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25th Nov 2004, 12:31
Sitting in the pub last night, a few of us were doing the usual looking at women thing and realised that we all seem to notice different charactoristics. We then had a dicussion on what actually attracts us. We had some interesting answers including
a pulse (although one guy thought it was overrated)
a card left in a telephone box (not sure of that one)
hair/eyes/etc.etc. etc.

The question is, JB's, what attracts you to (preferably), the opposite sex ?

25th Nov 2004, 12:51
Sense of humour.NO piercing except for ears.NO tattoos.Good clothes sense and a smile.Able to hold a proper conversation and preferably NOT in Estuary English.
Looks and size are irrelevant.

tall and tasty
25th Nov 2004, 12:52

You will probably get loads of replies of this but for me it is the:

(a) Eyes they have to smoulder as they are the gate way to the soul of the person :E

(b) whether that person makes me laugh impulsively and is great fun to be with :p

(c) How they talk with their body - confident in other peoples company ;)

could go on but


itchy kitchin
25th Nov 2004, 13:16
Great Norks.:ok:

25th Nov 2004, 13:30
I was first attracted to my good lady because she is so blidingly attractive. I have to admit to being very shallow. Of course, now I have experienced all the other attributes: sense of humour, kind nature, intelligent, etc,etc,etc

Flip Flop Flyer
25th Nov 2004, 13:32
Hooters, bum, hooters, legs and hooters. A personality is considered nice, whereas the ability to hold a conversation is an optional extra. Did I mention hooters? Biguns, if you please. Plasticied if needed.

So, to recap: Hooters like Pamela, legs like Helena and a bum like Kylie. Present GF got the bum and the legs, but not the hooters. Still, she's a nice girl:


25th Nov 2004, 13:40
Nice link flip flop, like NICE LINK FLIP FLOP:}

So, it has to be the slight touch of red in the hair, the smile and that wonderfooool french accent !!

25th Nov 2004, 13:42
I don't understand the question?:confused: I attract them:E

25th Nov 2004, 13:50
Ashamed to say with the current missus it was her car.

25th Nov 2004, 14:17
What car is that ???

25th Nov 2004, 14:21
what attracts you to (preferably), the opposite sex

Stella Artois, which is why I no longer drink it.

25th Nov 2004, 14:23
I like the way a woman is able, at first sight, to sort the porshe drivers from the others :}

25th Nov 2004, 14:23
What attracts me?

Charisma.............that certain thing a well proportioned lady has.

Flappy, I guess you're not going to let your son see this thread :E ;)

incrediable -mirage
25th Nov 2004, 14:41
A Man who can hold his drink!

25th Nov 2004, 14:50
I do!

hold my drink :ok:

25th Nov 2004, 15:00

I just tried that link but my browser said "POP-UPS Blocked"

Do they pop-up much? ;)

The eyes and the smile get me every time but the overall package is important, especially the intelligence. Am I unusual in that I find most, if not all, of the so-called sex kitten Barbie lookalikes completely insipid?

A well turned out, confident, mature lady who makes the best of herself and knows how to make intelligent conversation for me, please. :D

And I DON'T want to see her belly button or other piercings or tattoos until asked and in private, please. :yuk:

25th Nov 2004, 15:49
Looks, poise, intelligence, wit, conversation - of course all these things are important but the one phrase that knocks me out every time is.....

"Wanna root?"

25th Nov 2004, 16:08
What car is that ???

Sexy Black BMW convertible, but I drive a subaru so not hard to impress me. Next thing to attract me to her was when I forgot to take any money on our first date and she lent me a fiver so I could get my round in.

simon brown
25th Nov 2004, 16:59
Looks obviously, a cute little nose and intelligence and of course a sense of humour. Ive got to that age where find a few laughter lines sexy too.

25th Nov 2004, 17:27
His money!


Solid Rust Twotter
25th Nov 2004, 17:46
A nice face (Gonna have to wake up next to her for a good few years if things work out).

Intelligence (I have a short attention span around uninteresting people).

25th Nov 2004, 19:33
"I do now you smooth talkin' bastard" :D

I'm only joking. What first attacted me to the big fella was just that :E

Note what attracts me isn't what keeps me. :D
But is suuuuuure does help :E

B Fraser
25th Nov 2004, 20:27
Great smile:ok:

Sexy accent:hmm:

High IQ :8

Cute Laugh :D

Able to look after herself :ouch:

wonderful body;)

three rings on her sleeve doesn't do any harm :}

Erwin Schroedinger
25th Nov 2004, 20:54
what attracts you to (preferably), the opposite sex

Tis very complex, but I'll summarise as best I can.

Nice bum. :E :ok:

25th Nov 2004, 21:17
The chance of a conquest of someone that other's want?

25th Nov 2004, 21:22
Someone who takes your breathe away!


