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2nd Dec 2004, 22:01
It is with great regret to inform you that George Dunn (Turbo Prop Fleet Mgr Flybe) passed away last week. Previously George was on Hercs at Lyneham. The funeral will be held on the 8th December, 1130, at Wootton Bassett (nr Swindon)

Pie Man
3rd Dec 2004, 18:39
If it's the same George Dunn who was Boss of Yorkshire Universities Air Squadron mid 70's - God Speed.

He was brave enough to teach me to fly!


4th Dec 2004, 09:22
T'was he. Same bloke who leapt out of a Bulldog in a spin from which it had no intention of recovering! Had the pleasure of relating this to a punchy barstool aerobat who asked him what he would know about emergencies being a truckie!

Everyone deserves a break in aviation and George gave me mine. He was a gentle giant and a superb operator, one of the very few to hold the 'A Cat' on the Herc.

Greatly saddened by his passing Will make the effort to be there on the 8th.

Rest in peace George.

Chilli Monster
4th Dec 2004, 16:40
George brought me back from Newcastle (medevac flight) after Sledge managed to throw me across the back of a Herc. I was also on his 'A' cat ride when he showed wonderful captaincy skills by diverting us to St Johns instead of Goose - thereby ensuring good crew morale on that and subsequent nights on the route.

God bless you sir, it was a pleasure to know you and work with you. RIP

Gear up Shut up
4th Dec 2004, 19:55
I have had the total pleasure of working for George on and off for the past 7 years and very closely for the last few.

He considered others to his own detriment and demonstrated absolute calm in the past few months when he was obviously not well.

George was a huge man physically, in presence and stature. This is an industry that attracts “egos” but he showed none, because quite simply he didn’t have to.

George, I will be there to pay my last respects and hope your words and memories will always guide me – a truly fine boss.


4th Dec 2004, 22:03
Had the pleasure of knowing George in the 80's at Lyneham. An absolute gentleman. Condolences to family and friends.

average pilot
5th Dec 2004, 09:00
I new George at Lyneham as well. A lovely man who will be sadly missed.
I think it was George who had to force- land a Bulldog on Ainsdale Beach and when his collegue landed a second one to see if he was all right it hit a soft patch of sand and flipped over. I think they saw the funny side, as nobody was hurt!

Condolences and best wishes to those he leaves behind.

5th Dec 2004, 12:00
George gave me my first flying job. He made an enormous difference to my life by giving me a break in aviation which I will be eternally grateful for.

If only more senior management were as practical and approachable as george was. A true gentlemen who will be sadly missed.

My thoughts to his family.

Will try to be there on the 8th.

6th Dec 2004, 10:41
Av. Pilot - Nearly right. George landed on the beach by parachute (after leaving an un-recouverable spin) and Dave Sargent landed a 'dog' on the beach to check if he was ok!
George taught me to fly the Herc in 1990 - a fabulous instructor and great drinking buddy.
Such sad news.

6th Dec 2004, 15:50
I knew George well on the Herc. A lovely man, who will be much missed. I can't make the funeral, unfortunately, but I will be raising a glass to him on the 8th.

Hudson Bay
6th Dec 2004, 19:31
Not sure if I can make it but I will if I can. George was one of lifes greats. I had the utmost respect for the man. I remember being his first officer many years ago and during final descent, with pax in an un-pressurised aircraft I did something quite stupid. I think I had a couple of thousand hours and very wet behind the ears. For some bizarre reason I increased the rate of descent to about a thousand feet per minute keeping the speed up and generally trying to be clever. We completed are post flight and as I was walking out the crew room he said "oh by the way I still haven't got my head round why you went from a stable 500" per minute to 1000" per minute." We both smiled, I thought and I learned. Thanks George, your mark was left with me, Rest in Peace Big man.