View Full Version : Interesting / unusual juxtapositions

DX Wombat
28th Nov 2004, 14:29
Seen on a recent visit to Oz, two shops next door to each other one proclaiming itself to be a hairdresser's establishment whilst next door the shop was called.................The Rug Shop! :uhoh: :\

28th Nov 2004, 15:52
What about those two words:-


? :confused: :ooh:

28th Nov 2004, 16:23
Two shops next door to each other in Regina, Sask:

1. Dunkin' Donuts;
2. Weight Watchers.

I always wondered if one was the subsidiary of the other.

And in a roadside cemetery between Ottawa and Upper Canada Village, two large tombstones, side by side, to the respective memories of:

1. Trickey; and
2. Dickey.