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4th Dec 2004, 17:58
Not sure if this should be in the public domain but guess anyone could find the info if they wanted to...

Secret Bases (http://homepage.ntlworld.com/alan-turnbull/secret.htm)

Makes for some interesting reading if you re into that sort of thing!


El Grifo
4th Dec 2004, 18:18
The best kept secret appears to be how one navigates such a shambolic site.

:ok: :cool: :ok:

5th Dec 2004, 01:44
What a dog's breakfast that site is. Mind you, if they wrote instructions for using it, they'd prolly have to shoot you.

5th Dec 2004, 02:22
One wonders....are these secret bases staffed by secret people, with secret families and secret backgrounds, and are the secrets contained therein, and thus known to the secret staff, policed by secret secret police, who also have secret families and secret backgrounds.....and are they built by secret contractors, employing only secret builders and secret architects, obtaining their materials from secret suppliers?

Where does their power and gas come from? Who reads the meter? Who hooked up the phone lines? What do they eat? Does anyone do an industrial towel run to these places? Do they appear on any local authority water, drainage, or sewerage plans?
Is the local Fire authority aware of their presence?

Or could it all be....another bolix conspiracy theory?

Just a thought.

5th Dec 2004, 15:45
That site wins the award for "most links on a page ever".

Windy Militant
6th Dec 2004, 08:21
Anbody see the Mark Thomas show about Secret Britain?
The number for the secret bunker at Corsham was in the phone book and the MOD had released a map showing the location of the supposedly secret J1 pipelines from refineries to certain Aerodromes. There then ensued a comedy phone call about one of the pipeline markers where some poor soul at the MOD had to try to deny that the thing existed despite being quoted the reference number from the thing and being given the details of the map Printed by guess who. :rolleyes:
I must say I was rather taken by the jolly Wren Officer who came out to the gate at Corsham and saw him off in no uncertain terms. :ok: