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The Invisible Man
25th Nov 2004, 18:58
Seeing as my request for banning has been half met, and rule 13 has been applied....

My worst journey is

Luton to Manchester ( not using the Toll road)

And yours is ???

tony draper
25th Nov 2004, 19:11
Newcastle Central Station to Manchester on the midnignt Milk Train, 7 1/2 bloody hours.
Newcastle Central to Kings cross,xmas 1960, train so packed with national servicemen we had to stand in the corridor all the way.

25th Nov 2004, 19:20
Dover to Southampton at 2 in the morning, after driving from Vias to Calais in one go and then getting no kip on the ferry due to wife and kids being seasick:zzz:

Solid Rust Twotter
25th Nov 2004, 19:50
Pretoria - George - Pretoria to inspect a wing we needed for a PA34. Did the whole trip in 26 hours without sleep. Distance of about 2800km.

25th Nov 2004, 19:52
The horrible, horrible, horrible distance from my bed to the shower first thing in the morning.

Feeton Terrafirma
25th Nov 2004, 20:33
Mr Invisible Man,

I'm not surprised you have bad trips. One of the chief mechanisims for navigation is sight, and your unexpected and unknown removal of that navigation tool from those around you will no doubt cause many nasty travel incidents. Perhaps paint yourself fluro orange to overcome the invisibility problem and your trips will be much more plesant.

The worst trip I have had was in '88, LHR to MEL in 26 hrs without sleep

25th Nov 2004, 21:32
Home [East Manchester] to work [Birmingham Airport] on a motorbike, minus 12C and freezing fog from Congleton to Lichfield I had an "openface" helmet and a scarf...The visor "iced up" and the scarf froze to my beard :uhoh: . For two days after, I didn't have any feeling in the middle two fingers of either hand :{
I was blinking cold:sad: :sad:
we aim to please,it keeps the cleaners happy

25th Nov 2004, 21:38
Inverness overnight train to London, winter of about '78 or'79 I think - no heating and full of Scottish football supporters on their way to Wembley - one was stabbed to death on the train. Took about 17 hrs.
Also drove from Grantham to Newcastle in a 105E Anglia with a mate in 1971 - sleet all the way and his wipers packed up, so I hand operated them for about an hour...

tony draper
25th Nov 2004, 21:42
Twouldn't make any difference Mr Feets, as one explained in great detail a while back a invisible person would be as blind as a bat anyway,photons would pass clean through a invisible retina, thus not triggering nerve inpulses toward the visual cortex, one can post diagrams formulae learned dissertations ect, if necessary.
Never let a invisible person give you a shave or drive your car.
Watching a invisible person trying to thread a needle is hillarious.
Thats why they all have holes in their socks.

Onan the Clumsy
25th Nov 2004, 21:47
Albuquerque to Santa Barbara.

911 miles in a single day. I spent an hour tucked in behind a truck till he exited. His tail lights were the only thing I could see.

What, you don't think that's bad? I was jogging the whole way :}

25th Nov 2004, 22:07
Washington to Sydney around 1973. Non-stop across the USA to LAX with an inverter or blower screaming above my head. Then a VC-10 100% full of Aussie families going home for Easter with their screaming kids. Midnight stop at Honolulu and the sun came up while we were on the ground at Fiji. We must have arrived at SYD, but the rest of that day was a blur. Elapsed time 20-some hours.

In 1966 my charter from Washington to London was cancelled the night before departure becauses of a "rules infraction". A travel agent found me space instead on the overnight flight on Icelandic CL-44 from New York to Luxemburg - "and there's flight yoiu can catch from LUX to London". I found someone to drive me to New York. But the flight from LUX to London didn't operate on Saturdays. So I took the bus into town, the train to Ostend (changing at Brussels), the ferry to Dover (arriving at daybreak the second morning), and train to London. Elapsed time around 36 hours. It was a very good start as a first trip to Europe, since all subsequent trips have seemed very simple and well organised.