He knows!

25th Nov 2004, 21:40
I'm more than slightly addicted to natural blondes.

But since they're rare top of the list has to be....

Being frickin' gorgeous!
Puuurty eyes and knowing how to use 'em, pert bum, sexy smile, easy on the bangers for me thanks. :E

Oh, an open mind comes in handy later too! :p

25th Nov 2004, 21:52
gorgeous eyes:cool:

short haircut:O


good manners:ok:

nice bum

:) very luscious, onturning body with lovely hairy chest (sorry, getting carried away now...)

very special scottish accent :O

knows, which buttons to press


25th Nov 2004, 21:54
This is what attracts me:
A LARGE engine, LONG clean wings, a beutiful cockpit, easy to land and aerobatic approved ;)

Well, and of course, women attract me too :)

Feeton Terrafirma
25th Nov 2004, 22:23
I refuse to answer on the grounds that it may incriminate me...... or because she will read this thead :O

Astra driver
25th Nov 2004, 22:50
what do I find attractive?

Any woman who says "Yes"!

Major Cong
25th Nov 2004, 22:54
Legs that go all the way up ...mmmmm......

Northern Chique
25th Nov 2004, 23:15
Why is it then, after some fairly predicatable answers, that my tastes do not run anywhere near who is just plain good for me!

But gotta admit, laughing eyes, cute butt, dresses well and has a special quiet understated confidence that shines through.

He aint a winger, but he can be astute with circumstance, and just plain go someway to fix the problem

he can talk, but he also knows how to listen,

he is self suffient and knows what he wants from life,

directed without being obnoxious,

and he can laugh at himself and life, but he knows how to cry,

he knows how to play, and when its time to be serious,

and knows when to turn up....

Dammit, where is he!?! :\ :}

Buster Hyman
26th Nov 2004, 01:22
Hmmm...not sure, the sum of all the parts I think. Although, big backsides are a huge turn off for me!:ugh:

I like to apply a simple rule. I imagine the person falling down. She will either laugh it off & get up, or will be highly embarrassed & want to go home. I like a girl that can laugh at herself....and me I suppose. (Because they generally do!):sad:

Atlas Shrugged
26th Nov 2004, 03:45
I'm with Buster on this - the sum of the parts is greater than the hole.......... :eek:

I've always thought that although looks are important, they are not the only thing that makes someone attractive, and as I get to know someone the importance I place on her physical attractiveness diminishes. It becomes a combination of things like passion, soul, integrity, loyalty, intelligence, wit and compatibility.

I have met people who are physically unattractive but posses the highest mentalities, and brightest attitudes whilst on the other hand, I have met breathtakingly stunning women who have no brains whatsoever, a bad attitude, short temper, and a high sense of arrogance.

I wonder how many people would let someone who is at first glance, "ugly looking" into their lives and give him/her a fair chance of showing you what is in their makeup?

In all honesty, I would not as there has to be at least some degree of physical attraction in the first place.

But what's physically attractive to me, may not be to someone else.


26th Nov 2004, 04:07

All of them.

Well, almost all of them...

26th Nov 2004, 06:25
well she has to be really good in bed the first 3 or 4 times, then I might start to find her attractive, maybe

26th Nov 2004, 09:02

well she has to be really good in bed the first 3 or 4 times

Does that mean duration?



Ps I like a man who is good with his hands!


26th Nov 2004, 09:30
Hey folks, how come this thread is full of pretty much all male posts. ?

Is JB pretty much 100% male or is the working of the female mind so complex that they cannot easily describe what they find attractive ? I am sure other possibilities could be thought of, but I would probably get banned from proon.

26th Nov 2004, 09:42
It's easier to say what doesn't attract than what does.

Inadequate personal hygiene.
Arrogant and assumptive behaviour.
Poor table manners and eating habits.
Unclean clothing (and that includes footwear).

As for what does attract - it varies so much from individual to individual. Good conversation coupled with an ability to make me laugh is highly recommended.

26th Nov 2004, 11:34
The question is, JB's, what attracts you to (preferably), the opposite sex ?


What more can I say ?
Nice firm Funbags.
Good legs, good bum, stunningly gorgeous and an affirmative answer to the age old question !!!!!!

26th Nov 2004, 12:38
A much younger (than me) Mrs D knew how to market herself - get him drunk and drag him off

26th Nov 2004, 13:27
That magical feeling.

It might be associated with the voice, the smile, the eyes, the sense of humour and the intelligence.

After that, the caring, the depth, the fun and the sincerity.

26th Nov 2004, 13:30
He's gotta be tall (over 5'11")
Good teeth
Nice smelling
Nice bum
Broad shoulders
Thighs like that of a rugby player
Good sense of humour

26th Nov 2004, 13:39
er82: your problem is roughly this:


26th Nov 2004, 15:58
Too bloody right! although I have to say I'm fortunate enough to not have had anyone quite as bad as the one on the right come after me so far!

