View Full Version : a little sunday humour

4th Dec 2004, 21:20
a man walks up to the checkin counter of a large american carrier at los angeles airport, he presents his ticket to new york, he then points to his 3 bags and says i want this one to go to chicago, this one to denver, and this one to miami, the lady says, im sorry sir but i cant do that, he says why not u did it last time.

4th Dec 2004, 21:51


4th Dec 2004, 22:16
*wipes eyes*

never happened to me though.

Gareth Blackstock
5th Dec 2004, 00:46
Thats what happened to me last week!! Chicago, Denver and Miami, still waiting to get my bags back!!!


5th Dec 2004, 09:07
Now I've sobered up I get it. I didn't have a clue last night.

Quite a good joke actually.

Sailor Vee
5th Dec 2004, 10:58
Liked the one from BC last night:

A little boy is out riding his bike on Boxing Day when a mounted cop rides up.

"Did you get the bike from Santa?", he asks.

"Yes", replies the boy.

"Well, when you get home, write to Santa, and tell him that you didn't get a proper bike, you've got no lights".

"OK,"says the lad,"and did you get the horse from Santa?"

"Yea", says the cop.

"Well", says the lad" you'd better write to Santa and tell him you didn't get a proper horse, the prick should be underneath!!":E :p