View Full Version : Does alot of Money Equate with Happiness or is it the Root of all Evil?

Homer Simpson 11
3rd Dec 2004, 17:28
Alot of us spend alot of our time wishing we were rich and going about our days to make this wish concrete but have any of you who have managed to achieve this pot of gold at the end of the rainbow found the chase is more fun than the achievement?

Many of us feel that alot of money would solve all our problems but often I've found surplus money can create as much problems and headaches as it solves. Of course we all need to be able to afford the basic creature comforts and necessities in life along with a few luxuries but do we really need to be filthy rich?

How many people have we seen who are filthy rich & downright unhappy into the bargain smothered with leeching hangers on, law suits taken by envious vulturous people coming out of the woodwork who want some of their pie.

This is not to mention the numerous houses, possessions they have which adds on more time consuming responsibilty & headaches. Why else would the new coin word 'downsizing' have been incorporated into the English language, is it not because people have realised the more possessions they have to mind the more strain there is in keeping them.

How many people have we seen destroyed by greed, avarice & selfishness not to mention the ruined lifes littered around them destroyed by their greed too.

Or they may have addictions & wild unhealthy lifestyles which they can afford to feed further given the amount of filthy lucre they are or perhaps ill health, which of course their well less off mortals too can suffer in less splendour but money is no safeguard against this sure way of killing joy.

But all in all does it not mean that money can't buy happiness, I find it tends to lead to frictioness relationship splits, causes law suits, envy and general acrimonious relationships.

Of course we all want to have a few bob in the bank set aside for a rainy day but our the dreams of many to be drowning in money just illusions in our minds?

3rd Dec 2004, 17:36
I have always been told that money canít buy everything.

But then again what money canít buy isnít worth having.

:E :E

3rd Dec 2004, 17:50
The quote you're thinking of comes from the Bible, but in full it says the love of money is the root of all evil. If you've got lots of money and the best fun you get is helping other people achieve what they never could otherwise have done, then more power to you.

3rd Dec 2004, 17:52
Geeze, I was always under the impression that he (or she) who dies with the most toys wins.

3rd Dec 2004, 18:26
Money means sod all to me really.

Sure, it would be "nice" to have more, to jump aboard an aircraft and visit friends around the world whenever I pleased would be fun however, in the grand scheme of things that's no great shakes. To have a fast car would be "nice" but it's not something I feel I must have.

Health, artistic stimulation, friendship, companionship and love are my main priorities.


Guess you could say money falls under "esteem" in Maslows pyramid although that really depends upon what level of money we're talking about. For the purposes of this debate we're considering having more money than you can spend so I'd stick with placing money under "esteem" although there are many other factors which add to a persons esteem such as job satisfaction, achievements, social standing, respect and looks(!).

But if we look at money as something we've simply created as a method of exchanging goods and services then to have more of it really does not ultimately do anything more than perhaps boost the ego and make a person more confident. We have all read stories of those shallow and lonely people who are swimming in cash but have no real love in their life - does money make a positive difference to them? How many family disputes have resulted from disagreements over money left to them in a will?

Yes, money can buy you an awful lot of happiness, granted, but it can't buy you health and love which both come before self esteem. Without the bottom blocks the upper ones are never going to be fully appreciated and are probably the result of a phyrric victory further down the chain.


tony draper
3rd Dec 2004, 18:37
Rich mans propaganda, poverty kills a lot more than afluence does.
The part of our brain that nature and evolution wired up to make us successfull hunter gatherers has evolved or devolved to make us lust after possessions,we display our fitness to pass on our genes by the amount, size and worth of the possessions we have aquired by our prowess as gainers of the means of exchange,we attain status in our tribal group by the shinness of our toys.
So all things being equal, tiz much better to be stinking rich than poor and stinking.

3rd Dec 2004, 18:44
That is quite right Tony but you're looking at things on the most basic survival level. Once past the survival stage does money really make you happier (which was the topic being discussed, not genetic strength) unless you have the other boxes checked?

What ya reckon?


