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1st Dec 2004, 07:55
It's a disgrace

Is it just me or do others feel some unease at the antics of the C-List wasters in eating live insects/grubs etc for entertainment in that <sarcasm mode on> side splitting hilarious <sarcasm mode off> ITV show "I'm a Celebrity Get me Out of Here!" ?
Why is it that just because it is some ugly looking bug it's entertainment to eat it alive but if it was a nice fluffy kangaroo there would be outrage if they had to?*



PS - No problem with eating meat etc before somebody fires one across my bow but certainly not for the benefit of a TV company!

* I'm not underestimating the difficulties of eating a kangaroo alive but assume that they could at least tie it up for additional cruelty value.......

1st Dec 2004, 08:27
Sadly I'm one of those that quite likes 'I'm a celeb...' and I don't really have a prob with eating the bugs - it's one of the sections/trials that I've now come to expect. I guess that there must be some history of eating these bugs in the outback as someone must know what's safe to eat and what isn't. I know you can argue that one is for survival and the other is entertainment, but bugger it, it's enjoyable and I'm sure none of the bugs are on the WHO endangered list.

I don't see it as much different to splatting one of those mini-bugs that often think my computer screen is a magnet.

Biggles Flies Undone
1st Dec 2004, 08:43
Ummmm I don't know if the kangaroo is still alive, but Sophie was given a kangaroo testicle to eat a few days ago. She bit into it twice before spitting it out - which is twice more than I would have done! :yuk:

Windy Militant
1st Dec 2004, 08:57
I don't watch reality TV programmes they really wind me up. However I might just be tempted into watching if I thought that it might involve a full grown Roo kicking seven shades of what these idiots are full of, out of one of them! :ouch: :ouch: :ok:

1st Dec 2004, 09:00
Is it just me then who thinks it's really "I'm a Z list never was, throw me back in there"??:rolleyes:

1st Dec 2004, 09:22
I've never watched the show, but that doesn't stop me having an opinion, valid or not, so for what it's worth, I could not care less who is on, who gets thrown out or who shags who.

Big Tudor
1st Dec 2004, 11:09
Wouldn't watch the programme if you paid me. A load of complete drivel, celebs who shouldn't have been famous in the first place desparately trying to revive careers. Someone should tell them that they lost their 'celeb' status for a reason. People didn't like them!
Now, if they were to leave them in the jungle to fend for themselves, then I may watch it, perhaps after the sixth week. If only to see who had resorted to cannibalism! :E Problem is the models would probably win, they are well used to surviving on a suck of a lettuce leaf once a week.

Same thing with Big Brother. If they were to reduce the oxygen content by say 10% each week, then I would watch it. Something gruesomely fascinating about watching no-hopers turn blue! ;)

1st Dec 2004, 11:33
I echo the anti reality show sentiments completely. They are nothing but opiates for the masses

Does anyone remember the MTV cartoon Celebrity Death Match - its coming for real, I'm sure

1st Dec 2004, 11:47
I'm with parapunter on this. For someone who avoids soaps and reality TV like the plague normally, I was amazed when I found myself watching last year's "I'm a Nonentity". Yet I'd rather have an enema than watch the current one.

The difference? For me, Putting John Lydon in last year was a masterstroke (I grew up on punk), and waiting to see if Jordan could survive 2 weeks in the jungle without any Colombian Marching Powder helped, too. The current lot, apart from being nonentities, are just drones. As Endemol have proven with Big Brother, it doesn't matter if the subjects are unknown - as long as they're barking mad it'll work.

1st Dec 2004, 12:37
Why do people insist on whining about things like this. The channel change or off buttons are not tricky to use.

And no I don't watch it.

:rolleyes: :rolleyes:

1st Dec 2004, 13:36
Eh.... It's called "Jet Blast"?

1st Dec 2004, 13:45
I'm all for them, but rarely watch 'em. Why? Well they're great for the office sweepstakes. Saves betting on rain drops running down the window. :E


1st Dec 2004, 16:02
Bleagh...Celebrities :yuk:

Waste of space the lot of 'em.