25th Nov 2004, 22:25
Flying back from EDI to LHR at the end of October this year with Ms Luggage:
Felt a bit uncomfortable waiting at the gate and it was getting worse by the time I had got to my seat. Come push back and reaching for the safety card I realised there were no sickbags in the seat back pockets so pressed the call button and was given two. I was feeling very rough by now and sweating like a very sweaty thing.

Passed out during the safety demo.

Once the seatbelt sign went off I staggered to the loo. I must have looked pretty bad because no-one got in the way. When I came out, the CC put me in their jumpseat for the rest of the flight so I wouldn't have far to drag myself again.

Got to LHR without disgracing myself. Next was the bus to Woking, but managed to control my stomach until I could find a quiet corner of a platform. The train was an improvement by comparison. Once home, straight to bed for the next four days.
:yuk: :uhoh:

Many thanks to the crew of BD63 that night for making a very uncomfortable flight more bearable.

Standard Noise
25th Nov 2004, 23:21
Newcastle to Stranraer via Glasgow by train at two in the morning in a carriage with a "stuck open" window in the middle of February (1989). Then four hours on the floor of the ferry terminal at Stranraer (this was in the days before foot passengers were allowed some comfort, like seats that one's bum was comfortable in) wrapped round the central heating pipe to keep hypothermia at bay.

There was that other occasion when I was stuck in a car for 45 mins with my mother in law and Noisy jnr. Had there been a cliff nearby, I'd have been tempted to stop, throw Noisy jnr out and then drive over the cliff with the MIL, just to shut her up!!!

25th Nov 2004, 23:22
A toss up between...

The insane decision to drive solo from Surrey to Barcelona in a day in a fully loaded under powered diesel crate with a dodgy tape deck.
Too many hours, too many miles and too many stops to scrape the dead bugs off the windscreen. :ouch:


Missing a flight home from S of France due to inept girlfriend who couldn't differentiate between 'am' and 'pm' when booking flights but whom 'simply had to be home for work on Monday'. Finding no alternate seats available for 2 days from anywhere close enough to be worthwhile and so at her wish travelling by several trains, a taxi or two and eurostar back to Blighty dragging her many pieces of luggage and her whinging and moaning the whole way and eventually declaring me a [email protected][email protected] for putting her through this nightmare! And all after I'd had a heavy night with little sleep the previous night.
Got out of bed in France approx 1100 Friday, partied hard through the night and into Sat with only a couple of hours shut eye, discovered mistake and started journey approx 2000 Saturday, got in bed in UK approx 2300 Sunday after getting her home then still having to go and retrieve her car from the airport and it getting a flat on the motorway to add insult to injury.
My parting words were something like "Your car's on the drive, here are the keys, consider yourself single." :*


Waking up to "Andover, this is Andover. This train terminates here." at 0230 on a Wedneday morning after quaffing a few too many and jumping on the last train out of Waterloo. I even asked a couple to wake me at my stop having first checked they went beyond it, :mad:ers! I tell you there is nothing in Andover at 0230. No taxis, no hotels, nothing. Luckily I have good friends. After a few unanswered calls, "Hello, are you awake? Oh, you weren't. Well now that you are...... :O

On reflection Andover was worst. I came to know the meaning of the word desolation there. :sad:

The Invisible Man
25th Nov 2004, 23:57
How could I have forgotten this.....far worse on a worse scale of far worse.

C130 back from Belise strapped into para seats( I think thats what they were called..they were just netting). Slip crew in Nassau then onto Gander, another slip crew in Gander then onto Brize Norton. That took about 19hours. This was just before Christmas many years ago. My family were in Cheshire, so I then drove up to see them. On the outskirts of Birmingham the clutch went on car. My Dad and Brother came down to Birmimgham to tow me home ( not in AA or Rac at that time). Total journey time about 28 hours.

I was so tired on a scale of being so tired !

