View Full Version : Great to be in America tomorrow.

24th Nov 2004, 20:06
Day off!

Lotsa turkey! Gobble! Gobble!

Hope everyone in old Blighty enjoys work tomorrow!:E

We'll be thinking of you.:ok:

24th Nov 2004, 20:23
At least , that's one [so called] custom not "imported" here
Bah Humbug

24th Nov 2004, 20:29
Don't you guys have something about 1066 somewhere in your past lives?:E

tony draper
24th Nov 2004, 20:32
Turkey was indeed imported here, and from America no less, so there.
Ones loves Turkey.
Happy thanksgiving to the cousins,have a good un.

24th Nov 2004, 21:36
Thank you Tony. Iíve just landed after dropping off the boss in Aspen and have the next three days off until I go to Falcon 50EX transition school Sunday.

So from this side of the pond Happy Thanksgiving!

(Iím deep-frying 2 turkeys tomorrow afternoon, anybody that wants to come by, welcome!)

24th Nov 2004, 21:42
Turkeys contain the amino acid tryptophan which causes sleepiness. Not offset by a green bean casserole and beers.

Happy Thanksgiving even if it is a month late.

24th Nov 2004, 23:40
Happy Thanksgiving connie.
Ya wouldn't be frying no turkeys here tomorrow.
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FM 1500Z 10020G30KT 1SM -RA BR. :ooh:

24th Nov 2004, 23:48
Geezus.....even the geese will be walking by the look of that wx!

Happy Thanksgiving folks


Onan the Clumsy
25th Nov 2004, 02:13
It's my mate's birthday tomorrow. We have a tradition of sending each other birthday cards.

I think mine's going to be late (again) this year :(

Feeton Terrafirma
25th Nov 2004, 02:15
My experience of the USA is that they don't just have a holiday on Thursday, but that they pretty much stop for the whole week. Lucky sods

25th Nov 2004, 03:16
Yes, I am off now until next Monday, and is f#$king great! I had to fly this morning but am now free! We call today ďBlack WednesdayĒ over here because itís so busy.

But, I have several gallons of peanut oil, a large pot, and an industrial size Bunsen burner. :E Time to fry me some whole turkeys! I feel like a demented scientist on the eve of a grand experiment.

An earlier attempt went slightly awry so I have been forbidden from consuming any frosty beverages during said procedure. As a matter of fact several people usually burn down their castles attempting this bit of culinary daring doo. So itís definitely not something for the tame of heart.

:uhoh: :}

25th Nov 2004, 03:32
First time i have heard of someone "Deep Frying a Turkey"... :):)

Happy Thanksgiving.


25th Nov 2004, 03:39
Yea they are great! It takes about 35 minutes to cook a twelve pound bird.

When it goes wrong. (http://www.ul.com/consumers/turkeys.html)

When it goes right. (http://www.briansbelly.com/recipes/poultry/deepfriedturkey.shtml)

25th Nov 2004, 04:37
No gobble, gobble here unfortunately. We have to make do with chicken.

We even have chicken sausages... :ugh:

"Do you like chicken? Swallow this - its foul!"

Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends.

Astra driver
25th Nov 2004, 04:38
Last year I spent Thanksgiving on a trip in Portland, Maine and it rained the whole time.

This year I'm spending Thanksgiving in... you guessed it, Portland, Maine! And yes, it is raining again. Furthermore I'm doing the trip for the same client. My wife is convinced I'm having an affair.

Feeton Terrafirma
25th Nov 2004, 08:18
Not everybody thinks its great to be in America (http://llerrah.com/lifeasaturkey.htm)

25th Nov 2004, 13:53
Blimey Cowbell, I thought you were joking when you mentioned deep frying a turkey! I stand corrected!

25th Nov 2004, 14:16
Happy Turkey Day y'all!! luv brockie

25th Nov 2004, 15:50
I'm sitting reserve in MEM on this one, so you folks are the majority of my social interaction.

Have a good one and a great Christmas season as well. Now off to Cracker Barrel....

