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Erwin Schroedinger
4th Dec 2004, 06:47
New thread, so's max peeps get the message.

"Fred Dibnah Tribute", BBC2, 4th Dec., 1940 hrs local time UK.

Chronicling the life of the Bolton steeplejack, featuring the reminiscences of friends and workmates (and some of those workmates deserved a series of their own, I reckon).

Clips from early TV appearances and the felling of his 90th and final chimney in Oldham.

Enjoy! I know I will! ;):}

4th Dec 2004, 12:17
Thanks for letting us know :ok:

4th Dec 2004, 19:42
Thank You Fred
Thank You BBC
A fantastic, sympathetic and evocotive programme

tony draper
4th Dec 2004, 20:09
We should remember it was legions of men like Fred that built the modern world, men with dirt under their finger nails, not bloody philosophers, historians,writers politicians or any other breed of poxy talking heads, twas men that got their hands dirty, like Fred.
Pehaps the last genuine characters in a land given over to bland phoney celebrity.

4th Dec 2004, 23:06
An extremely well constructed programme. The only thing it didn't mention was his rather colourful married life.....

4th Dec 2004, 23:21
And as it had zilch to do with the public face of the man I am pleased they didn't.

I watched his programs for the content and because I liked his character, a fundamentally honest, decent, if something of a male chauvinist, hard working man with an infectious enthusiasm for his subject(s).

I really have no interest in the trials and tribulations of his marriages.

Sad loss of a truly entertaining individual.