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27th Nov 2004, 10:22
I have annual travel insurance, now I'm older (but not decrepit), I take a few pills and have the odd bit of medical treatment now and then. The policy says if I have any change in my pill intake or any medical treatment I have to tell the insurance company. I had a change in pills in April and an angioplasty in October to clear a slight blockage in my right leg, so as I am going away soon I duly informed the insurance company.
It seems that because an angioplasty is cardiovascular my insurance company will not cover me for any treatment associated with the heart for six months from October.Because it is more than six months since my pills were changed they will cover me for the condition I take the pill for, if it had been less than six months I would not have been covered.
It seems to me that the insurance company is changing the goal posts after they have taken my money, if I take a policy out for a year surely I should have been medically covered for a year under the conditions pertaining when the policy was agreed.

Does anyone know if this is standard practice or have I got a lousy insurance policy??

Feeton Terrafirma
27th Nov 2004, 11:13
I'd ask them for a refund for the time which they are not going to cover you. Would only seem fair to me. I bet they scream about it though.