Where are all the guys who are similar to him in the first picture?!?!?!?! show yourselves!

26th Nov 2004, 16:48
Brains for business and a body for sordid fun!! Here a simple test that has helped me along the way.

When you lift up either of her bre*st and place a HB pencil thereunder in the fold and said HB pencil is overwhelmed by gravity. "El paradisimo!" (More than a handful is greedy)

Then said lady must be over 40 cos then they know what to do when with their legs (they're also more fun, experienced and uninhibited)

Likes to ride(pillion passenger) or drive(me the pillion passenger) on my motorbike

Can look down and see her little toes.

Don't haf a fag hangin'! (or smoke for that matter!)

Really clever and can aviate, navigate and communicate. (For this alone I'll sell my soul on da spot, gym 7 days a week and in general produce miracles I don't otherwise produce)

Here ends my wishes.


26th Nov 2004, 17:52
What I love about guys is the bit between the elbow and hand...sooo sexy! Not the ones with no hair on it..and not gorillas..just a regular sexy lower arm...AND...thumbs that bend all the way back! Am I weird or just easy to please? LOL :O

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Nov 2004, 18:01
Thumbs that bend all the way back?


26th Nov 2004, 18:04
You know what I mean! The type when you give a thumbs up...bends right back, and doesnt just stick up! Watch Jeremy Clarkson next time! ( He sort of epitomises everything I like in a guy...not handsome..but not ugly..not short..witty and dresses in lovely shoes!) Hmmmmm :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Nov 2004, 18:08
I get confused watching Clarkson on the telly. It's like looking in a mirror......:ok:

26th Nov 2004, 18:14
ROFLMAO...see you on the M25 Tiger! :suspect:

Onan the Clumsy
26th Nov 2004, 18:58
I like a nice soft fleece without too much straw matted in it. A gentle but firm grip from her hoof pads helps too :}

26th Nov 2004, 19:16
I like veins - the ones that stick out on the lower arm. Just thought I'd better clarify that one!

The first thing that can attract me to a bloke could be his voice. He could look like a demi-god but, if he opened his mouth and sounded like David Beckham, I would go right off him. However, he could look ordinary and have have a voice like James Mason - then I might look twice.



26th Nov 2004, 19:19
My ideal man:

has to rock!

make me laugh

good dancer

pushes the right buttons


loves surprises

and like UL730's picture on the left

don't ask for much!

Buster Hyman
26th Nov 2004, 21:43
So...when does the JB Dating thread begin?

Onan You'll either have to start your own Merino thread, or emigrate to NZ!!!http://www.click-smilies.de/sammlung0304/tiere/animal-smiley-037.gif

27th Nov 2004, 00:18
Hmmm..this thread has been going for four pages and nobody has supplied the obvious answer. It depends whether the lady in question is approaching or departing. :E

27th Nov 2004, 03:36
I'm partial to things French at times and have seen Madame Trousseau's Wax Museum, so one of the things I like to find out very early is if the lady is waxed. Don't like hair in my teeth.

B Fraser
27th Nov 2004, 08:31
So the concensus from the fairer sex is nice forearms with prominent veins and articulated thumbs....... wierd:uhoh:

Isn't that a sign of one handed web surfing ? :*

My names Turkish
27th Nov 2004, 12:46
Whirly, Re: the Veins. I knew a girl who thought that was a big turn on. Your not alone, weird though!

27th Nov 2004, 21:59
Initial Requirements......?

Long, tanned legs preferably complemented with sexy heels.....

+ Personality/Looks/Own Dosh/Intelligence....

Put it all together and you have... Mrs Pc to be, Brilliant !:D :ok:

24th Nov 2005, 04:50
was reading the old threads and found this one , good stuff :ok:
i notice the bum first , has to be nice and round and perky not wide and flat . cant stand wide flat bums , remind me the school lunch lady:{ so no girls with flat bums for me :p

surely not
24th Nov 2005, 13:26
I always like to see that they are capable of breathing :cool: ;)

24th Nov 2005, 13:30
It's a toss-up for me.
But I'll usually settle for big tits.

Otherwise not the left leg (or the right leg) but something in between.

Clockwork Mouse
24th Nov 2005, 15:05
Her smile. Doesn't matter what she looks like, a warm smile can melt the heart.

Then she opens her mouth.......

Nick Riviera
24th Nov 2005, 15:18
Tits and arse. I'm so shallow:O

I've got those thumbs that Jezebelle was talking about, freaks my wife out.

24th Nov 2005, 19:54
Her "mojo" for want of a better word.
The affect that she has on me in the first few minutes. If I find myself smiling and tingling round my cheekbones - she's got me!