View Full Version : Are you working over Xmas?

2nd Dec 2004, 19:58
Are you a Long Hauler working away for Christmas?
If so, can you tell us what provision your outfit make to allow you bring your nearest and dearest away with you?
Will they provide a ticket, or a firm booking for one or two of your family? Your wife and kid?

I'm just curious how this works at other companies because mine has simply stopped making any such gesture for the away crews, and all Xmas flights are sold out, so you can't even buy a full fare ticket.

Before anyone gets on their high horse (411A...I see ya comin') I would be happy to pay for a full fare ticket (its cheap enough anyhow) but they didn't even have the foresight to reserve book a few seats to allow the crews the option to bring a paying partner.

Buster Hyman
2nd Dec 2004, 20:03
Whilst not being flight crew, the second last airline that I worked for allowed for partners to accompany the crews (family was space available...747F's). Seemed a good deal for them & I think it's conducive to ensuring all the rostered crew actually turn up to operate.:ok:

2nd Dec 2004, 20:05
I am in over xmas and boxing day but fortunately I am only a few miles from home. I really don't envy anyone who has to be far away from home at this time of year. People working over the festive season seems to be an increasingly common thing. Although I guess this will be the case if your friends include a nurse, a petrol station attendant and a washing machine repair man.:rolleyes:

Don't airline pilots have some kind of lottery system in order to try and get chrimbo off or is that just a myth?


2nd Dec 2004, 20:06
Rough deal, maxalt , hope it works out for you. :ugh:

2nd Dec 2004, 20:21
Thanks Stockpicker, but I guess it comes with the territory.

surely not
2nd Dec 2004, 20:22
VS give a confirmed free ticket for companions if the crew fly over Christmas............. so I'm told by someone who works for them.

2nd Dec 2004, 20:33
Not working myself but have a family member who is on Christmas day so I will be joining them on the trip.
Not too sure of the conditions of my travel yet, although I believe them to be extremely favourable.

I just turn up for Christmas dinner as per, only difference is it's being served en route Japan. :ok:
Hope they dont forget the cranberry sauce. :eek:

surely not
2nd Dec 2004, 20:34
that;ll be Sushi for Christmas dinner then SC :D

2nd Dec 2004, 20:43
I'll save the sushi till arrival on boxing day SN.
Make a change from cold turkey sarnies! ;)