View Full Version : My place is colder than yours..........

2nd Dec 2004, 22:11
At 1200 local

METAR CYWG 021800Z 19007KT 15SM SKC M15/M21 A3001 RMK SLP187

And it gets colder.

Feeton Terrafirma
2nd Dec 2004, 22:28
My place is bluddy cold enuf.

YMML 022200Z 18006KT 9999 FEW025 BKN030 14/08 Q1022 RMK NOSIG

If your place is anything like as cold as the METAR indicates, then I ask you, whose fault is that for living there? ;)

2nd Dec 2004, 22:28
and you're welcome to it :E

Cooda basking in 34C tropical warmth :ok:

2nd Dec 2004, 22:37
KGFK 021753Z VRB03KT 10SM CLR M13/M17 A3006

Of course, with only a little over 100nm separating us, it's hardly surprising!

3rd Dec 2004, 00:19
METAR CYZV 030100Z 29012G25KT 20SM DRSN FEW 030 M13/M17

The wind chill'll get ya.:E

Atlas Shrugged
3rd Dec 2004, 00:24
Beauuuuuuuuuuuuuutiful day here although I have to leave soon...............:{

YCBA TAF YCBA 030046Z 0214 17010KT CAVOK
T 28 30 25 21 Q 1017 1014 1013 1014

METAR YCBA 030100Z AUTO 12006KT //// // ////// 25/M03 Q1018
RMK RF00.0/000.0

3rd Dec 2004, 01:27
Brass monkeys here.....

METAR YCUN 030200Z 14006KT //// 22/08 Q1017 RMK RF00.0/000.0


3rd Dec 2004, 02:33
This thread would be a lot more popular if the abundance of non-pilots could understand how to decipher the METARs and TAFs. Then the inane comments would flow!

YMML. Beautiful one minute, winter the next.

3rd Dec 2004, 03:18
Yeah... always wanted t oknow what that entire string of text meant...

For the record, anyway, winter has definitely set in Bombay.

We have a high of 33C and a low of 20C


3rd Dec 2004, 03:21
Unlike YCBA, here they took the statue of the brass gorilla down off city hall as a safety precaution.

METAR CYCB 030300Z 31016KT 3SM IC DRSN FEW050 M38/M42

Cambridge Bay NWT Canada
Dec 03 0300 Universal Time
Wind Northwest at 16 knots
Visibility 3 statute miles in Ice Crystals and Drifting Snow
Few clouds at five thousand feet
Temperatue -38 C
Dewpoint -42 C :ooh:

3rd Dec 2004, 03:26
YWLM SPECI YWLM 1100Z 18016KT 9999 3ST010 24/22 Q1011 RMK NEXT REPORT 1900Z

YWLM = location code for Williamtown, NSW.

SPECI = this is a report about special or significant weather conditions

1100Z = time in UTC.

18016KT = Wind is from 180 degrees (south) averaging 16 knots

9999 = visibility in metres, i.e. 9999 metres or 10km

3ST010 = 3/8ths cloud coverage of stratus with a base of 1000 feet. Cu = Cumulus, Cb=Cumulonimbus, Sc=Stratocumulus, BKN = broken cloud, OVC = overcast

24/22 = Temperature is 24 degrees, dew point (a humidity measure) 22 degrees

Q1011 = QNH barometer reading is 1011 hectopascals

RMK = Remark

3rd Dec 2004, 03:58
METAR CYYH 030200Z 36009KT 15SM SKC M38/ A2954 RMK SLP009
Toloyoak (north east of Cambridge bay)
Another -38
Welcome to the dark side of the force!

I left this sh!t hole not so long ago :yuk:

Feel better here:
METAR CYMX 030200Z 30003KT 20SM FEW035 SCT200 M07/M12 A2997

Dying Mirabel with -7

This treath is a bit unfair unless someone from Alaska or Russia pop's up :p

3rd Dec 2004, 07:39
Don't let Aerbabe see this thread..............

3rd Dec 2004, 08:46
This thread would be a lot more popular if the abundance of non-pilots could understand how to decipher the METARs and TAFs. Then the inane comments would flow!
Just figured out what the "M" means before the temp/dewpoint :}

3rd Dec 2004, 09:26

now I wont complain about my air conditioned office being cold...

btw, what would "Universal Time" be? and what are hectopascals?

3rd Dec 2004, 09:55
"Universal Time" is the politically correct, country neutral version of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), ie very roughly (hence the "Mean"); noon GMT/UTC is when the sun is overhead at the Prime Meridien, or 0 degrees longitude.

Hectopascals are numerically the same as millibars, but technically derived and defined differently, so standard pressure is still 1013.2, but it's hp rather than mb.

But don't ask me why.......

3rd Dec 2004, 10:08
Don't give me these woosy Canadian cold
reports, My central heating boiler has blown up and its fecking freezing 30 miles north of London.

and can you get a plumber when you need one, can ya hell

3rd Dec 2004, 10:55
Have you noticed that your central heating always packs up in winter when you need it and never summer.

And tyres always get punctures at the bottom...strange that.

3rd Dec 2004, 10:56
Yints, bet you wish you had thought of this. (http://www.npower.com/At_home/More_for_your_home/Heating_cover/Gas_heating_cover.html) It took a major breakdown and non existant heating engineers this time last year to persuade us we needed the cover.

Oddly enough, it's worked a treat since and we havent had to claim - yet.

Oh, just to keep the thread on track - EGNM 031120Z 24011KT 210V270 4500 -RA SCT003 BKN005 06/05 Q1018

3rd Dec 2004, 11:14
TIM - you are back and overflowing with helpful advice :D

Plumber been, heating working, bank rejoicing that it doesnt have to pay interest on cast amounts of money removed from me by plumber

3rd Dec 2004, 14:15
We were in Wyoming over the weekend - absolutely gorjus :) but -8F.......a tad chilly...

3rd Dec 2004, 14:45
This thread would be a lot more popular if the abundance of non-pilots could understand how to decipher the METARs and TAFs.

Being an aviation based site, it shouldn't be a problem :E

This treath is a bit unfair unless someone from Alaska or Russia pop's up

Yup!! And this is my way of feeling really good about it all.

It's a bit warmer today. Actually warm enough to snow.............

3rd Dec 2004, 14:57
It's not too bad here, just don't forget to hold on to your hat!

METAR CYYC 031300Z 26029G35KT 15SM FEW180 BKN240 10/M05 A2958 RMK AC1CI3 SLP038

Although we could really use some moisture of any kind and a little snow to cover up the brown grass would be nice too.


3rd Dec 2004, 15:04

Oh Crap. You can keep that over there thank you very much.

(Someone next to me has told me the wind is so strong from that direction because Saskatoon sucks!)

3rd Dec 2004, 15:33
You should try walking around downtown Calgary with those winds blowing. Take a 35kt gust and funnel it down a man-made canyon for 7 or 8 city blocks. Put on a parachute and you could make Dorothy's trip look like a Sunday drive.

I'll take the wind over 3 or 4 months of -20 temps though. As annoying and dry as it gets, it beats freezing your @r$e off.

3rd Dec 2004, 15:48
Shetland often gets 40-50kt breezes. Gusts to 60+ aren't uncommon either. I had 100kts at 1000' one night returning from an ambulance flight. Gets fog too, rolling across the place from the North Sea at 30kts. Makes flying rather interesting. At least the temp rarely got below -5 (day) or -10 (night).

3rd Dec 2004, 16:06
How's this for wind?? (SW Alberta)

Crowsnest Pass-Pincher Creek-Waterton park
8:28 AM MST Friday 3 December 2004

Wind warning for
Crowsnest Pass-Pincher Creek-Waterton park continued

Strong southwest winds of 70 km/h with local gusts to 100 km/h over
southwestern Alberta this morning.

