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tony draper
25th Nov 2004, 22:00
Anybody know what they called the tune at the begining and end of Billy Connely's Tour of Scotland?, let one hasten to add this is not for drapes himself, one is only half Jockistani and is not succeptable to such sentimental blandishments.
One thunk it was called Flower of Scotland but apparently one was wrong, thats three times one has been wrong about summat in the last 32 years, one shall have to get a grip.

Scenic Route
25th Nov 2004, 22:28

scroll down to Ralph McTell......

maybe of some use.....(maybe not) ?


25th Nov 2004, 22:41
1994 - Starts new recording. One of the songs ('The Islands') from those sessions is used as the theme for the Billy Connolly's World Tour Of Scotland.

From: Ralph McTell, songwriter, artist, folk, protest. HERE. (http://www.bucksmusicgroup.com/composers/details/det463.html?Show=Biography)