View Full Version : American Airlines BAc 1-11's

Jet Dragon
27th Nov 2004, 03:35
Does anyone know where American based it's 1-11 fleet in the sixties?


27th Nov 2004, 08:28
They were in the north-east of the US, places like Boston, New York, Chicago, etc. Didn't get much past Chicago. American's route network was very different then. Common One-eleven routes were New York (all 3 airports) to upstate New York - Albany, Rochester, Syracuse, Buffalo, etc , also trips like Boston - Cleveland - Chicago and such like. Multi-stop routes were common.

27th Nov 2004, 18:17
Just an aside there is 1-11 at present at Southend P4 registered came in some 4 + weeks ago for internal refurb. Some nice pictures of it under SEN on Airliners .net. Having viewed it a number of times some weeks ago perhaps someone may know how it is progressing toward departure which was originally rumoured to be 1/2 week of Decwember.