View Full Version : Boy killed in school fight

30th Nov 2004, 17:43
A disgraceful occurance (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/manchester/4055591.stm)

This sort of thing shouldn't happen. I was bullied at school from time to time, but never anything like this (well, obviously) . Whats the betting someone'll stand up for the murdering toe-rags though?

Condolences to the poor boys families.

A shocked D_H

tall and tasty
30th Nov 2004, 18:24
I too suffered bullying and it is so sad that it has lead to this and other deaths!

My total sympathy to the family and friends

I hope something good will come out of this and it will help others or his life has been wasted.


1st Dec 2004, 07:49
This (http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/bristol/4026499.stm) was at my son's school.

Kalium Chloride
1st Dec 2004, 07:57
Perhaps I'm blind, but aren't you jumping to conclusions that this was a bullying incident?

Even if it is - is the deceased the victim or the perpetrator?

Just a thought, because I can't find evidence either way from the report posted.

tony draper
1st Dec 2004, 08:02
School yard fights were not unknown in my day,depends upon whether a weapon of some kind was used,the difference then was yer own mates would have kicked the shite out of you had you used anything but fists in my day though.

1st Dec 2004, 08:07
There used to be a thing called Borstals,which from what I heard were definitely NOT the place to end up in.Bring those back along with the regime that existed then and maybe these yobs would be controlled.

Curious Pax
1st Dec 2004, 08:40
Having seen more coverage of this locally, I suspect that this is a desperately tragic consequence of a fight (which have always been part of school life since the Dark Ages) where the lad his hit his head or similar. Certainly all reports seem keen to emphasise the lack of weapons involved. Doesn't make it any easier for the parents of course, they shouldn't have been fighting in the first place, and there may well have been an element of bullying involved, but I wouldn't place it in the same league as knifings that have taken place.

I'd also take some of the details about the boys involved with a pinch of salt. I've fairly close knowledge of a knife attack outside a school a few miles away from this one, and to read the press reports (and what was said in court) gave a totally wrong impression of the circumstances. The victim was portrayed as an innocent victim, rather than the bullying thug that he actually was, whilst the perpetrator was portrayed as the bully, whereas in fact he was a nerd with a knife obsession. Needless to say the guy shouldn't have been stabbed (fortunately he only had fairly minor injuries as these things go), but it demonstrates that it is easy to jump to the wrong conclusions, especially as families involved become more adept at playing the media game.

A final thought - would I be over-cynical to wonder why youths that get killed are always described in terms that would make a choir boy blush? Not doubting that this is the case sometimes, but not always by any means.

1st Dec 2004, 14:45
Did Tony Blair suffer bullying at school? If not, why not? I'd have been glad to volunteer...

Solid Rust Twotter
1st Dec 2004, 18:29
A pupil at a school over here stabbed another in the throat with a pair of scissors and was sentenced to a prison term. He was released early and feted by a leading politician who also gave him a large amount of money and arranged an even larger amount in scholarships, bursaries and cash donations from businessmen of his acquaintance. The victim got nothing and is still dealing with his injury and the trauma he endured.

Justice? Pah!:yuk: