View Full Version : Horizon DASH-8 YVR?

2nd Dec 2004, 07:16
Anyone know what happened to a Horizon DASH-8 at YVR on Tuesday Nov 30th? It was holding short of 08R with 5 fire trucks with their hoses out.

Just Curious, Thanks.

3rd Dec 2004, 12:11
Friends at the fire hall tells me that the brakes were stuck on while taxiing and by the time it reached Lima 4 a small fire started.
cooling fans were used with hand line on standby. The aircraft was towed back and no one hurt. On a side note one another night one of the girls at the fire hall dived for a dog that got away from the cargo area and was getting too close to the runway. She got bit and is doing well. Must be a great and interesting job being a airport fire fighter. The best part they have the best view in the whole airport.