Very strong west to southwest winds have developed over southwestern Alberta and are expected to continue through the morning. As of 8 AM brocket was reporting sustained winds of 80 km/h with gusts to 101 km/h. Winds have been increasing in Lethbridge as well with gusts to 89 km/h during the past hour.

Sustained winds of 70 km/h with local gusts to 100 km/h can be expected over the warning area this morning into early afternoon before winds drop below warning criteria later this afternoon. The strongest winds are expected over the Crowsnest region especially along the Pincher Creek to Waterton park corridor where wind gusts of 100 km/h or more are likely today.


Nakiska ski area (W of Calgary) is reporting winds at the top of the mountain as 82km/h gusting to 139km/h. Not uncommon for trucks to be blown over on the highway in SW Alberta when driving cross wind.

3rd Dec 2004, 16:58
And those winds are just the ones that hit the ground. They get pretty steady at about 1000' AGL, and usually at the higher speeds noted.


Mac the Knife
3rd Dec 2004, 17:07
FACT 031800Z 17013KT CAVOK 21/17 Q1010 NOSIG=

Hee Hee.....

3rd Dec 2004, 17:18

Was in Calgary last Summer. I couldn`t work out where all the people were until I discovered those elevated and hermetically sealed walkways hooking up all the buildings.

Anyway, `twas a bit chilly this ack emma; ice on the windscreen! Mrs Loki had of course gone off with the only bottle of de-icing fluid. Had to wait 5 mins for the beemer to warm up enough to clear it.

3rd Dec 2004, 17:33

Yeah, during the summer people just get lazy and use the +15's, as they're called. In the winter when it's either -20 or gusting to 35+ knots, they are quite nice. Calgary does have a problem with a downtown core that is almost completely deserted after work is over for the day.


3rd Dec 2004, 17:49
Admittedly, Calgary does seem pretty windy at the moment. Still, I think the local Peggers would want me to remind you about good old Portage and Main (allegedley the windiest street corner in North America).

3rd Dec 2004, 18:30
Calgary definitely isn't the windiest place around. We just get plenty of short blasts every winter. Lethbridge could probably give the Peg a run for it's money though.

Looks like the winds are dying out though, and we're on our way back down to the cold and snow. Apparently we might be lucky enough to get some flurries later this evening or tomorrow.

METAR CYBW 031700Z 27017KT 30SM FEW045 BKN090 BKN140 09/M04 A2952 RMK CU1AC5AC2 SLP020=

METAR CYYC 031700Z 23015KT 40SM FEW052 SCT180 BKN250 09/M05 A2953 RMK CU1AC3CI3 SLP021=


3rd Dec 2004, 20:01
Well bugger me with a fish fork, it's just started to rain.

METAR CYWG 032000Z 23011KT 15SM SCT035 BKN100 03/01 A2935 RMK SC3AC1 SLP954

SPECI CYWG 032045Z 22012G17KT 15SM -RA OVC017 RMK SC8

I think I would like to be a part time tow-truck driver for the evening. Them roads are going to get VERY icy, and the way the dolts around here drive, there are going to be a sh*tload of accidents tonight.

compressor stall
4th Dec 2004, 11:24
-54C in Verkhovansk, Siberia at the moment.

Lat: 67:33:00N (67.5499) Lon: 133:23:59E (133.3998)

Don't even ask why I was looking up info for that town!

4th Dec 2004, 14:12
what does that slp954 shiat mean?

4th Dec 2004, 14:16
SLP = Sea Level Pressure

4th Dec 2004, 14:27
and SC3AC1?


4th Dec 2004, 14:40
SC - Stratocumulus
AC - Altocumulus

4th Dec 2004, 15:26
Why is it a remark and not in the cloud section?

4th Dec 2004, 16:24
Plaz, why you so dumb?

Capn Notarious
4th Dec 2004, 21:40
Is it true that places exist in Canada, where illuminated signs; proclaim that is illegal to stand still through fear of freezing on the spot.
Now I Know why Montreal built that shopping facility underground.

