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Astra driver
27th Nov 2004, 03:12
I just heard on CNN that the US Air Force has paid $25,000 to Warp Force Metrics of Las Vegas, NV for a report exploring the possibility of Teleportation.

When queried an Air Force spokesman said, "We don't do science fiction, we do science."

Now, if I could just get the Pentagon to look at my $25M proposal for an invisible plane...

:hmm: :hmm:

27th Nov 2004, 07:28
this proposal has already been made to France with a big success :D
remember the "oil-sniffer-boeings" ... a pure invention that didnt exist but gold-paid by the french gov... of course no officiel told the public they had been ##### by talented burglars :D

27th Nov 2004, 09:37
Beam me up Scotty !!!!!

27th Nov 2004, 09:50
nice one scotty, now the clothes, please?

Feeton Terrafirma
27th Nov 2004, 11:16
Now, if I could just get the Pentagon to look at my $25M proposal for an invisible plane

The US already have these, haven't you seen one yet?

Geting back on topic, teleportation sounds like a brilliant idea to me, but then I'm not a pilot about to loose a job either.

Scot me up beamie ;)

27th Nov 2004, 15:30
Oi! That's MY joke.

27th Nov 2004, 15:36
But the engines canna take it captain!

27th Nov 2004, 15:41
There was an article in scientific american about a year or two ago about this subject and basically, on a theoretical level it is possible.

Futhermore it has been demonstrated on a single particle level.

Intersting stuff that included way more physics than my 4 year college degree was capable of grasping.


Lon More
27th Nov 2004, 17:18
Any chance they could do the first experiment on Dubya?

Grinning, ducking and diving

Standard Noise
27th Nov 2004, 18:44
There was a book review in the MoS last week about " a catalogue of the greatest nuttery" of all time. Yep, it's full of this sort of crackpotted, witless nonsense dreamt up by people in the establishment in the states and collected in one novel by a British writer.
There was the story of a Yank general, a rank at which you might reasonably expect some semblance of intelligence, who spent his time trying to convince his political masters that soldiers could be trained to walk through walls etc, etc. When his idea was dismissed, he tried to develop the skill in his spare time!

And these people think of themselves as protectors of the free world.:rolleyes: :uhoh:

BTW, for anyone who's interested, it's titled "The men who stare at goats", which in itself tells you a lot about the kind of people included within.

27th Nov 2004, 18:51
Lon More didn't you know they did first experiment with "W". He's still waiting for his brain to catch up.

Imagine the economic implications to the airline industry and trade tariffs if a fellow could just 3d fax himself or any goods at will. How far off would be the science of recombination of matter into anything at all? Pockets would be of no use at all because you would not need money or credit cards as everything would be of no value at all. Hang on, I just scared myself...

28th Nov 2004, 09:50
Problem with this sort of stuff is that it may work and how do you judge the odds? Are you buying a lottery ticket at $0.01 or $100.00

29th Nov 2004, 05:00
It will work, and within our lifetimes. As Wino says, it has already been demonstrated; a research team at one of the Australian universities has managed to teleport a number of photons between two cubicles about a metre apart in a lab.

Naturally there will be a few stuff ups along the way, but after a bit of experimenting with animals, no doubt we'll get it right.

As for walking through walls...my understanding is that this is also possible, but by the time one has reached the level of spiritual enlightenment required to facilitate it, one is very old and has little interest in fighting wars. The good General may be better advised to stick to the tried and true method of getting a soldier through a wall, i.e. blow it up first.

West Coast
29th Nov 2004, 05:41
As pointed out the absolute wacky idea of teleportation is proven as theoretically possible. I wonder if some dreamer hundreds of years ago was labeled as a nutter because he said man would walk on the moon. I imagine if the book SN enjoyed was actually regarded, how little in the way of innovation we would enjoy.

"Now Mr. Marconi, I recommend against perusing this whole transporting your voice thing, your gonna make that book of loons over there in jolly ole England"

29th Nov 2004, 06:57
Remember what Arthur C Clarke said ... 'technology sufficiently advanced from ours is indistinguishable from magic'

Astra driver
29th Nov 2004, 15:41
I have heard that is possible to teleport on a quantum level, physicists have reported that they have teleported photons.

However other physicists have stated that in order to successfully teleport just 6 particles from one specified time and place to another specified time and place it would require more data than there are particles in the known universe. I guess in laymans' terms that's the eqiuvalent of saying it's f:mad: g impossible!

I suppose it should also be noted that scientists "prooved" that that passengers would suffocate if a train were to travel at more than 30mph because the air would be sucked out of the windows. Another scientist had prooved that a heavier than air vehicle could never fly.

29th Nov 2004, 16:05
I just heard on CNN that the US Air Force has paid $25,000 to Warp Force Metrics of Las Vegas, NV for a report exploring the possibility of Teleportation. Funny, I thought they were already spending over $450 million a year on each of over 10 Nimitz type teleportation devices. Where about 85 aircraft are supported by 2,500 aviation professionals. Who in their turn are supported by 3,200 mariners on each carrier. Where each CVN is in turn supported by a whole fleet of guided-missile cruisers and destroyers, nuclear subs and auxiliary vessels...?! :confused:

Scottie, beam me back up to reality please...! :O

itchy kitchin
29th Nov 2004, 16:24
Philadalphia Experiment anybody?

29th Nov 2004, 16:38
I want a proper aviation type teleporter thingy.... I step in in London - ZAP! - and there I am in New York... and me briefcase in Sydney....

29th Nov 2004, 16:43
Imagine the economic implications to the airline industry and trade tariffs.

Well, it would be probably a long time before teleportation turns cheaper than classic air travel .....

29th Nov 2004, 17:36
If I fully understand the implications of teleportation, which would consist of the recreation of an identical copy of the thing being teleported, the economic implications for teletransporters should be phenomenal:

Upon successful teleportation, the teletransportation company could use disposal of the originals to offset costs, hence:

1) Your oldself could be condemned to a lifetime of slave labour to the profit of ITTA (International Terleporter's Transport Association).
2) All non-life forms, mobile PCs etc. could be auctionned off to the highest bidder.

Heck, why bother to differentiate between the 2?! One word of caution regarding luggage though. It may be worth keeping the originals of luggage a little longer in case they get lost on the way...:O

The day someone discovers the means to teleport, I'm pretty confident that it will be a free service. Provided you've agreed to ITTA's standard terms...:rolleyes:

Astra driver
29th Nov 2004, 18:02
The implications of the concept boggle the mind. Interestingly one of the items addressed in the report was wether or not one's "soul" could be teleported along with the body!


29th Nov 2004, 18:23
I'm not worried about my soul Astra driver, as I don't envisage ever needing to be teleported. However, one will be taking all traditional measures to ensure one is present when they (ITTA) auction off the originals. In the hope that Meg Ryan is a frequent teleporter... :) Of course, what will be really interesting are the auctions involving teleportation arrivals which were somehow caught up in a time/space warp. In which case, we might have a Meg Ryan as she looked 20 years ago up for grabs. One imagines that in such circumstances, the bidding will be ferocious. And may include serious bidding on behalf of Meg Ryan herself... :ok: This could get quite complicating...souls notwithstanding :confused:

Astra driver
29th Nov 2004, 18:27
The ability to teleport a 20 years younger Meg Ryan with no soul to wherever I'm overnighting sounds very intruiging....


29th Nov 2004, 18:37
You sound like an OK guy A d, so soon as I get a Holly Hunter discard, I'll ship you Meg Ryan...collect, that's fair, OK? ;)

Astra driver
29th Nov 2004, 18:46
How 'bout I trade yer a 20 year younger Meg Ryan for a well used but still serviceable Halle Berry?

29th Nov 2004, 19:05
Anyone registered et-bay.com yet? :8 I'm gonna find me a futures market pardner. Like Forex, 'cept we'll call this new market Trex...:O

Feeton Terrafirma
29th Nov 2004, 22:23
the really interesting development here would be the knowledge of how to assemble the finished article. Once that is known surely we can assemble more of them?

Janeway to Replicator "coffee, white, hot please"......... NO NO NO Not white hot coffee!!! I meant warm to drink ..... idiot machine!!!

29th Nov 2004, 22:29
Something about teleportation,
Caution !!!!
I report here some facts I remember but not in detail, so sorry for the approximation :

In prague (i think) an experiment about matieer teleportation has been successfully done.
In fact, this is not true teleportation, but the copy of an atom's precise state to another, at the other side of a bridge.
The experiment used a feature of some "twin-atoms" to be at the same state at same time. the experiment was to transmit (optically, i dont know) the precise state of the first atom to the second... what brings the possibility, theorically, to copy an object... but more realistically, this experiment will be used to unvestigate a new way for infomation transmission.

if someone can get the news article please

30th Nov 2004, 05:56
In fact, this is not true teleportation, but the copy of an atom's precise state to another,

Efendi, mayhap this is what true teleportation will involve.

All matter is composed of particles. At quantum level, all particles are composed of energy. There is only energy. Nothing else. Time and space are illusions. I don't pretend to understand how the boffins are achieving this one, but as others have said, the magic of today is the science of tomorrow...and there was a time when you could have been burned at the stake for suggesting that man could fly through the air, or send his voice to the other side of the world in an instant.

We are poised at the brink of Interesting Times.

30th Nov 2004, 06:23
We have been building quantum tunnelling teleportation devices for decades. They are called valves........

30th Nov 2004, 10:49

the question is : if we can "copy" an human, does this copy have the seme feelings the same memory and so ? ... or will it be the "evil twin" ?

ORAC : if you know more..please say it... interesting

30th Nov 2004, 13:55
Copied from elsewhere:

In Quantum tunneling a particle bypasses a barrier and appears on the other side of it without traveling through it. The process is responible for radioactive decay of elements where an alpha will tunnel out of the nucleus of uranium atom and then under go beta decay. Quantum tunneling of electrons is used in vacuum valves and in certain transistors, such as a tunneling diodes.

Quantum tunneling happens due to the fact that particles have a wave function. Wave function is the possibility of a particle being at speciific location. If you could control this possibility wave you could possibly transport a particle to any location. Do this with a person, and you could teleport him without turning him to energy or breaking him down into his basic molecules. All you would need is to know his wave function (yes people have a wave function, and even the universe can be expressed as one) and alter it in a manner that alters his possibility of his location to place him where you wish him to be. He would suddenly be at that location, in a instant.

All that is required is finding a way to manipulate the wave function of the particles involved. We do this all the time to beams of particles like photon and electrons. Take the double slit experiment for example. By closing and opening a single slit we can determine whether particle like a photon, proton,neutron or electron behave like wave or steams of particles. Not only can we effect the path the particle take but actually where it impacts on the target, without applying a physical force to the particle itself. Basically, we are shaping the possiblitily wave in a manner that defies common logic and how this is done is one of the mysteries of modern physics.

What causes the Quantum wave form to collapse, determining when or where a particle appears? We know when we attempt to measure a particle that it happens, but the mechanism of how it happens is unknown.

If we knew how the Wave function is forced to collapse, then we may be able to effect the outcome. We could at will make a collection of particles like a human behave like a wave and then change the location by forcing the wave function to collaspe with the possibility that he some where else.

Quantum Teleportation (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_teleportation)

Quantum Tunneling on Your Kitchen Table (http://www.altair.org/Qtunnel.html)
ps. Probably a load of bunk for anything above a molecule as classical effects take over, or so the experts say. But what do they know... :}

30th Nov 2004, 16:21
thanks orac

(fake text to fill the reply)

Ian Corrigible
30th Nov 2004, 18:40
For anyone with a spare hour or two, the full 88-page report is available at www.FAS.org (http://www.fas.org/sgp/eprint/teleport.pdf). (Since teleportation is not yet readily available, you'll probably have to rely on your high-speed BT Internet phone line to download the document.)

Unfortunately for the trekkies on Pprune (we know who you are), the 'Sci-Fi' approach to teleportation is rejected early-on by the study, which instead focuses on wormholes, remote viewing (see Psychic teleportation (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=151039)) and Eddy's in the space time continuum (as Arthur Dent would say).



Astra driver
30th Nov 2004, 21:34
Speaking of Arthur Dent, I just saw a promo at the local movie theater for "Hitch-hikers Guide to the Galaxy" due to be released in May of 2005. I really hope Hollywood does the book(s) justice.

Feeton Terrafirma
30th Nov 2004, 21:51
What can I say? DON'T PANIC

Astra driver
30th Nov 2004, 22:02
I just checked my closet, I found 4 of the "Hitchhikers" books (I think there were 5 all told), a videotape of the BBC TV series, not to mention a collection of 3 videotapes of the original "Thunderbirds" TV series.

God, I feel like a right annorak!

:8 :8 :8