( please can you unban me now...I would love to see the other forums again)

26th Nov 2004, 00:16
60 kts headwind at beacon inbound ,sever turbulance auto-pilot disconnected ,and dials almost unreadable due to bumps,,snowstorm,100 vv 1/8 sm ,1' ice everywhere but the boots.thank goodness for high intensity runway lighting.:yuk: :ouch:

Feeton Terrafirma
26th Nov 2004, 00:53
I had one horrible ride in a cab from O'Hare to Skokie one night. Landed close to midnight, it was blowing a gale, bluddy freezing, sleet and snow, and the only cab had a broken electric window. It was down of course. Spent an hour in the back freezing my tits off wearing only a T-shirt.

Northern Chique
26th Nov 2004, 01:17
Went from house to Airport, 2 hours, then 5 hours flying, then 14 hours terminal wait after a late landing, then 21 hours flying, then, 3 hours wait, then 4 hours flying, then 6 hours terminal wait, missed the connector, then 4 hours flying, then 2 hours wait, then 2 hours flying and and hour waiting for a cab to get me home.

All with 2 prolapsed discs, collapsed SI cartilage and impinged nerves and some Dr in the US wanting to operate on my back. The 21 hour stint put me in a wheel chair, thus finding Brisbane terminals do not cater for such eventualities. I didnt have anyone travelling with me to assist with bags and I was dumped at the train station to go to the domestic terminal, thus missing the connector. Thanks again to the really nice NElson family who helped me out.... One ray of sunshine on a lousey trip..

Really, really sux.....

26th Nov 2004, 03:46
48 hr train ride from Pune to Bombay.

Distance: 200 kms.

rains caused havoc, got stuck in train in many places including the middle of a jungle. train ride was never completed up to last station, got off outside the city, went to uncle's home. city side was still flooded so reached home two days after this...

26th Nov 2004, 04:22
I remember those packed out trains on the London to Edinburgh line drapes Adam Faith trod on my kit in one of those corridors and wrecked my guitar. I might have ended up as famous as Mark Knopfler if me tools hadn't been smashed up like that...

He never apologised either, miserable git...

1965. Hitchiking home from Halton up the A1. A travelling salesman in a Morris traveller (remember them?) picked me up around Peterborough and was going to drop me at Darlington. He decided to divert to Ripon instead and set me down at the Ripon turn-off. I ended up walking all the way up the A1 to Darlington in the dark, then across to Stockton without anyone stopping. A kindly Stockton chap picked me up in Yarm lane just after dawn and took me the last mile home. I never hitched again - I just took my chances standing up in the corridor like drapes after that.

26th Nov 2004, 06:59
Battle (near Hastings) to London - my daily commute for a while.

Ice cold winter morning with freezing fog and slippery roads to the station.

The 6:30 (about) Train was on time leaving, we got to Robertsbridge (the next station) and stopped, and waited, and waited, and waited. A rail had broken in the vicinity of Wadhurst and all of the mornings trains had backed up behind it. Eventually we were bussed to Tunbridge Wells and I expected all would be well, Ok the heating on the next train didn't work but that wasn't really anything new. Then, on the approaches into London (London Bridge to Waterloo East) an unfortunate soul decided it was the perfect place to end it all.

When I eventually got to work the journey had taken almost eight hours and it was pretty much time to turn around and do it all again in the other direction! :\

26th Nov 2004, 07:54
A recent drive from near Gatwick to Preston to 8 hours thanks to that week's lorry fire on the M6.

In summer I had to fly from Almaty to Kostanai in Kazakhstan, 4 hours each way (and an hour stopover halfway!) in an Antonov 24 is "interesting." A train journey between the village where my parents-in-law live to Kostanai was the longest 90 minutes of my life!

As for crap UK train journeys, well we just haven't got time!

26th Nov 2004, 08:45
Mexico 1981 San Cristobal to Oaxaca on a 2nd class bus, on twisty, mountainous roads, with the raging sh*ts, feeling like death, sweating, shivering, aching, p*ssing with rain, landslides, breakdowns, enforced use of bus station toilets during 'comfort stops'. Pure purgatory. 23 years ago, and the misery of it is still so vivid I can even remember the colour of the dog we ran over just outside Jalapa.