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Gareth Blackstock
5th Dec 2004, 00:18
I have just been approached by someone to do some photography work and want to check out the eligibility of them, is there anywhere on the net where I can enter a name and a location to see it they are who they say they are.


5th Dec 2004, 00:24
more info preeze

Gareth Blackstock
5th Dec 2004, 00:31
I just basically have had a bit of a bizzare request and want a quick and easy way of finding out if someone is who they say they are without the hassel of doing the electoral role thing.


5th Dec 2004, 00:38
yellowpages or if they are renting, a drivers lisence number, passport. you should be able to check these at the post office by phoning up.

5th Dec 2004, 02:13
How bizzare can this request be? Would it involve the Plod if it went wrong? If so, maybe ask them first.

5th Dec 2004, 02:21
The mind boggles. :eek:

5th Dec 2004, 09:36
A tip, if you put wellies on the back feet the sheep cannot run away.

Onan the Clumsy
5th Dec 2004, 13:32
just basically have had a bit of a bizzare request Oh do tell.

After all, you went to the trouble of posting the question. The least you can do is fill us in on the juicy bits.

Photography eh? Nudge nudge.

5th Dec 2004, 14:24
Reminds me of a request received from a barmaid to take some photos for her boyfriend, serving on a small, then very recently recaptured, South Atlantic island. I turned up at her place after closing time, armed with a bag load of photo kit to find that the snaps she had in mind were of an intimate nature and involved a banana...........

As I knew her boyfriend (who was a rather hefty crab armourer) I declined her request and tried to explain that her boyfriend would probably be more concerned about the person behind the camera than her intention to provide him with comfort and solace whilst on a remote island.

Gareth Blackstock
5th Dec 2004, 15:04
I was asked by someone out of the blue if I would take some glamour shots of his wife for him. He knew I liked taking pictures but I usually take photos of aircraft and stuff like that. I have never taken these sort of pictures before so it is all very odd. I doubt I'll do it anyway but I just wanted to see if there was anyway of checking them out to see if they are who they say they are.


surely not
5th Dec 2004, 15:47
well I have a Canon and will travel!! :D :D

5th Dec 2004, 15:54
Was their name last name Hamilton?

5th Dec 2004, 15:56
GB, This sounds very like the request I received all those years ago. The girl concerned had seen some A/C photo's I'd taken, knew I was a bit interested in photography and just thought it perfectly OK to ask me to take some pictures of her. Your request might be just as genuine.

Gareth Blackstock
5th Dec 2004, 16:24
But my pictures are really only amaetur shots, I have a couple of small digital cameras and they are no where near proffessional quality, it is only a hobby. I must say I was intrigued by this proposition, but as I said I'll probably say no! Besides they live about 4 hours drive from me!!

It may well be a geniune request, but I am always a little sceptical with this sort of thing.


5th Dec 2004, 17:22
Quite seriously, 192.com will have the electoral roll for 2003, so if they haven't moved recently, they should be on that.

I think you can look up basic residential information for free but, as I have a subscription anyway, I'm afraid I can't remember whether you have to pay.

Why not try googling their name and location and see what you come with?



5th Dec 2004, 17:25
Another helpful tip (seeing as you are using digital) would be to plug it into the television so you can see what you are doing!

5th Dec 2004, 19:35
Have provocative pics of some babe... offers in writing to me pls! :)