stand and succeeding.

Now you say people are dumb if they compain about airtime being taken up by programmes that bring nothing to the table on primetime TV! If people complain then eventually someone in control listens however, here I don't think that was Lexxity's aim, they merely just wanted to let off steam which they are of course entitled to. You however seem to think that anyone who so much as compains about a bad situation is foolish for observing the situation they have an issue with. You are missing the bigger picture once again. With an attitude like yours we'd all roll over and take it up the arse.

You appear severely misguided.


8th Dec 2004, 15:42
VFE, thank you, as you have rightly stated I was just blowing off steam at how banal reality TV is.
EAL - this forum is called JET BLAST, i shall leave it to you to figure out what that means.

simon brown
8th Dec 2004, 19:21
ITV channels are now the biggest load of banal, bile, pig swill chav rubbish ever to adorn our screens..

The schedules tend to go something like this;

Talentless chavs try to become z list talentless celebrities/popstars my trying to convince a bunch of egotistical has beens they can sing

Chav tattoed neighbours from hell


Chav tattoed failures at DIY

Another soap

Chavs go abroad and get drunk in Greece

I'm a talenless tw*t with a failed career, resurrect my public profile

Chav families battle it out to stay in a cockroach infested slum in Spain

Dummed down News at 10

Footballers wives

More dross

Pigs swill

etc etc

Weve got satellite channels for this dross. The "3" button on my remote is pristine and 1 and the 4 button are worn out...say no more

9th Dec 2004, 05:37
Wouldn't normally watch this type of 'reality' show, but with a house full of 'wimmin' I've had little choice last week. Strangely enough I found that I really enjoyed bits of it. If you don't like z-list celebs then what's better than watching the object of your dislike being put through hell - e.g. Paul Burrell (Diana's 'rock') doing his two final 'trials' was the funniest thing I've seen in years.

9th Dec 2004, 07:07
I watch the show and absolutely love it. If all TV was serious shows about serious subjects, I would be bored sh**less. To see Burrell eat kangaroo testicles etc was one of the highlights of my TV year. I do agree on the 24/7 cover being worse than watching paint dry. A 1/2 hour highlights is more than enough.
As mentioned earlier though....... If you don't like it, then turn over or off.

Little Blue
9th Dec 2004, 08:10
I agree that a mix of low brow/high brow keeps you on the level.
I could never live on a staple of diet of pap tv, but, likewise, the same goes for the other side.
Although, Burrells ball-crunching was the funniest thing I have seen for ages !!
Bet HRH was rubbing her hands with glee at the one !

henry crun
9th Dec 2004, 08:56
We don't have this program in my country, and from the tone of some remarks it might be a blessing.

One question though, was the kangaroo alive or dead ?

9th Dec 2004, 12:52
Might have been more amusing, and tricky, had Skippy been still attached. Would have raised an uproar though with the balls for roos crowd.

2 sheds
9th Dec 2004, 15:45
Simon Brown

"Dummed (sic) down News at 10"


9th Dec 2004, 16:00
Moving on....

G4 or Steve?

(and isn't Kate Thornton irritating?)

Little Blue
9th Dec 2004, 16:33
Irritating, yes...
"But she'd still get it "..
I'll get me coat !;)

9th Dec 2004, 16:42
Please continue with how you're all too dumb to find some other form of entertaining yourselves if you don't like a TV programme

I like the bit where EAL thinks everybody needs his permission.

9th Dec 2004, 17:03
I like the bit where EAL thinks everybody needs his permission. awww... but don't you just luv'em :E

Mr Chips
10th Dec 2004, 09:59
Timmcat - Steve for sure, cos G4 are a one trick pony. The blonde one sings, the others just fill space (especially the slightly chubby one!)

kate Thornton? Irritating? Thats the future Mrs Chips you are talking about......

10th Dec 2004, 12:10
I take it that Kate knows about this as well Chippy..... :E