View Full Version : Idiots?

Lon More
27th Nov 2004, 17:14
Channel surfing this p,m, came across an American programme on Men & Motors (Sky) called I dare you.

First someone crashed a Mooney into the back of a moving truck - surprisingly it ripped the aluminium sides of the truck up more than the Mooney.

Not too bad - the Barnstormers of Old did similar tricks.

However the next really :mad: be off.

A bunch of sky divers were shown riding earthwards on armchairs, toilet pots, settees,and eventually in a car bailing out at about 5000ft and leaving the car to do it's own thing.

As the leader pointed out before they jumped, they had absolutely no control over where the car would land. Before you say they were jumping over an uninhabited area, roads and cultication were clearly visible so there was a chance of casualties on the ground.

I doubt if they carry any insurance for such a stunt and would be surprised if evev in Bushland the FAA sanctions this.

'kin idiots - especially the pilot who flew the drop Skyvan

Rant over