3rd Dec 2004, 19:08
If anyone is unhappy with their excess of money then I will provide them with my bank details so they can rid themselves of the worry!


Solid Rust Twotter
3rd Dec 2004, 19:12
Yen buddhist, PilotWolf?

tony draper
3rd Dec 2004, 19:23
Way I look at it, if you are wealthy and it does make you unhappy, one always has the option of giving it all away, thereby theoretically ridding yourself of the cause of your unhappiness, as far as I know one doesn't have the option of giving poverty away.

3rd Dec 2004, 19:44
Having a lot of money enables you to be miserable in comfort.

3rd Dec 2004, 19:56
Money doesn't solve all your problems but at least you can arrive at your problems in style!

Also, I have had money and not had it and I know which I prefer!

Two thirds of the parables in the Bible are concerned with money and remember that if the good Samaritan had not had any money he would not have been able to put the person that was robbed and beaten up at the inn!

3rd Dec 2004, 20:17
SRT maybe... whats he current exchange rate for them? ;)


3rd Dec 2004, 20:39
The best thing about having a fair bit of money is that it removes the need to acquire money.

surely not
3rd Dec 2004, 20:59
Not having any money can make life difficult, though you do get a lot of calls from people who think they are entitled to what little money you do have :{

3rd Dec 2004, 21:26
Gimme a job flying for a living at the same crappy wage as i have now. Working loads of hours in shitty conditions and with little thanks. I'll be a lot happier.
failing that, if I did have loads of folding stuff, I would spend lots of it on flying anyway. Sure i may not be happier , i dunno really, but I would be doing what i want.
In the meantime i'll do my best to be happy on what i have and if i'm not, I'll listen to some 80's tunes that always cheers me up.

From what i have seen, many of the wealthy people I know are just greedy and obsessed with getting more money and are actually pretty boring sods.

tony draper
3rd Dec 2004, 21:31
Bollix to that! I would pay poor folk to fly for me.

3rd Dec 2004, 21:32
The rule is not to talk about money with people who have much more or much less than you.

3rd Dec 2004, 21:32
>From what i have seen, many of the wealthy people I know are just greedy and obsessed with getting more money and are actually pretty boring sods.<

I think you have been conditioned by the stereotyping in the media there, Beechsim.

Just think of the way wealthy people are portrayed in the movies etc - usually in a negative way. There are good and bad "poor" people just as there are good and bad "rich" people.

Bill Gates greedy? He's probably contributed more to charity than anyone else!

3rd Dec 2004, 21:39
Still say I wouldn't want to be filthy rich and seriously wonder why anybody else would wish for this also. What is the point? Half the excitement about acquiring possessions and enjoying days out is the fact it's not always possible to do this due to lack of funds. If a Christmas day came along everyday I'd soon get very bored of opening up presents. Get my point?

Things are exciting and enjoyable often because we cannot afford to do them all the time. If you had an aircraft parked in your garden you'd soon get bored of flying it everyday unless you're easily pleased or get off on pretty mundane things and if you're that soldier then why the hell would you need excess bags of money and a mansion anyway?! Keep a float for the aircraft and blow the rest on the Cats League or some such nonsense!

As for raising the Christian bible as some way of approving wealth - well! That had me in stitches! Buy that guy a beer! You see, I'm under no illusion that if Christ were to come down he'd go immediately to headquarters and ask the pope "what are you doing wearing that big ring? What are those gold cups encrusted with diamonds for? Don't you know that people are starving all over the world?".

By that same token I know in my heart by pure logic that any man who calls himself a religious leader and owns more than one suit is a hustler as long as there is one person in the world with no suit at all. And a virgin impregnated by a ghost? If Joseph believed that one he deserved to be in a stable!



tony draper
3rd Dec 2004, 21:47
Doesn't said book say something about the eye of a needle and rich rolks passing through thereof?
Of course it also says something about turning tother cheek, yeh sure I will mate.

3rd Dec 2004, 21:59
Well I am not an expert but I think it said it was easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter the kingdom of heaven but notice it did not say it was impossible and the eye referred to was the small gate into the city (of Jerusalem I think) used when the main gates were closed at night!

