View Full Version : Mobile Phone Networks and their Nuisance Calls

surely not
30th Nov 2004, 16:35
It must be because it's Christmas, but I am getting bl**dy fed up with every night getting calls from one mobile phone network or another offering me 'the best deal ever' or a 'special promotion' ' never to be repeated offer' etc etc etc.

I cannot be bothered to be nice any more because that is seen as a weakness. A nice 'I'm quite happy with my current deal, thank you and goodbye' seems to be like red rag to a bull to this new breed of pushy salespersons!!!! We don't normally get that many speculative sales calls, but over the last week or two the Mobile phone companies have been incessant.

Anyone else suffering like this?

30th Nov 2004, 17:45
Good link Cheerio

With a bit of luck, that'll stop nearly 50 % of my calls being from these lot (should have more friends I guess. . . .)

30th Nov 2004, 17:58
Thanks for the link. :ok:

30th Nov 2004, 19:03
Just remember though - the TPS only applies to calls originating in the UK. These days with overseas call centres, you will still get some, including the particually dodgy ones who just dont care.

Cheerio is right about the dialling. Its done using a process called Predictive Dialling. This uses a complex series of algorithms to calculate how many agents will be available x seconds ahead and dials accordingly. If one or more agents are delayed by a longer call, it often means that a call can be answered by a punter with no free agent to handle the call, hence the 'nobody there' tone. In theory, this approach maximises agent utilisation but when a call centre is working blended (i.e. taking both inbound and outbound calls), it gets especially unreliable. But hey,, its only the householder who doesn't know who dialed that suffers!! Predictive dialling is illegal in many places including several US states, but the UK law doesnt give a stuff .