View Full Version : greenback gymnastics

A10 Thundybox
2nd Dec 2004, 00:21
As Angels points out there is something curious happening to the USD, one remembers some years back when it slipped to 2.02 against the GBP and a freind of mine made an obscene amount of money-how I wished I was him (sadly he's now dead) Lucky I wasn't him.

Any sages know how one could take advantage of the drop without being fleeced by the likes of HsNatBarcWestBC on the buy the drop and the sell, duff spreads and bacquidation asside terms they use to screw the honest FX oportunist?

Who does one speak to if serious about a trade-say up to 70K?

Bar rules apply so promise not to get anal if it all goes tits, so to speak.

Comments welcome from Pr00ne's own FX guru...