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1st Dec 2004, 07:25
It came to me this morning while listening to the news. Crime is cancelled, the country can save a fortune on prisons!!! The Home Secretary is a genius....... He gives his lover a ticket allocated to him and when he gets caught says.... "Sorry, I'll just pay the money back". Outstanding!! So when anyone gets caught doing a crime, they can say sorry, pay the money back and keep their job. Even better if that job involves maintaining law and order..... I'm off to rob a bank, see you later.........

Biggles Flies Undone
1st Dec 2004, 10:10
The whole thing just reinforces my massively low opinion of B. Liar. He spent years banging on about clearing out sleeze and setting a good example. Then this rears its head and, rather than have (yet another) scandal just before a General Election, he suddenly forgets all he has ever said and declares that all politicians are allowed a private life. SINCE WHEN? Kerrrrrist - when a Tory MP got caught on Wimbledon Common with a bloke a few years ago Labour had an absolute field day!

That :mad: makes me :yuk:

1st Dec 2004, 10:24
Revenge, private life, whatever.... The BBC Website has an extract from the official rules. You cannot transfer tickets to a partner. If this is true, then this is straightforward FRAUD. (allegedly, thanks Ian Hislop!) If you were a policeman or a serviceman or a civil servant, what do you think would happen if you did this?????
They rose to power riding the anti-tory sleaze bus, what goes around comes around!

Notso Fantastic
1st Dec 2004, 10:48
Come on, how long do we give him? I reckon less than a week. Resignation about 3-4 days from now? If I did such a thing, I would be sacked. Fraud is fraud- he has to go. But it has a fatal fascination seeing yet another man self-destruct over a woman. What have they got? (don't answer)

1st Dec 2004, 11:05
Don't give a stuff about his private life.

However, if I gave a rail warrant to my mistress ( I haven't got one) it would be courts-martial, discharged in discrace, probable fine and severe damage to pension and future employability.

You can guess what I think should happen to the Hon Member :mad:

1st Dec 2004, 13:26
I'm with 4fitter.

A commissioned officer or NCO of HM forces is expected to meet certain standards, ie no porking someone else's wife and no financial irregularity yet a Secretary of State is exempt from these standards.

Mind you, anyone who remebers Sheffield in the 1980s will remeber when it was run by a communist with no sense of financial management. He also had a bad haircut and always had time to take his dog for a walk.

I wonder are they in any way related......I think we should be told.

1st Dec 2004, 14:22

Home Secretary announces blanket pardon for crimes involving Scousers...

Oooops, apparently he mean't spouses...?! :=

1st Dec 2004, 14:46
Maninblack The rule about porking another officer's wife does not apply to aircrew or senior officers.

It's all about expenditure on training and worth to the service or something. But take a pair of scissors to the said aircrew shirt what is hanging in one's wardrobe and there's all hell to pay!