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2nd Dec 2004, 10:35
Well germany gets my vote. :E

BB ;)


Biggles Flies Undone
2nd Dec 2004, 10:38
I think I'd have trouble taking anyone called 'Inka Weickel' seriously....

On the other hand, I have some very happy memories of Icelandic ladies.... :E

surely not
2nd Dec 2004, 11:20
Well of the Home Countries, Miss Scotland is the best with Miss Northern Ireland a close second.

Who chose Miss Wales? She is awful!!!

Right back to look at the rest......... Costa Rica looks very worthy :D

Feeton Terrafirma
2nd Dec 2004, 11:33
Miss Argentina - yumm

Special mention to


2nd Dec 2004, 11:39
As long as the winner wants world peace, likes skiing, helps poorly children and fluffy bunnies she can have my vote:yuk:

2nd Dec 2004, 11:52
Usual winners like Miss India seems now not likely, neither a Miss Latin America this time, with the exception of maybe Miss Dominican Rep. or Miss Venezuela.

Asian and African usually are no serious contenders, so this time maybe a Eastern Europe country, like Miss Georgia, Miss Poland or Miss Ukraine.

And then there are some dark horses like Miss Italy, Miss Greece.

My personal fave is Miss Ukraine (http://picsrv.missworld.tv/fif=/missworld/img_399_1753.fpx&obj=iip,1.0&wid=270&hei=389&rgn=0,0,0,0&cvt=jpeg) just received a Specialist degree, diploma in jurisprudence and assists with the lessons of skill of oration and style of speaking. :ok:

Then again, it's not a fact, just my opinion.

Onan the Clumsy
2nd Dec 2004, 12:07
I see the link is missworld.tv

Are these all blokes then? They're very good at it. :confused:

If you think I'm off track, look at the name of Miss Wales (http://www.missworld.tv/bio/bio.sps?iBiographyID=11589)

2nd Dec 2004, 13:02
Have to agree with surly not's picks of Miss Scotland and Miss Northern Ireland. Miss Scot looks like a real woman and not the typical anorexic, strawlike, waifs that grace the fashion catwalks...


2nd Dec 2004, 15:08
mmmmm miss argentina!

Miss Russia
Miss Sweden

And Miss Scotland just stays a stones throw away! (wheres my stalking gear :E )

2nd Dec 2004, 15:18
Miss Brazil With a name as long as that I'd love to get my lips round it!!:E :E

surely not
2nd Dec 2004, 15:34
Is it just me or does anyone else think Miss Denmarks thighs are oversized?

Wales won't finish last though....... Honduras and Malta should finish lower.

Ghana, Namibia and Nepal should all finish well up the order. You got to feel sorry for Micheal Palin though, he traipsed all around Nepal and didn't see a girl as attractive as their Miss World entrant.

right I'm off to get a life now :D

Big Tudor
2nd Dec 2004, 15:35
Miss Hong Kong China sounds like a Geordie advising Her Majesty what to do with her food before swallowing:

Wai Man Queenie Chu.


surely not
You could also feel sorry for me. I've traipsed around Linlithgow and I have never seen anyone as attractive as Miss Weatherup. ;)

Standard Noise
2nd Dec 2004, 16:45
Miss Scotland does look rather nice, as indeed does my fellow countrywoman from Enniskillen. Although you need to watch her sort, good with knives:uhoh:

2nd Dec 2004, 16:52
Who's that chickie named Fistula Seminar on the front page. How unfortunate.


2nd Dec 2004, 18:50
Come on chaps, Miss Scotland has an enormous zit on her chin. :oh:

Have to agree with surely not about Miss Denmark's thighs. She could crack walnuts with them. :ouch:

I have to say, though, the Ukraine girl really knocks me out, she leaves the rest behind... :ok:

2nd Dec 2004, 19:08
France for me although te USA one is quite good, and so is Japan and so is Russia and . . . !!

Are they real or are they barbie dolls ?

surely not
2nd Dec 2004, 19:14
Miss Palestine is a blow up doll I believe :ouch:

ok sorry about that

no really I am

surely not
2nd Dec 2004, 20:31
Mauritius lady looks very pleasing........... I would be tempted to vote for her methinks

surely not
4th Dec 2004, 17:08
So Miss Peru has won Miss World 2004...... hmmm not a bad choice
2nd was Miss Dominican Republic, she has a fantastic smile :D
3rd was the Miss USA...... very pleasant, but nowt special IMO

but the real nonsense was Miss Wales making it to the final 15 ahead of Miss Scotland and Miss Northern Ireland!!! Never mind the rigging of the Ukranian elections, the same people must have helped Miss Wales!!

Feeton Terrafirma
5th Dec 2004, 11:07
I cant believe Ms Peru won it :confused:

I notice all the blokes on this thread that picked her...... or not

She didn't even make my long short list :hmm:

6th Dec 2004, 09:06
Well, at least I got two (Dom.Rep, Poland) of my choices in the last 5....