25th Nov 2004, 17:22
"No people on earth have more cause to be thankful than ours, and this is said reverently, in no spirit of boastfulness in our own strength, but with the gratitude to the Giver of good who has blessed us. Let us remember that, as much has been given us, much will be expected from us, and that true homage comes from the heart as well as from the lips, and shows itself in deeds." --Theodore Roosevelt

Happy Thanksgiving to our troops and to their families.:ok:

25th Nov 2004, 20:40
It is said that the Brits celebrate Thanksgiving in September - that's when they left!

25th Nov 2004, 23:24
Well, I've checked the news services, and there have been no reports of major fires in Oke City. It would appear that con pilot's attempt at deep frying turkeys has been successful. :ok:

Once upon a time, a poor corporate pilot from the left coast was stuck in Portland ME for Thanksgiving. He'd heard that fried scrod was a great local delicacy, and decided to try it. Hailing a taxi outside his hotel, he settled himself in the back seat and enquired of the driver, "Where can I get scrod?"

The driver, a grizzled downeaster, glanced in his rear view mirror at his passenger and replied, "Fawty yea's Ah be'n drivin' a cab in Pawtland. Fust time Ah've evah hea'd th' past plupe'fect tense of that wa'ad." ;)

25th Nov 2004, 23:36
Well... Success!

I started cooking three days ago. Got up early this morning and had the bird (25 pound turkey) in by 1000, so it was done just after1500, as promised. 21 guests for dinner, and it went well.

Now I'm hiding while everyone else cleans up!

Happy holidays!


PS I'm told 85 people in the US burned down their homes last year while deep-frying turkeys. When I asked someone, "how long do you cook the turkey?" the answer was, "three-and-a-half beers." I think I'm starting to see the problem. :D

25th Nov 2004, 23:37
Well Gary the Gobbler has been fried and eaten. Fantastic fun, I highly recommend you all try it. Tasted fab.

Eaten too much as usual off to watch telly.


26th Nov 2004, 04:35
Deep-fried turkey? I wouldn't have believed it without seeing the UL release.

And I've been around since before the Ag Dept developed the Beltsville (nearly all breast) turkey.


Feeton Terrafirma
26th Nov 2004, 05:40
"how long do you cook the turkey?" the answer was, "three-and-a-half beers."

Jezzzus, the fryer wouldn't even have time to warm up!!!

26th Nov 2004, 18:43
ďOperation Turkey FryĒ was a complete success. I didnít even need the fire extinguisher, for some reason Mrs. C-P insists that I have the extinguisher handy when frying turkeys.

This is my fifth year of frying turkeys instead of roasting. Itís getting to be a no-brainer by now. A trick I use is to place the burner in one of those cheap plastic kiddies pools. (And always and I mean always make sure wherever you fry the turkey the ground is level). When you do that no grease will spill onto the patio is case of a boil over, however if it is done correctly no grease should spill. The most important thing, and this is VERY important, is to make sure that the turkey is absolutely dry inside and out before placing into the hot peanut oil. I inject the birds the night before and leave them uncovered, except for paper towels in the refrigerator overnight, that way the birdsí surface is dry and there will little or no boil over of grease. Just make sure that ALL of the paper towels are removed from the cavity of the bird.

Fried turkey is best eaten when warm, the leftovers are ok, but sometimes can be a bit greasy tasting when cold.

The first time I fried a turkey it was because someone had given me a turkey frying kit. That year I roasted one as usual (and I cook a really great oven roasted turkey, always get fresh unfrozen turkeys) and fried one. At the end of dinner people where licking the bones of the fried turkey and the roasted one was hardly touched. So from that year on nothing but fried turkeys.

26th Nov 2004, 21:33
My dad-in-law has a charcoal/wood smoker BBQ thing. He does chooks in it that are sublime. For thanksgiving he did a turkey breast, with a seasoned skin. Jeez it's delicious!

I really wanna try a deep fried turkey. D-in-law says they're delicious.