I don't use smilies words are sufficient.

4th Dec 2004, 22:06
Bollix to how cold it is in the air, I rode back from my cousins in Edinburgh and as I turned into my drive after a trouble free 240 miles, hit a patch of black ice. I hurt my leg and was very annoyed. Turned out the retard of a neighbour of mine had decided to wash his car before it became too cold to do so......

I could have and wanted to kill him.

In fact, I still might..........:hmm:

4th Dec 2004, 22:28
-54C in Verkhovansk, Siberia at the moment

No fair. You have to be living there.

4th Dec 2004, 22:48
Instead of a wind sock, off the end of R29 in CYYT they have 20 feet of schooner chain on a pole. When the chain is standing out straight, the local boys allow "Tis a fair breeze off th' tickle, Sar!"

And if that ain't enough, on the West Coast they have this place (www.starvingwriters.org/eThis/Think/April/history2.html). :ooh:

Feeton Terrafirma
5th Dec 2004, 07:55
It got down to only 10C here last night. No wonder I had the electric blanket on high.

5th Dec 2004, 15:08
Feets, you're not really playing the game now, are you?

METAR CYWG 051600Z 09009KT 15SM FEW040 BKN068 OVC082 M17/M21 A3026 RMK SC2AC5AC2 SLP273

5th Dec 2004, 19:48
The cloud section only shows ceiling and coverage, the remarks says what type of cloud and how much of the coverage, in octas, each type comprises.

ie. 085OVC means all 8 octas are obscured at 8500' AGL, in the remarks section if it stated SC5AC3 you would be able to determine that strato cumulous is obscuring 5/8ths of the sky with alto cumulous the other 3/8ths.

5th Dec 2004, 21:31
Jerricho, I worry about you. We spent ten years a little to the west of you. In 1983 Saskatoon had two snow-free months, July and August, but that's Okay. It does not even feel cool until it drops below minus 25. Save your ammunition until it hits minus 35. Below minus 40 it is cold. I am talking seriously cold now, the temperature as per the mercury, and not that effete drippy "wind-chill" they keep boasting about. The mates in Australia will not believe you, because they think they are hard men, but it will be true. Very few huntsmans or tarantulas or little brown jumpers, though. ALWAYS carry survival gear in the trunk: blanket, flares, and so on, if you are driving far. You can die in 100 yds. Of course you can die in 100 yds in Scotland too: I knew a couple who did.

Jerrichos MIL
5th Dec 2004, 22:52
Well bugger me with a fish fork :E :E :E :E :E :E :E :E :E :E

5th Dec 2004, 23:40
Bugger me with a fish fork.
That sounds suspiciously down eastish. You did say you had a couple of Newfs working with ya, did ya not? :D

tony draper
5th Dec 2004, 23:41
Yeh, but its a sort of damp cold here, our cold is colder.

5th Dec 2004, 23:47
It is cold when the aircraft leaves an unbroken con-trail as it taxis in to the "terminal"; and very cold when the pax collect their baggage from the outdoor bin (Uranium City, Sask); and very very cold when the F/A suggests you wait a while for the onboard cuppasoup because the noodles are still crunchy.

Feeton Terrafirma
6th Dec 2004, 07:45
YMML 060700Z 14018KT CAVOK 28/13 Q1004 INTER 0900/1000 3000 TSRA BKN010 SCT040CB

Currently it's literally blowing a gale ground strike lightning everywhere, gusting to 70 kmh and pelting hail. So much for the METAR

Should I mention that 15 minutes ago I had the aircon going?

