View Full Version : More Channel/jet2 trouble?.

2nd Dec 2004, 23:18
MAN base only just opened & already heard someone suspended?.

Brymon Dasher
3rd Dec 2004, 22:35
Nothing earth-shattering about this one. A case of letting rip at some-one in senior management when it was much better to keep quiet. On this occasion from what I heard, there was no need to get verbal in the way it was done OR in the circumstances where it done. He was not an MAN based person either - not the best career move though!

3rd Dec 2004, 23:37
Cor. Was this Meeson? If so, he appears to be showing more and more autocratic leadership by the day. He would be an ideal candidate for CEO of Qatar Airways! [Read the African Aviation forum if you don't know what I mean.]

Brymon Dasher
3rd Dec 2004, 23:58
Sorry to disappoint you, but it was engineering management that got the ear-bashing. From what I can make out, it was a totally un-necessary incident. The person involved does tend to let rip and then suffer the consequences, when diplomacy would have been the better option. You may consider PM to be autocratic, but I have known far worse bosses from the 'world's favourite airline.' As for Qatar - I made the biggest mistake of my life by joining the Qatar Emiri Air Force as a civilian supervisor back in the 80s. Got well and truly conned on that one, and only managed to escape after a year! By the sounds of it, things haven't changed!

15th Dec 2004, 23:03
Brymon "sorry to disappoint you" but you know 'JACK' about the incident in question. Are you what might diplomatically be termed a 'company' man (hence the content of your posts). Just because you are as happy as a pig in the proverbial does not mean the rest either believe or follow the party line. As for diplomacy & silence this has acheived nothing !. I aplaud the actions of the ENG involved & will be shaking his hand when next we meet. At least he had the bottle to say what we have all been thinking .
You obviously have zero first hand knowledge of the incident in question suggesting that your posts not be taken at face value. Be advised that while names are changed to protect the innocent some identities are easily fathomed !.
By the by the one who instigated the chain of events that led to the sorry situation in Man (Your beloved leader!) is now the one who is sweating !!.

PS If you don't enjoy dirty laundry aired in public - Take care when washing seat covers !.

16th Dec 2004, 16:34

Slightly off topic, but Qatar is NOT in Africa. You'll find a few words said about them (Qatar Airways) in the MIDDLE EAST forum.

As for Jet2, I thought that they were doing handsomely well and were expanding at quite pace. Are the problems you refer to of a personnel nature, as opposed to financial?


16th Dec 2004, 17:06
There will always be personnel problems at Jet2/Channel. They will always be dealt with in a "jump in feet first" manner by you-know-who and he will always be taken to the cleaners as a result. Some things don't change with time.
However the business side is very successful and should continue to be so.

17th Dec 2004, 10:38
The management have always been in the bootboy cum barrowboy mould & of late have excelled!. for some at least running the department in question is too great an intellectual challenge and they are begining to line up scape goats.
Manpower decisions have been based on one mans 'supposedly' superior big airline experience. When the numbers are crunched on the Man base there is a large number in the debit column. The amount of personnel involved would be more akin to the extras for the Ben Hur crowd scenes! Purely by chance an extra two layers of management have been slipped in.
So all in all another triumph for the engineering management.

Mr A Tis
17th Dec 2004, 10:54
any idea why yesterdays Murcia-MAN is running about 14hours late? Seems excessive when they have lots of aircraft not fully utilised.?

Crewing Gimp
17th Dec 2004, 21:42
MAN - MJV diverted inbound to ALC due a flap problem.

Runway In ALC shut overnight for maintenance. Aircraft departed once servisable and crew had returned into hours. Pax in hotac (very good for a lo-co) then back to Man.

The Gimp

Mr A Tis
19th Dec 2004, 15:39
Pax in hotac (very good for a lo-co) then back to Man.

Don't think the pax stranded in Budapest airport for 24 hours thought so ! .
Heard rumours that the stranded pax were given the telephone number of the Captains' hotel & rang him up in the early hours asking when he would fly them home.

Gather the next days Budapest - MAN was only about 6 hrs late

How will Jet 2 manage a busy summer season, when their thin MAN winter operation has been so tits up this week?

19th Dec 2004, 16:05
Same way as every other operator I would think!

28th Dec 2004, 08:49
Anyway..... what do you mean by 'more' rouble? Is there 'more' trouble then?