The other quote you refer to is "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.."

However to return to the thread topic a little I think you will find that many of the stories in the Bible can be applied to prosperity - call to the mind the parable of the talents and the person who invested his money wisely was repaid whereas the one who hid his talents was castigated for his action.

I hasten to add that I am not on a roll to promote Christianity (although I happen to be one) or religion but merely pointing out that many of the writings in the scriptures DO in fact refer to wealth and riches and how we should behave accordingly.

As has been previously pointed out the quote says "..the LOVE of money is the root of all evil" - ie not the money itself. If you have more than you need you can then choose where you want the excess to go!

The trouble is that most people will bitch and moan that they don't have enough money but do nothing to change their condition other than hoping that six numbers will come up on the lotto!

tall and tasty
3rd Dec 2004, 22:07
With or without money surely it is what is inside a person that counts.

You can have someone who is loaded and be a complete b*stard and someone who has very little and always willing to help and visa versa.

I have heard the stories of those who win the lotto and are very unhappy. :(

To be honest it may help in this day and age but it is the person that counts and not what is in their bank account! :D

It is good to want just a little, keeps you on your toes and having something to aim for! :E

So in my mind it is difficult to say whether it is equates to happiness or is the route of all evil


surely not
3rd Dec 2004, 22:16
I like you T n T :D

3rd Dec 2004, 22:20
Licky licky... :D

tony draper
3rd Dec 2004, 22:34
Yeh, I recal my RE teacher telling us about the eye of a needle and the gate thingy, I didn't believe that then either, of course for that matter I didn't believe anything else they told me in RE.
The eye for a eye thingy is old testament int it? and the old testament int very politically correct now and they like to pretend it never happened, personally one prefers the old testament, to that wishy washy luvvie propaganda new bit.

4th Dec 2004, 00:59
Well, the Book says to "store up your treasures in heaven...for where your treasure is, there your heart be also"

Inner happiness is like gold...when at times you have to spend it through the trials and tribulations this life offers.

Money...can be used for good or abused like anything else... Another balance in life issue...

I've had it, not had it...gained more from losing and wouldn't trade the experience.... Like the song, "The only thing I need, I already have"...

Spewing cents ... ;)

4th Dec 2004, 07:30
Rolling Thunder - concur. Hard to know it would happen when we were up to our arse in alligators tho.

Erwin Schroedinger
4th Dec 2004, 15:45
A certain minimum ammount of money is needed to live comfortably.

The problem is having to earn enough to meet the minimum.

But the main problem is knowing how much is enough.

Therefore, by trying to accumulate as much as possible, one is trying to ensure sufficient funds.

Does anyone understand wot I just wrote? Made sense as I typed it! :rolleyes:

Tower Ranger
4th Dec 2004, 17:35
More money may not make you happier but you can be equally miserable in much nicer places! You could probably have more of everything except true friends.

Standard Noise
4th Dec 2004, 17:55
And there's nowhere more miserable to be rich than Belfast, eh TR? We'd still be friends if I was rich, and I'd still be happy living miles away from you.;)

4th Dec 2004, 19:23
I have long thought that the 'right' amount of wealth to have is "enough that one does not need to care very much about it."

Clearly there are at least two ways to reach this equilibrium. I have tried both extremes and found some satisfaction and some unrequitable yearnings in each.

From time to time - mainly by focussed hard work, greased by good luck - I have been well enough fixed to really not need to ever again count the pile. Other times - usually also by virtue of hard work, perhaps less focussed and certainly less lucky - I became really quite poor in both purse and spirit when things did not go well.

Other than for growing fat and perhaps also for getting laid without a lot of preliminaries, I have not found money valuable except as a tool for accomplishing larger purposes. It is a fuel for accessing certain kinds of results that are not reachable otherwise. With less argent at hand one simply does not go certain places to which one might otherwise have gone.

In a more historical perspective, it is easy to see that people of ordinary means nowadays live as well or better than the fabled monarchs and potentates of times past. More healthy, better educated, happier families, better nourished, vastly nicer toys, comfortable clothing, moderately stable societies, endless variety and sources for entertainment and diversion, and not having to fret very much about it all suddenly going away.... some day in March.

I once met a charming and brilliant fellow whose life philosophy was: "I try to make my friends successful and rich so that I can play with their toys." Clearly he appreciated the concept that ownership is more often a burden than a blessing, but the use of appropriately nice tools, facilities, companions and amenities can be very satisfying. From this view, the difference between monk and mogul may boil down to bits of gold for decoration and the freedom to drink or eat onesself under - and these are options that remain accessible to the determined soul, even on a small wage.

When the essential prosperity of one's life does commence to go away in time's ratcheting course - when one cannot summon up the energy and motivation to get out of the rocker and go off to climb Everest one more time, then a warm spot of sun on a bocce court, a glass of wine, and the trilling voices of children at play nearby - may just as well suffice for all the other wealth foregone.

flying scotsman
4th Dec 2004, 23:18
;) I've had some evil roots that ended up costing me alot of money.............

i'll just get my coat..........

Rwy in Sight
4th Dec 2004, 23:28
First of all I think the accumulation of money can't be a good thing. A lot... unspendable money in the bakn is useless or almost.

But at 2:20 am, I fail to thik a situation where money would fail to help the one willing to spend.

When I saw a good friend's father to be dying of cancer in an over crowded hospital with good medical care but poor general conditions, while another friend for a fairly light surger was staying in a single room with quiet and all the attention she desired, it helped me understand that money gives option and choises.

Much like fuel when the weather closes in the distination and the first alternate.

Rwy in Sight

Feeton Terrafirma
5th Dec 2004, 02:27
I would like to opportunity to find out if money can buy happiness ;)

I seem to recall being happier when I had more a few years back, not that I was rich or anything.

5th Dec 2004, 02:51
I'll second that!

tony draper
5th Dec 2004, 09:06
When one is feeling glum, nothing one likes better than stripping off, smearing oneself with Lurpac butter(slightly salted) then rolling about in 100,000 Kruger Rands,pouring them over ones head and such and cackling maniacaly, one highly recomends it.

Little Eagle
6th Dec 2004, 11:26
Happiness: What more could a guy want

Chicks falling at your feet willing to do anything :E

Fast cars/bikes/planes :ok:

Jetting to parties in all parts of the world :cool:

Work hard to make it and cool to flaunt it! :)

Little Eagle

6th Dec 2004, 12:31
All I can say is that I hope Little Eagle is young, in which case there is still time for him. :rolleyes:

I've never been rich, and I've never been really poor. But I know that all other things being equal, not having to worry about finding a few thousand bucks in an emergency beats the shit out of the opposite.

Binos. Master of the bleedin' obvious and proud of it.

Arcniz: Nice post!

Flip Flop Flyer
6th Dec 2004, 13:45
'It is better to be rich and healthy than poor and sick' - Simon Spies.

Will loadsa money automatically make you happy? Nope (Howard Hughes for example)

Will utter poverty automatically make you unhappy? Nope (Mother Theresa for example)

Is a single minded pursuit to acquire as much means as possible the road to happiness? I don't think so, but then again I'm sure that a single minded pursuit of poverty will not leave you as a happy bunny either.

Would loadsa money make me happy for ever and ever? Nope, don't think so, but I could buy loadsa nice things for myself and my closest. I would like to think that my mates would stay the same and nothing would change in that department, but without actually having a bank account with more figures than I have fingers there is no way of knowing that. I would love to find out though ;)

Money is not too important to me. If I can buy myself and my mates a beer when I feel like it, buy my girl a dinner and a bunch of roses, buy my daughter the annual skiing vacation, get a new radio for my parents car and don't have to worry about where the next meal should come from, I consider myself pretty well sorted. Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to drive a Ferrari or jet off in a Gulfstream - but those are not strictly speaking necessary ingredients of a happy life. Not for me anyway.