Best thing to do with them would be to ship them off into the middle of nowhere and . . .

Oh. Hang on....

1st Dec 2004, 16:22
Does anyone remember the MTV cartoon Celebrity Death Match - its coming for real, I'm sure


I called that ages ago!

See here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=131752)

1st Dec 2004, 16:45
Quite agree with EAL401's comment about the off button - my perspective on this though was that it was unnecessarily cruel entertainment in the first place. Turning it off does not, IMHO, make it any better!

We'll be having 'Spanish Donkey Throwing from a Church Tower' live on TV next (or is that religious festival an urban myth?). Still must keep the viewers happy!

I suppose from a humouristic point of view a bug is probably better than what some of those 'celebs' have ever had in their mouthes.....:mad:


1st Dec 2004, 16:51
Cheerio obviously hasn't watched the latest documentaries on Dolphin attacks on juveniles in the breeding/birthing areas and Harbour Porpoises. Really quite chilling to see them punching the victims repeatedly out of the water. The postmortems showed the damage which was considerable and very specificaly positioned over heart and lung area. In fact probably quite appropriate treatment for the Celebs, should arrange that for one of the trials!

1st Dec 2004, 16:53
Isn't life strange - first thing this morning I read this thread and reply to it, then just a few hours later one of the national radio stations has a guy called John Leahy on. This is the fiend responsible for coming up with those 'Bushtucker Trials'.

When questioned about the bugs he pointed out that almost all of them are purchased from pet shops as they are normally sold to feed pet iguanas and the like, so these poor buggers don't have much too look forward to in any case.

Best line was when asked if he had the best job in the world, he replied - 'yeah, guess I do - I get to spend my time trying to think up ways of making life hell for a bunch of poms'

For those that are not too above watching this show, you'll be glad to hear that the coffin challenge that the snobby one did last year and that group mud-slide challenge will both be putting in an appearance over the coming few days

Little Eagle
1st Dec 2004, 18:10
Why don't they step up the heat and have real dangerous situations for these so call celebs to get out of!

Now that would be a show :}

Pit of hungry gators would make entertainment viewing rise

Agree with you totally Grainger

:E :E


Waste of space the lot of 'em.

Best thing to do with them would be to ship them off into the middle of nowhere and . . .

Hit that off button!

Erwin Schroedinger
2nd Dec 2004, 06:26
Whilst we're on the subject, could I please make a request for everyone who reads this to vote for Sophie until the climax (of the show, I mean). Please tell your friends etc, too.

I've fallen in love with her, you see. :O

So please make an old(ish) chap happy and vote for *choke* Sophie.

Ta! :ok:

Big Tudor
2nd Dec 2004, 11:07
I wholeheartedly agree with the 'Off Button' sentiments and have used such arguments myself in the past. However, it is now getting to the point that it is not worth owning a TV if one adopts this attitude. Almost every channel now contains some element of 'Reality TV' in it's scheduling. Whether it's I'm a Celebrity, Big Brother, Average Joe, Crap Idol, etc, the dumbing down of TV is getting beyond a joke. Prime time Saturday night viewing on ITV is almost completely devoted to X-Factor. Are TV execs so devoid of imagination and intelligence that this is the best they can serve up for the viewing public. Yes, there are small oasis of good broadcasting, unfortunately the desert of reality shows is rapidly engulfing the whole viewing spectrum.
As a man whose wife is addicted to every reality show on TV, I appeal to the television industry. I'm a Licence Payer. Get this [email protected] out of here!

2nd Dec 2004, 11:15
Was sorely tempted to start a 'celebrity' thread last week but due to the incessant flaming and being repeatedly booted off chat by a certain mod whenever I mentioned B*g Bro***r last summer, I declined.

Disagree about Sophie though. You 'would', but, what a petulant gobby individual she seems to be.

Joe to win.

Windy Militant
2nd Dec 2004, 11:27
If you've had enough of junk TV try BBC Four they've got some cracking documentaries and Science Programmes. That'll do for me until the kickboxing Roo's are unleashed. :ok: