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28th Nov 2004, 20:38
1. Questions posted on Monday. Answers posted whenever I feel like it.
2. 2 points for each Lyrics question – 1 point for the Title and 1 point for the artist. Trivia questions normally 1 point. Some trivia questions will ask for additional information, which is worth 1 point. Bonus points may be awarded additional relevant information (at my discretion). Artist/Album/Song of the week 1 point unless advised otherwise.
3. There is no Rule 3
4. Judge's decision final.
5. During the first 24 hours from the quiz being posted
you are allowed ONLY ONE POST (containing answers to as many questions as you like).
Additional posts (within the first 24 hours) will be ignored.
Edited posts (within the first 24 hours) will be disqualified.
Complete answers will take precedence over earlier partial answers
6. After the first 24 hours there is no restriction on posts (usual free for all rules). It is better not to edit your posts. If you want to add or correct something post a new reply. The points go to the first person to get the correct answer. "First" is taken as the posting time. If you edit a post, the editing time will be used as the posting time for all answers in the post.


1. “It seems like yesterday but it was long ago”
1. Against The Wind – Bob Seger - Pigboat

2. “Under a lovers sky”
2. Can’t Fight The Moonlight – LeAnn Rimes - Nwaflygirl

3. “Superstars and cannonballs are running through your head”
3. The Animal Song Nwaflygirl – Savage Garden - Pseudonymn

4. “At first you smile then turn away”

5. “Well I think it’s fine building jumbo planes”
5. Where Will The Children Play – Cat Stevens - Cooda

6. “Oh my little pretty one”
6. My Sharona – The Knack - Cooda

7. “I wake up every morning stumble out of bed”

8. “Oh mother say a prayer for me”
8. Jessie – Carly Simon - Cooda

9. “My friends all wonder why I call you all the time”

10. “Sometimes I wonder where I’ve been”

11. “When I first saw him standing there”

12. “Four o’clock I been walking all night”

13. “Got a wife and kids in Baltimore Jack”
13. Hungry Heart – Bruce Springsteen - Pigboat

14. “I have a mansion forget the price”
14. Life’s Been Good – Joe Walsh - ionagh

15. “I just want you”

16. “I’ve been meaning to tell you”
16. Hungry Eyes – Pseudonym - Eric Carmen Nwaflygirl

17. “I thought I saw a man bought to life”
17. Torn – Natalie Imbruglia - Volume

18. “Six o’clock already I was just in the middle of a dream”
18. Manic Monday – The Bangles – Mr Chips

19. “I don’t want another heartbreak”
19. This Kiss – Faith Hill Nwaflygirl

20. “My teas gone cold I wonder why”
20. Thank You – Dido - Richo

21. “Day after day I’m more confused”
21. Drift Away – Dobie Gray - Cooda

22. “It seems like yesterday”
22. Against The Wind – Bob Seger – Solid rust twotter (well picked up….)

23. “Ever since I met you seem I can’t forget you”

24. “Girl you’re getting that look in your eyes”

25. “Goodbye to you my trusted friend”
25. Seasons in the Sun – Terry Jacks – Mr Chips

26. “Love is but a song we sing fear’s the way we’ll die”
26. Get Together – The Youngbloods - Cooda

27. “I’m sleeping and right in the middle of a good dream”

28. “In a little café just the other side of the border”
28. Come A Little Bit Closer – Jay and the Americans - Pigboat

29. “Life goes on day after day”
29. Ferry Across The Mersey – Gerry and the Pacemakers - Pigboat

30. “Here I am this is me”


1. Where might Gordon buy a paper back novel? Bonus for title.
1. “Just like a paper back novel, the kind the drug stores sell” – If You Could Read My Mind - Nwaflygirl

2. What does it mean if Goldfinger kisses you? Bonus for artist
2. “For a golden girl knows when he’s kissed her, It’s the kiss of death from Mister Goldfinger” – Mr Chips – Goldfinger – Shirley Bassey - Pigboat

3. What will she be doing when Glen gets to Oklahoma? Bonus for artist and title
3. “By the time I get to Oklahoma she’ll be sleepin’ “ – By The Time I get To Phoenix – Glen Campbell - Pigboat

4. What does twice on the pipe mean? Bonus for artist and title
4. “Twice on the pipe if the answer is no” – Mr Chips – Knock Three Times – Tony Orlando and Dawn - Nwaflygirl

5. Who met Tom as he stepped down from the train? Bonus for title
5. “And as I stepped down from the train there to meet me were my Mama and Papa” – Green Green Grass of Home – Tom Jones - Cooda

6. Where did Cher and her family give the boy a ride to? Where did they pick him up? (point each) Bonus point for song title
6. Memphis, just south of Mobile - Waldopepper42 – Gypsys, Tramps and Thieves – Cher – Mr Chips

7. Name the six members of Roxy Music who played on the live VIVA! LP recorded during the period 1973-75.
7. Bryan Ferry, Edwin Jobson, Andrew Mackay, Paul Thompson, Phil Manzanera, John Wetton.- Bentbanana

8. Who appears with Barbara Streisand on the cover of her Guilty Album?
8. Barry Gibb - Cooda

9. What is the connection between Gary Numan and Cliff Richard, apart from them both having UK number ones in 1979?
9. Both were born with the surname Webb – desk jockey

10. Which band connects Robert palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’ and David Bowie’s ‘Let’s Dance’?

11. Although poles apart musically, what connects Foreigner with The Clash?
11. Both had members called Mick Jones – desk jockey

12. What do Shirley Bassey, Sheena Easton and Duran Duran have in common?
12. They all recorded James Bond themes - Richo

13. What connects Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Jennifer Rush and Heuy Lewis and The News?
13. They all released singles called ‘The Power of Love’ – Mr CHips

14. In terms of Grammy Awards, what connects Louis Armstrong, Mahalia Jackson and Charlie Parker?

15. What musician connects The Rolling Stones, The Jeff Beck Group and The Faces?
15. Ron Wood - Reynolds

16. In addition to being UK number one singles, what connects Norman Greenbaum’s ‘Spirit In The Sky’ to Fleetwood Mac’s ‘Albatross’?

17. What honour is shared by Irene Cara’s hits ‘Fame’ and ‘Flashdance – What A Feeling’?

18. With whom did Queen, Bing Crosby and Mick Jagger all record singles?
18. David Bowie – Mr CHips

19. What is the connection between Peter Gabriel’s first four albums?
19. They were all called Peter Gabriel - Reynolds

20. Who sang about Montego Bay in 1970?
20. Bobby Bloom - ionagh

21. What group covered the BJ Thomas hit “Hooked on a Feeling”?

22. Who recorded “Beautiful Sunday” in 1972?

23. What was the B side of David Bowie’s “Space Oddity”?
23. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud - Bentbanana

24. Anita Bryant had a hit in 1960 with Paper Roses. What was her other claim to fame?
24. She was a former Miss Oklahoma – desk jockey

25. Which prison did Johnny Cash sing about?
25. Folsom Prison Blues – Song title - Richo

26. What two groups was Cass Elliot a member of before she joined the Mamas and the Papas?
26. Member of the Big Three and the Mugwumps prior to joining the Mamas & the Papas – desk jockey

27. What were British duo Chad and Jeremy’s surnames?
27. Chad Stuart and Jeremy Clyde – desk jockey

28. Who recorded the song Duke of Earl in 1962?
28. Gene Chandler - Pigboat

29. What was Chubby Checker’s real name?
29. Ernest Evans – desk jockey

30. While Cher is known for her singing, what award did she win in 1987 and why?
30. Best Actress Oscar in 1987 for "Moonstruck." - Richo

My last for the year - have fun!!!! :ok:

28th Nov 2004, 21:12

No brain today....


20. Thankyou - Dido


12. All created a James Bond Theme Song
25. Folsom County Prison
30. She won Best Actress Oscare for Moonstruck.



Mr Chips
28th Nov 2004, 22:22
Couple of quickies before bed...

18 Manic Monday - Bangles
25 Seasons in teh Sun - Terry Jacks
27 I think I love You (Was recorded by a young "Kaci" a couple of years ago)

2 Its the Kiss of Death
4 Twice on the pipe if teh answer is no - Knock three Times
6 Gypsies Tramps and thieves
13 Power of Love
17 The title is not in the lyrics
18 David Bowie

28th Nov 2004, 22:26
Evenin' scran. Geez, I know a few!! :ooh:

1...Against The Wind/Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
13..Hungry Heart/Bruce Springsteen
25..Ptuii!!! Spit!! Barf!!:yuk:
28..Come A Little Bit Closer/Jay & The Americans
29..Ferry Cross The Mersey/Gerry & The Paemakers

2...It's the kiss of death - Shirley Bassey/Goldfinger
3...She'll be sleeping - By The Time I Get To Phoenix/Glenn Campbell
25....San Quentin you've been livin' hell to me..:E
28..Gene Chandler

28th Nov 2004, 23:11
mornin' folks

Notice no ppruner from Ingerland has started a rugby thread yet :E

5...Where Will The Children Play? - Cat Stevens

6...My Sharona - The Knack

8...Jessie - Carly Simon

21...Drift Away - Dobie Grey

26...Get Together -The Youngbloods

5...His mama, his papa and Mary was coming down the road - Green Green Grass of Home - Tom Jones

8...Barry Gibb

20...Barry Blue?

21...Blue Mink

22...Gilbert O'Sullivan

Times Up

28th Nov 2004, 23:39
First time on music quiz so here goes.....


No. 7 Bryan Ferry/vox Edwin Jobson/violin-keybd
John Wetton/Bass Paul Thompson/drums
Andy Mackay/oboe-sax Phil Manzanera/guitar

No. 23 Wild eyed boy from Freecloud

need another beer.....

all the best

The Bentbanana

29th Nov 2004, 02:05
15. Ronnie Wood
19. They were all called "Peter Gabriel"

Gotta rush.....

29th Nov 2004, 05:32
g´morning scran,

unfortunately you adopted some questions from my list, so I am not allowed to answer :(

Anyway, at least one is left :

Lyrics 17 : Torn - Natalie Imbruglia
(although it is a cover version, the original one from ´off by one´ starts ´I thought I saw a GIRL bought to life´)

Trivia 20 : If the question would have been for 1995, the answer would have been ´Paddy goes to Hollyhead´ (Red Rasta), but for 1970 :confused:

29th Nov 2004, 06:11
T9 - both had the surname Webb
T11 - both had a member called Mick Jones
T26 - Mugwumps, Cass Elliot & the Big 3
T27 - Stuart, Clyde
T29 - Ernest Evans

29th Nov 2004, 07:48
T20 Bobby Bloom

L14 Lifes been good : Joe Walsh

29th Nov 2004, 08:36

2) Not sure on the name of the song. Artist is 'Savage Garden' and it was featured on the soundtrack to "The Other Sister."

16) Hungry Eyes - Think it is 'Bill Medley', off the "Dirty Dancing" soundtrack.

29th Nov 2004, 13:59
Trivia 5. And there to meet me is my Mama and Papa

Trivia 6. Picked up a boy just south of Mobile
He rode with us to Memphis.


Solid Rust Twotter
29th Nov 2004, 19:03
5. Where do the children play - Cat Stevens (Yusuf Islam)

22. Against the wind - Bob Seger? (See #1)

T8. Kris Kristofferson

29th Nov 2004, 20:32

2) Can't fight the moonlight
LeAnn Rimes
3) The Animal Song
Garden Savage
15)I Like Girls
Alice Cooper
16)Hungry Eyes
Eric Carmen
19) The Kiss
Faith Hill
25) Seasons in the sun
Terry Jacks


1) Drugstore-If you could read my mind Gordon Lightfoot
4) Artitst- Tony Orlando and Dawn
18) David Bowie
20) Marty Robbins

Thanks, that's all for this round gotta work sometime!