6th Dec 2004, 08:52
I can't get a METAR for my flat... otherwise I'm sure I'd put you all to shame. :(

Feeton Terrafirma
6th Dec 2004, 09:44
The mates in Australia will not believe you, because they think they are hard men

I AM tough Mr Davaar. Note that it got down to 10 C before I used the electric blanket over nite

Was a pleasant 30 C today till the thundy storm arrived and the temperature plunged to below 20 C. :eek: Horrible!!!

they finally updated the METAR

YMML 061000Z 36020KT 7000 -TSRA FEW015 SCT045 BKN075CB 17/16 Q1010 FM1000 36020G32KT 8000 SHRA SCT015 BKN030 INTER 1000/1300 36025G42KT 3000 TSRA BKN010 SCT040CB FM1000 MOD TURB BLW 5000FT

Seemed stronger than 36025G42KT here, but I\'m a bit higher than YMML

6th Dec 2004, 13:34
METAR CYYT 061400Z 28030G50KT 15SM SCT040 M07/M16

See reference to schooner chain in a previous post. ;)

6th Dec 2004, 14:22
Feets, which part of COLD do you not understand :p .

Davaar, thanks for the advice. Mrs J did buy a blanket and flares the other day for her car emergency kit.............pitty she left them in my car.

METAR CYWG 061500Z 14009KT 1SM R36/P6000FT/U -SN DRSN VV008 M05/M06 A2972 RMKSN8 SLP083

This snow malarky is interesting. It actually has the consistency of sand......

(VV is vertical vis, Plaxbot you asshat)

6th Dec 2004, 14:53
Mrs J did buy a blanket and flares [...] for her car emergency kit Sounds more like a fashion emergency.

6th Dec 2004, 15:06
You should see the boots ;)

6th Dec 2004, 19:09
I remember several years ago watching the weather forecast on TV. The weather guy (Bill Matheson - Global TV in Edmonton - best TV weather guy I have ever seen) reported that Lethbridge was reporting blowing gravel. I guess it was really blowing there that day.

Jerricho, here is a helpful temperature conversion guide for you. It's for Regina but could easily be adapted to Winterpeg...

The Canadian National Temperature Conversion Guide:

10C = Vancouverites try to turn on the heat. Saskatchewanians plant gardens.

5C = Victorians shiver uncontrollably. Regina people sunbathe.

3C = Italian cars won't start. Regina people drive with the windows down.

0C = Distilled water freezes. Regina water gets thicker

-5C = Torontonians wear coats, gloves and wool hats. Saskatchewanians throw on a t-shirt.

-10C = Quebecers begin to evacuate the province. Saskatchewanians go swimming.

-20C = Toronto landlords finally turn up the heat. Saskatchewanians have the last cookout before it gets cold.

-25C = People in Vancouver cease to exist. Saskatonians lick flagpoles.

-30C = Calgarians fly away to Mexico. Regina people throw on a light jacket.

-40C = Hamilton disintegrates. Regina people rent some videos.

-60C = Mt. St. Helens freezes. Regina Girl Scouts begin selling cookies door to door.

-80C = Polar bears begin to evacuate the arctic. Saskatoon Boy Scouts postpone "Winter Survival" classes until it gets cold enough.

-100C = Santa Claus abandons the North Pole. Regina people pull down their earflaps.

-114C = Ethyl alcohol freezes. Regina people get frustrated when they can't thaw the keg.

-183C = Microbial life survives on dairy products. Saskatchewan cows complain of farmers with cold hands.

-273C = ALL atomic motion stops. Saskatchewan people start saying "Cold 'nuff for ya?"

-300C = Hell freezes over. The Saskatchewan Roughriders win the Grey Cup.

You will also soon experience what Bill Matheson called "The most dreaded of all meteorological phenomena, the Siberian High".

Oh yeah....

PEACE RIVER/AB (my home town)

METAR CYPE 062000Z 00000KT 15SM FEW010 SCT230 M23/M30 A2976 RMK
SC1CI0 SLP141=


METAR CYYC 062000Z 12006KT 15SM BKN020 BKN160 M17/M20 A2957 RMK
SC2AC5 SLP103=

.....but it\'s a dry cold, and it\'s not windy.

6th Dec 2004, 20:14
There ya go Lubicon.

