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29th Nov 2004, 21:04
How fast can people really go in reverse?

Well, pretty quickly, it turns out. .....

Currently, the men's world record over 100 metres is 13.6 seconds held by Ghana's Ferdie Ato Adobe while the women's best is 20.3 seconds, set by South Africa's Riana Truter.

How many pople can run faster - running normally?

With acknowledgement to www.ghanaweb.com

29th Nov 2004, 21:14
This would appear to be a metaphor for the Continent of Africa

29th Nov 2004, 21:41
This goes back to WWII when me dad (at least that's what he told me) was fighting in N. Africa. He said that the Italian tanks they came across had gearboxes fitted backwards. So they had 4 reverse gears and 1 forwards...but knowing me dad, I'd take that with a bit of salt and a lot of parmesan! :O

29th Nov 2004, 22:00
I think the answer is what?

30th Nov 2004, 08:07
I once saw a very small Italian WWII tank (two or three man crew) in the war museum in Jo'burg, which had two driver positions, front and back, not sure of the gearing though.

Ed to ad: Its called a Carro Veloce CV-33, 2,000 built, couldn't find a pic though.

Vont phood
30th Nov 2004, 09:43
If the Ghanian can go that quickly in reverse I'm surprised that the Crystal Palace manager hasn't signed him up!!

30th Nov 2004, 10:03
The British Army used to have a thing called a Champ, which was a Jeep replacement. It had a five speed gearbox and a transfer arrangement to make all five gears available in reverse as well as in forward drive.

And it did about 7 miles to the gallon, IIRC.

30th Nov 2004, 10:30
Its called a Carro Veloce CV-33, 2,000 built, couldn't find a pic though

Google is your friend, try here. (http://mailer.fsu.edu/~akirk/tanks/spain/Spain-1.html)

30th Nov 2004, 13:00
Miss Bluey can tell you about driving in reverse very fast. There were a thread in here somewhere a while back where she described the joys of negotiating traffic cones in reverse at high speed...