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3rd Dec 2004, 14:15
Just received a letter today (3rd Dec) posted on the 30th Nov first class from London. Mentioned this in my local post office today and that I had faxed my MP and they said what's the point of doing that and told me the price needed to be increased!! I have complained to Royal Mail in the past and all I get is an apology and a free book of stamps.

Postal services in the UK seem to have got much worse - be interested to hear other views on this and what can be done to improve the service.

3rd Dec 2004, 14:20
Biggest joke of all has been the change from two deliveries a day to one. Always billed as dropping the "second post".

I'm amazed just how they've been allowed to get away with that lie. The mail now usually doesn't turn up until lunchtime or early afternoon. So it's actually the first post of the day that's been eliminated. :mad:

3rd Dec 2004, 14:35
Down our street there are foreigners roaming about reading maps and looking clueless - would be rather funny if they weren't the postmen.



3rd Dec 2004, 14:53
OMG - it appears I wasn't kidding !

Doorbell's just gone, and there's a postie handing me a parcel. It's dark outside !!!.

3rd Dec 2004, 14:58
What the post office needs is a quality, independent, reliable road haulage company. And if I ever hear of one, I'll be sure to let them know.

Boss Raptor
3rd Dec 2004, 15:03
What amazes me is there is no rhyme reason - this week small packet airmail from Montreal Canada to my home in S.E. Kent 3 days (brilliant), another small packet Madrid to home 3 days, letter Southampton to home 100 miles 1st class next day (ok), letter home to Maidstone 40 miles away 1st 4 days ?!

I as a rule no longer bother with the (cost of) 1st class service and now almost always use 2nd which normally is also 3 days so equates to the 1st service performance

3rd Dec 2004, 15:05

Last Friday afternoon (about 1630) I posted a load of envelopes with 1st class stamps on, containing bumpff and a return (to me) envelope with a 2nd class stamp on. Quite a number of these turned up on my doormat at 1000 on Monday! That means they were delivered on the Saturday, the people I sent them to sorted out the paperwork over the weekend and put them in a pillar box, probably on the Sunday, they then got collected and delivered to me, 60 (weekend) hours later and half at the 2nd class rate.

I call that a pretty fantastic service!

I know that there have been changes to deliveries and I, too, miss the early-morning service. However, the taxpayer shouldn't be expected to prop up the service, we should pay for what we get. I'm all for increasing the charges to give us the service we desire. If the charges go up to the extent someone else can come along and do it for less, then so be it! So long as they don't just cherrypick the easy and profitable bits; they'll still have to offer a service to the Orkneys etc.

Now, rail subsidies, how about concreting them all over and turning them into roads?

The Odd One

3rd Dec 2004, 15:32
Paying for a service is fine as long as there are competitive choices. Monopolies & institutionally created serial monopolies (contract & right to run the service is awarded to a single entity for set period) in the guise of 'opening the market' & similar items don't tend to improve the service.

Perhaps if the right to carry mail was open to anyone who cared then service would improve. After all UPS, Fedex & DHL all seem to manage to compete effectively with Parcel Post...

3rd Dec 2004, 15:52
Seems to me the post office is dying a death. In the last month alone I have had a 'signed for' delivery just put through my letterbox, a parcel left at the sorting office for collection but no card through my door to tell me its there (company has refunded me though so not all bad;) ) and a small parcel posted in Plymouth to come here took over three weeks! (180 miles all in).

It seems to me the problem is with local management, obviously being forced to hit unrealistic targets. I remeber a few years ago, there was virtually a waiting list to join the post office, now they are advertising in our local rag every week, and paying not much more than minimum wage, all for a job that requires you to be up at 3am six days a week!. As the saying goes, pay peanuts, get monkeys:*

Standard Noise
3rd Dec 2004, 16:59
I sent a CV and job application off for Mrs Noise a few weeks back, first class signed for, cost me 93p. I sent it 7 days before the closing date for the job. After three days it hadn't shown up on the Royal Mail track&trace system so I phoned them -"sorry sir, but it's not guaranteed delivery, it's only signed for." I pointed out that they say on their website that they aim to deliver first class next day and within two days at the most. The day before the closing date, I knocked off another copy and drove up to Bristol and delivered the fecking thing by hand. Then I phoned the post people and complained again, all I got was "sorry but it's not a guaranteed delivery service, you really should have used our 3.45 next day delivery if it was that important" F**KING DAYLIGHT ROBBERY!!!:mad: :mad:
Mind you, I shut the officious **** up when I told him that when Daddy Noise passed away three years ago, I sent his death certificate and insurance documents to my sister up in Cambridge with their precious 3.45 next day delivery. They still managed to lose them, the wankers! Some guaranteed service that was.:mad:

On the other hand, our local delivery office did stay open til 5 oclock today so I could pick up three parcels which they couldn't deliver this morning cos I was at work. So they're not all bad.

Erwin Schroedinger
3rd Dec 2004, 17:11
Sent a parcel First Class Recorded Delivery on 1st October.

No receipt other end after a week. Phoned PO. Hung-over sounding, dozy cow just about summoned up enough interest to tell me I could only complain after 15 working days.

No receipt other end after 15 working days. No reply on PO phone after many attempts. Tried email which the PO rejected as spam (I don't ever even buy Spam!).

Received other end 28th October.

What's really desparately needed is an independent outfit in competition.

"Nationalised" type industries are all the f*****g same!

3rd Dec 2004, 17:20
Look at your railways..........................

4th Dec 2004, 03:44
Frankly, I find this weird. We have a nationalized posting system here and it - off late - has been superb. Within city next day delivery, and within a week - five working days - as far as the United States....

Krystal n chips
4th Dec 2004, 08:33
Had the same " 15 days and then complain" experience----package was eventually left on doorstep--and was supposed to be signed for :mad: about a week after the 15 day period--which begs the question-----what is the logic--or rationale behind this 15 day period ? No explanation from the Royal Mail at the time--simply a "that's the way we do things---so tough!" excuse. However, as logic and the Royal Mail are an oxymoron (given this is the organisation that stated road traffic would not increase once they ceased using Mail trains :confused: ) --this comes as no surprise. I am never sure who are the worst culprits with the Royal Mail-----inept and incompetent "management"--or the equally antiquated union----6 of one / half a dozen of the other I feel.

Erwin Schroedinger
4th Dec 2004, 15:37
OK, I'll respond to the pro Natinalisation lobby by amending my post to include [b]"Nationalised" type industries in the UK, based upon the history of every single one that's ever existed are all the f*****g same!


4th Dec 2004, 16:37
In the Guernsey Press today Managing director of Guernsey Post has just apologised to a pensioner who recieved an Easter Card at the end of November!!

Standard Noise
4th Dec 2004, 17:57
Ah, but it might have been sent early and it's possible that Guernsey Post is super efficient!