1st Dec 2004, 12:56
I've been Googling... So I don't expect any marks... But since it's all gone quiet...

Fascinating story of Anita Bryant, who in fact had several claims to fame. She was a Miss Oklahoma and a runner-up Miss USA. She was the long-time voice of the Florida Orange Juice commercials. And in 1977 she organised a strident anti-homosexual campaign which resulted in Gay Rights legislation in Florida being repealed.

This led to a nationwide gay-led campaign to boycott Florida Orange Juice. Mrs B lost her job, her marriage broke up and she ended up bankrupt.

So there

1st Dec 2004, 14:05
T33 Laughing Gnome

1st Dec 2004, 15:21
Wow, looks like Anita would have been better off hawking homogenized milk.

1st Dec 2004, 20:48
Sorry...been away...will "Score" it soon


Sorry took so long..been away enjoying the wilds of South Australia...:ok: :ok:

Still open:

Lyrics 4, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 15, 23, 24, 27, 30

Trivia 10, 14, 16, 17, 21, 22

Progress Scores

Pigboat - 12
Cooda - 12
Mr Chips - 9
Nwaflygirl - 9
Bentbanana - 7
Richo - 5
Desk Jockey - 5
Ionagh - 3
Reynolds - 2
Pseudonymn - 2
Waldopepper42 - 2
Solid Rust Twotter - 2
Volume - 1


1st Dec 2004, 22:05
20..Baby Baby Don't Get Hooked On Me/Mac Davis

22..Daniel Boone??

25..At the risk of incurring the wrath of scran, Johnny Cash also had a prison song called "San Quentin" from the album Johnny Cash in San Quentin.

1st Dec 2004, 22:32
Bout time Big Daddy, where ya been?


10) Southside Johnny (and the Asbury Dukes)
14) Lifetime Achievement Awards?
17) Oscar Awards


1st Dec 2004, 23:19
Pigboat - I fully expected a bite over T25 - so I'll give you a point

Lyric 20 IS NOT Mac Davis (but Lyric 24 is)

Trivia 22 - correct.

Who said Blue Mink for the Hooked on a feeling cover - you were close.........

Nwaflygirl - i can tell you where I was, but then I'm gonna have to kill you.......:E :uhoh:

I'll give you 17, and 14 is very close, but just a little more info please.....

and 10 is dead wrong..........................................:{

2nd Dec 2004, 02:35
Went from page 1 to page 2 and lost track of the question sequence. :O

2nd Dec 2004, 02:40
Hhhmmm..I suppose you are all haging out for the clues now?? :uhoh:



3 - Male soloist, recent song - lower away gently.....

7 - Female vocalist, english or welsh......getting to work

9 - 2 guys, split for a while - peck on the bit of paper......

10 - female vocalist - referred to in the trivia section.......

11 - sisters are doing it for themselves, talking about someone's personality.......

12 - what we all like to be doing in bed, but not with this ancient UK rocker.....the sharp precipice

15 - obscure one this..one hit female - guys first name....just doobie to the music......

23 - female vocalist - one of her later minor hits.......

27 - think someone named the song - the artists are a made up group

30 - canadian (well, think he is) male vocalist - heavy rocker


10 the answer is about producers

14 - Nwaflygirl is close, I'm almost dead certain

21 - Not sure if it was Blue Mink, but certainly Blue scandinavian..........

:E :E :E

Oh..and Trivia 16 - all in the name really......

