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The Invisible Man
24th Nov 2004, 19:47
My crocus and daffs are well on the way to flowering!

Out on the boat over the weekend, we were inundated with wasps !!!! Its flippin November dont ya know !

I have been working outside in shirt sleeves !

We have global warming in Cheshire......:D

Cant be bothered to do search to see if this has been mentioned before.....

hope T.I.C will do it for me


tony draper
24th Nov 2004, 20:35
One's winter Jasmine is encrusted with many wee yellow flowers, this speaks of a grim winter to follow.

24th Nov 2004, 21:23
I, too, was on a narrowboat this weekend; the Kennet & Avon but it was SNOWING. Whadd'ya mean daffs and wasps? It were freezing - good job we found a pub showing the rugger!



Teddy Robinson
25th Nov 2004, 08:52
.... and we have a Patagonian Conure (Parrit.. as beloved of Pirates) flying wild round the area .. bin here for almost a month now .. expect the first swallow sighting round christmas day !

25th Nov 2004, 09:29
Prickles, our hedgehog,is alive and well, snuffling around in the garden last night.

25th Nov 2004, 12:26
Yeap, one of my expensive rose bushes has started flowering!!!!

25th Nov 2004, 12:30
Cuckoo, Cuckoo.:p

tony draper
25th Nov 2004, 12:35
According to the proon clock yer 26 minutes fast, Mr Para.

The Invisible Man
25th Nov 2004, 16:42
You guys and gals that live in warmer climes..... how do you know if global warming is affecting you? Does it get hotter than hot?

Living in the UK we have a big difference in seasons ( or used to) and can easily tell if things change.

Hell I'm talking about weather..... Flaps ban me..I'm becoming boring! Anyone want to talk about traffic???