7th Dec 2004, 21:26
I think it comes down to desire, the "wanting" of something, the fun of chasing targets.
For some folk with loads of dosh they have no real targets left. With little imagination they can't think of anything they need/want that can't be theirs' at the snap of their fingers.
If eveything is yours' that easily the fun goes, you desire it less - like chasing tottie, the hunt is often the best bit. A life without real strong desires would be pretty crappy.
A guy I work with said if he has more than 2 weeks at home he goes crazy because he can't think of anything to do. Make him rich and he'd be a sad one.
We all want what we can't have so when you can have everything.......

I reckon I could come up with enough ideas and targets though!

7th Dec 2004, 22:17
It's in 1 Timothy, I think, Hilco.
For the love of money is the root of all evil".

Been dealing for years with the lower socio-economic level, in budget streamlining and the greatest problem isn't rich or penury but 'financial intelligence'.
Plain and simple, ppl aren't taught the real power and purpose of money. It is never spent. It simply changes hands. What ppl aren't told is that we aren't a slave to money, it's OUR servant, but credit cards, hire-purchance, 'no money down!', finance company blurbs, bank ads, 'buy-it-now-pay-later!' has simply taught the majority to leave their financial management in the hands of those who would charge maximum interest for the pleasure.

Ppl aren't poor because they don't have it. Ppl are poor because their perception of, first, their own status in the working class is skewed and, second, the majority doesn't believe it's allowed to have wealth.
The big. monolithic industrial machine doesn't want independent thinkers, only pliant drones to feed its doors.

Social engineering? If the hat fits. . .


Anyway, does $$ bring happiness? First, look at where your heart is, there will your happiness be also.
Does money get you what you want or need? Or, do ppl simple acquire wealth for wealth's sake? In other words, the false security of a fat bank account?
Not for nothing is it called 'the white man's god', when 'manna' replaces God in our thinking. When materialism replaces true wisdom.

7th Dec 2004, 23:29
Money is the root of all evil, this equation explains the undeniable part of universal order.


tall and tasty
8th Dec 2004, 12:29

Can't tar all girls with that formulae!

TnT :ok:

Vlad the Impaler
8th Dec 2004, 19:35
We stand ready to be corrected. Come to think of it, I did once know a girl who wasn't evil, now what was her name ? ah yes, rosemary west, lovely girl and a wonderful gardener.


tall and tasty
8th Dec 2004, 19:45
Vlad the Impaler

You haven't met me then have you - not an evil streak in me :cool:

but another word comes to mind begins with N...... ! :E


Vlad the Impaler
8th Dec 2004, 19:56
You're gonna have to help me out....
No Thanks
No more bloody kids
none of the above I presume

tall and tasty
8th Dec 2004, 19:58
Vlad the Impaler

Little hint count the dots!



Vlad the Impaler
8th Dec 2004, 20:06
Not Naked or Nympho then. can't be Nubile, Nutty. could be Nescafe but probably not......

Vlad the Impaler
8th Dec 2004, 20:26
I'll plump for naughty then.
Is that wicked naughty or sleazy naughty. There is a big difference (if the anwer is wicked then please lie).

Vlad the Impaler
8th Dec 2004, 20:32
I don't know..Use my imagination :E

Homer Simpson 11
8th Dec 2004, 20:36
What's happened to me thread!!! :{

Vlad the Impaler
8th Dec 2004, 20:37
Yes of course monet is the root of all evil.
Give me picasso any day.

tall and tasty
8th Dec 2004, 20:40
Sorry Homer I should not do that on your thread I have deleted!

I was just referring to the post of girls = evil when this started.

I stand by my first posting about the thread that it depends on the person and not how much they have in their account

Please accept my apologies :O

Take care


Homer Simpson 11
8th Dec 2004, 20:47
Ah you're sweet

Not to worry. You two just keep posting away and enjoying yourself. :ok:

I enjoyed that post re: girls evil not that there's an ounce of truth in it of course. :uhoh:
Mighty funny equation if you ask me and you're talking to someone who couldn't tell his fractions from his Algebra.

Thanks everyone for their wonderful informative replies to this thread, food for thought eh!