View Full Version : Anyone know what the searchlights are over north west London?

27th Nov 2004, 11:32
Anyone? I see them every night, looks like a dozen or so of them all moving together, can't see where they are but would love to know what they are doing.....

tony draper
27th Nov 2004, 11:40
Prolly part of a chrimbo display Mr BRL, we gorrem up here, wierd laser lights, flickering eerily green in the night sky,part of the christmas light show, leastwise thats the cover story they tell us, keep yer tinfoil cap handy.

27th Nov 2004, 13:10
We have those same funny green lights down here as well. A reliable source informed me they were the visible portion of an intergalactic communication signal, the density of the air causing the high-intensity beam to glow green. Certain parts of the year such as christmas and new years are ideal conditions to communicate.
That's all the man would tell me before a black helicopter hovered over and he was snatched by another man, clad in black, dangling from a wire rope from the chopper.

27th Nov 2004, 13:13
And that, I fear, were the last written words by ontrackfor...

27th Nov 2004, 13:20
So i guess the moral of the story is: if you see funny lights in the sky or black helicopters, don't talk about it. There was this one time I saw black helicop...

Onan the Clumsy
27th Nov 2004, 13:27
Can you hear the thrum of desynchronised Jumo engines?

Vox Populi
27th Nov 2004, 14:00
Fear not, for (on this occasion only) the lights are harmless.

Apparently they are attracting you to offload drinking vouchers in return for disposable consumables of a festive nature.

They are the new Oxford street christmas lights (happy santa with a light bulb up his tailpipe not being in vogue anymore).

23rd Dec 2004, 09:27
What those spotlights on Oxford Street really need is for someone to stick the Batman sign on top!

That would be cool!

tony draper
23rd Dec 2004, 10:12
That does not work Mr Dop, one knows this from experimentation in ones sproghood, a paper bat stuck to the front of a bicycle head lamp does not produce a gigantic bat in the sky, nor does doning a blue cloak and wearing ones underpants on the outside of ones kecks impart the ability to fly, these are sad truths we discover on the rocky road to adulthood.

23rd Dec 2004, 10:41
Could they be the ionisation effects on chemtrails?
Happy Christmas all:D

23rd Dec 2004, 11:03
Jerry is resuming night raids? ...after all, we're still fighting them on the beaches, in Ibiza every morning after breakfast. :O

23rd Dec 2004, 11:27
All is not lost ..... it's Capt Mainwaring and his band still fighting on , they don't yet realise it's all over and we're all one happy little party in the USSE .
Trying to be dipperlomatic !

23rd Dec 2004, 14:36
Jerry is resuming night raids?

Not me mate!!

phoenix son
23rd Dec 2004, 14:40

Surely breakfast in Ibiza is eaten just after one gets out of bed, i.e. late afternoon?


23rd Dec 2004, 15:03
Apparently the lights appear just after visitors from , lets say Mars, have landed and are in the process of probing someone dumb enough to be caught by the creatures (also known as Mancunians :ouch: )

23rd Dec 2004, 18:42
careful there grahamk, we're not all as tick as we look!!