Somebody actually sent that to me with "Winnipeg" substituted for Saskatchewan/Regina (heheh, love that name ;) )

At least the snow over the past 24 hours will give the ski-dooers something to be hapy about.

6th Dec 2004, 20:20
When it gets really cold and still, more cold and still than the dead, you will see the "Sun-dogs". In fact, the Sun-dogs are quite beautiful to the discerning eye. No, I am not talking of small white hounds, though they too have their qualities.

6th Dec 2004, 20:23
What's a sun-dog? Is that one of them halo thingies?

6th Dec 2004, 20:32
You get the halo plus the two other suns, one on the horizon at each end of the white arc, with the main sun in the middle. With the "right" light intensity, each sun is about as bright as the other two. Then if you have to drive much at night outside the city, sooner or later you will have the most vivid Northern Lights, great curtains of colour sweeping across the sky. The noodles will still be crunchy.

tony draper
6th Dec 2004, 20:40
Never seen sun dogs, stood out on the poop deck in me shirt sleeves way up north in the Hudson Bay watching the northern lights though, thermometer said twas cold enough to freeze the fleas offen a hound dog and we had butted our way thru ice all the way there, just didn't seem that cold, sort of dry cold twas,and no wind, thatalways helps, second trip to Churchill later in the year twas like the west coast of Africa,hot and wick with mozzies, weird place is Canada,one can highly recomment fury Canadian RCMP caps with ear muffs, like wot I have got now though.

PS,Never seen the green flash yet either, though one has looked for that for years, one is fond of sunrises and sets, don't suppose I ever will now.

6th Dec 2004, 20:56
UTC is Coordinated Universal Time = Greenwich Mean Time.

I believe Hectopascal is the Systeme International (SI) unit for Millibars.

According to one site I visited, the Hectopascal is replacing the Millibar, but I haven't seen any evidence of this in the Aviation world.

This is a good site for METAR decoding:

Metar Decode (http://www.ukweather.freeserve.co.uk/metarpg.htm)

Oh Bvgger, I just realised I have answered a question from Page 1 of the thread. Well, the METAR site might be useful for someone...



Feeton Terrafirma
6th Dec 2004, 23:40
YMML 062000Z 24005KT 7000 -RA FEW014 BKN100 17/16 Q1009 FM2000 21008KT 9999 -RA SCT012 BKN030 TEMPO 2000/2200 4000 RA BKN006 INTER 2030/2300 3000 TSRA FEW040CB

Mr Jerricho,

Please note that the temperature has plunged below 20 and I now have to wear long pants, jumper and am considering a heavy coat. It has also rained, but to be fair we need the rain as I'm getting tired of the drought. The main Melbourne supply damns are now over 50% full. :)

Still not allowed to water the lawn (ok the dirt where the lawn was) or wash the car.

7th Dec 2004, 01:39
Feets..............when it drops another 40 degrees, get back to me :E

7th Dec 2004, 06:17
For another six months.

Capn Notarious
7th Dec 2004, 10:06
PS,Never seen the green flash yet either, though one has looked for that for years, one is fond of sunrises and sets, don't suppose I ever will now.

Technomeister Draper.
One remembers a thread of yours The green lights are back. Are not the green flash and the green lights related.
A good green can be found on a Fender Telecaster guitar.The green of envy on the face of those that aspire to playin this fine instrument.

One hopes that Feeton will get his dams full.

7th Dec 2004, 10:09
Hi, I think Jerricho is Hot, Hot, Hot.


7th Dec 2004, 13:53
Sun Dogs... caused by light refracting through ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Occur around 37.5 deg either side of the sun, if I recall correctly. Look just like Davaar describes. Jerricho, I'm surprised you haven't seen any up where you are...

P.S. - not a fan of crunchy noodles.

13th Dec 2004, 14:05
I woke up and saw this this morning..........

METAR CYWG 131500Z 29005KT 15SM SKC M24/M28 A3058 RMK SLP383

Where's them doggies at?