2nd Dec 2004, 03:31
The only other scandihooligan blue group I can think of is Shocking Blue...but I thought they did Venus. :confused:

2nd Dec 2004, 04:10
well...just to confirm my answer Cooda - I Googled "hooked on a feeling - blue mink" and got no matches.

when I googled "hooked on a feeling - blue x" (where x is my scandinavian, a cousin of olga....or maybe even Frida from ABBA - hint) I got LOTS of hits.............:O :O :ok: :E :hmm:

and Shocking Blue did indeed cover Venus............but you ain't getting any points for that answer....:rolleyes:

2nd Dec 2004, 05:42
My last attempt at this-I need fresh air!!! Apparently a life as well!


7) Morning Train
Sheena F***in Easton :yuk:
9) Sealed with a kiss
2 old guys


10) Phil Spector?
14) Were they posthumous awards?

That's all she wrote! I quit! See Ya!;)

2nd Dec 2004, 06:16
You use google!!!!!!!????????:eek: :eek:

How about Blue Swede then?

Jolly Hockeysticks
2nd Dec 2004, 13:55
Hi scrannie, old chap

I don't expect any points for this, but Johnny Cash also sang about Starkville Mississippi Jail (where he spent a night for picking flowers... :rolleyes: )

Track 7 on the San Quentin album.

... anyway piggy started this :E


2nd Dec 2004, 19:36
Hi Jolly, good to see yer oot n' aboot! :ok:
Didn't he also sing about the Tupelo County Jail?? :E
I'll probably lose all my points for that.

Blue Swede? You sure yer not thinking about Carl Perkins, Cooda? :E

2nd Dec 2004, 19:57
10. on my own Nikka Costa

2nd Dec 2004, 20:15
Now now Cooda - read my post. I used Google to validate my answer (and poop all over your attempt :E :E ) - so that is quite legal - anyway, I refer you to rule No 4.....:hmm:

Question the Musicmeister again and I'll have FLAPS ban you.....:uhoh:

OK - some more correct answers. NWA did indeed get Lyrics 7, and Trivia 14 totally.

Cooda - I'll give you 21 (as long as you stop arguing.....)

Revised Progress scores:

Pigboat - 16
Cooda - 13
Nwaflygirl - 13
Mr Chips - 9
Bentbanana - 7
Richo - 5
Desk Jockey - 5
Ionagh - 3
Reynolds - 2
Pseudonymn - 2
Waldopepper42 - 2
Solid Rust Twotter - 2
Volume - 1

2nd Dec 2004, 22:43
Had ya worried though, didn't I......:E

3rd Dec 2004, 00:04
L12 - must be Cliff Richard
L30 - Bryan Adams, not too heavy nowadays, developing into a Canadian L12...
don't know the songs....
T22 - Daniel Boone, or something like that...??

3rd Dec 2004, 02:26
Ok - putting this to bed so i can go on leave:


4 - Male soloist, recent song - lower away gently.....
4. Let Me Down Easy – Chris Issacs

9 - 2 guys, split for a while - peck on the bit of paper......
9. Kiss is On My List – Hall and Oates

10 - female vocalist - referred to in the trivia section.......
10. Out Here On My Own – Irene Cara

11 - sisters are doing it for themselves, talking about someone's personality.......
11. He’s So Shy – Pointer Sisters

12 - what we all like to be doing in bed, but not with this ancient UK rocker.....the sharp precipice
12. Dreamin’ – Cliff Richard - well picked up Reynolds

15 - obscure one this..one hit female - guys first name....just doobie to the music......
15. Listen – Charlie Dore

23 - female vocalist - one of her later minor hits.......
23. Then Came You – Dionne Warwick

27 - think someone named the song - the artists are a made up group
27. I Think I Love You – Partridge Family

30 - canadian (well, think he is) male vocalist - heavy rocker
30. Here I am – Bryan Adams


10 the answer is about producers
10. Chic: Bernard Edwards and Nile Rodgers produced respectively

16 - all in the name really......
Fleetwood Mac guitarist Peter Green was born Peter Greenbaum

I understand Pigboat will continue the quiz for the next few weeks. I'll be busy mend a fence (literally - all 28 metres of it) and be back in the New Year.

Merry Christmas all