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6th Dec 2004, 08:56
This is from today's Bangkok Post and was also on Pattaya TV News last night. It's a very odd story.


Chon Buri _ A search yesterday failed to find an Italian tourist who jumped from a rented airplane about 4km off Jomthien beach on Saturday.

The 40-year-old, identified only as ''Mr T'', rented a piloted two-seater plane from Fun Flying Thai Air Service Co to view Koh Lan island. When about 4km from Jomthien beach, ''Mr T'' kicked the door open and jumped from the plane without a parachute.

The incident was reported to police by Uthai Sirwakosawong, 50, the pilot of the aircraft.

The Italian was listed as missing believed dead.

Mr Uthai had said the Italian had checked the condition of the plane before paying the rental fee.

He carried a bag while jumping into the sea. It was believed the bag might have contained valuable items or important documents.

Police are investigating the incident. They will question a man who accompanied the Italian tourist to the plane-leasing firm. Speed boats were sent to search for his body.


6th Dec 2004, 10:13
Maybe the bag contained a parachute.

6th Dec 2004, 10:31
Didn't think Mr T did planes !!!!!!
Last CVR transcript was

" I pity the fool gonna get me on a plane sucker !!!!!!!!!!!"
Maybe the drugs wore off too quick , or Mad Murdoch's flying wasn't up to much !!!!!!!!!

6th Dec 2004, 11:30
Could never understand why he never saw through the offering of laced milk and cookies that howlin' mad Murdoch and Hannibal used to produce, minutes before entering the airfield.

" I ain't going in no plane... suckers"!!!

6th Dec 2004, 11:45
maybe he spotted the bag with the French Plastic Explosive?:(

Norman Stanley Fletcher
6th Dec 2004, 12:54
Reminds me of a story. A group of people rented a very old and clapped-out looking twin engine aircraft to cross the Andes. There were 3 passengers - an Australian backpacker, a Bishop and a gentleman who quickly told everyone that he was in fact the Egyptian Underwater Basketweaving Champion on a lecture tour of South America. Eventually they all took off. Whilst at high level over some very mountainous terrain, the engines started to cough and then finally stopped. The pilot suddenly appeared looking very flustered from behind the curtain separating the cockpit from cabin and said, "We are all in a right mess - both engines have seized and there are only 3 parachutes". He suddenly grabbed a parachute from a pile in the corner, put it on, opened the side door and leapt out.

A somewhat tense discussion broke out between the pax as to who was worth more to mankind and by definition which 2 out of the 3 of them should have the remaining parachutes. The Egyptian Underwater Basketweaving Champion went into great length as to how he was the last of his trade and the loss of himself to the world was too terrible to countanance and that he really must live. At that he grabbed at the pile of remaining parachutes in the corner, strapped one on and dived out the open door. The Bishop and the Backpacker looked awkwardly at one another and the Bishop said, "Well my son - we have a somewhat difficult problem". Straight away the Australian backpacker said, "Don't worry Bish, the Egyptian Underwater Basketweaving Champion there has just strapped on my backpack. I think we are going to be just fine!"

simon brown
6th Dec 2004, 13:05
With all that gold jewellery, I wouldnt expect a 2 seater with Mr T aboard to get off the ground...

6th Dec 2004, 13:26
Thanks guys. I'd forgotten about "Mr 'T'".

I don't think they found the body yet. The aircraft was a Zenair. There's 2 or 3 of them flying in the area. Also, they wouldn't have been higher than 500-1,000 feet. We are right under the TMA for Sattahip Air Base here and are restricted severely unless we file a flightplan. A jolly over Koh Lan doesn't qualify for that.

The local lads have been making capital out of the incident.

1. He discovered last nights 'lady' was a Katoey
2. He didn't live in a 12 storey condo
3. His girlfriend got to the laundry and discovered a parachute in the laundry bag

Stuff like that.

On a more serious note, there seems to be an increase in expat europeans 'topping' themselves in quite spectacular fashion. There are a lot of people who have been lying low on minimal income here and the latest update of immigration laws has seen a lot of them in trouble.

Perhaps he felt that his 'way out' should be with a little Italian style.

Who knows. It is a rather sad story.

6th Dec 2004, 13:43
Interesting, maybe a new trend? In Pattaya farangs usually jump from their condos when they found out that their teerak had another 5 boyfriends supporting them and one Thai boyfriend for the real thang...

6th Dec 2004, 13:55
Something similarly odd happened a few years ago when a woman exited a corporate plane in mid-flight. Transcript of the 911 call:


I vaguely remember reading about another case involving two friends in a small plane. At some point during the flight, the passenger opened the door and jumped out.

6th Dec 2004, 15:50
Does anyone else remember the former SAS guy (and expert parachutist) who hit the silk sans silk over southern England some years ago?

6th Dec 2004, 16:41
Recently I've read a story about a guy, who jumped
from a heil over the Grand Canyon.

He must have well planned it, he insisted
to have a door seat, actually the right pilot seat.

The pilot, as far as I remember, was a female, she grabed
him as he opened the door, but couldn't hold him
and didn't want to risk the lives of the rest of the passengers
starting fighting with him, so she let go...

I think it was in NTSB report.

Onan the Clumsy
7th Dec 2004, 02:52
Kicked open the door :hmm: That's bloody hard to do in a 172 (dunno about a zenair). It'll just hang about 3 inches open and you have to really try to get out.

I know because I've had a passenger jump out on me :eek:

7th Dec 2004, 10:15
The person that jumped out of the plane was terminally ill with leukaemia, according the Corriere della Sera (http://www.corriere.it/Primo_Piano/Cronache/2004/12_Dicembre/07/suicidio.shtml) (link is in Italian) and it is thought that he committed suicide. He was an ex pilot, had previously tried to rent a plane solo but in the end had to hire it with a pilot.

DX Wombat
7th Dec 2004, 10:53
How very, very sad.

7th Dec 2004, 12:30
Man jumped out of plane to avoid illness 

A Westerner who died when he jumped out of a plane over the Gulf of Thailand was an Italian pilot who apparently committed suicide to avoid suffering the final stages of leukaemia, police said today.
The body of Andrea Petersek, 45, was found Monday about three miles off the coast of Pattaya, a well-known resort town. Two days earlier he mysteriously kicked out the door of a rented two-seater plane and plunged to his death.
Petersek’s Thai wife, told police he said he wanted to commit suicide because a doctor in Italy told him there was almost no chance he would recover from leukaemia, said police Lt. Col. Sathien Laokim-ung.
The pilot of the plane, which the man rented for a flight on Saturday, told police when they were aloft, the man kicked out the door of the single-engine aircraft and jumped into the sea carrying a bag.
The action caused the pilot to momentarily lose control of the plane, but he managed to land safely even with the door missing.

7th Dec 2004, 14:38
I started this link and I think I would like to finsh it here. That is really, really sad. Pray God it never happens to me.

7th Dec 2004, 15:06
I agree wholeheartedly - wrong forum too.