View Full Version : Cheapest DVDs?

Gareth Blackstock
2nd Dec 2004, 23:58
Anyone know where the cheapest place to buy CD's and DVD's on the web? I tend to use www.cd-wow.co.uk but was hoping there may be somewhere cheaper.


3rd Dec 2004, 07:33
Temple St, Honkers :E

3rd Dec 2004, 08:53
www.play.com used to be good, not sure if it is the best anymore though.

Depends what you are buying, sometimes stuff is cheaper on Amazon, box-sets are worth checking there.

Reds Blues Greens
3rd Dec 2004, 09:09
I can highly recommend Play.com.

I have bought numerous items off them in the past and the prices seem good with free P&P to boot!

3rd Dec 2004, 20:23
Amazon (http://www.amazon.co.uk)

3rd Dec 2004, 22:04


Gareth Blackstock
3rd Dec 2004, 22:07
I wouldn't touch Kazaa, it well and truely Buggered up my computer and I had to Format the hard drive and start again.

Never heard of Morpheus, what is the address?

Play looks like a good site. The only thing I don't like about Amazon is that you have to pay postage.


3rd Dec 2004, 22:13
Don't knock Kazaalite - works wonders for me but I understand the installation file is hard to get now. I have it but at over 3MB its hard to email. I'll try though if anyone wants to PM their email addy.