View Full Version : What's the oldest foodstuff in your cupboard?

23rd Nov 2004, 19:29
Got a friend who regularly sends us home-made jams, jellies etc, all labelled and dated. They tend to get dipped into but disappear into the back of the fridge. Had a visitor at the weekend who expected breakfast so dug out all of the old jars and presented them as 'vintage preserves', some going back three and a half years.

Then tonight I made a chicken fried rice and as always sprinkled just a touch of MSG into the omelette (don't ask me why, I've always done it that way) and it occurred to me that the jar of MSG was amongst my belongings that I brought with me when I emigrated, 25 years ago...

Scuse me, I'll sign off now, my mouth tastes a bit funny...

23rd Nov 2004, 19:45
Only yesterday I discovered a small jar of ground ginger that, by the (non-)smell of it, must have been bought some 15 years ago.

Then again, only the day before yesterday I discovered a single bottle of South African Cabernet Sauvignon 1977 in the cellar. It will be opened next sunday. Ill report back.

23rd Nov 2004, 19:45
God, Im sometimes afraid to look, we got stuff in back of the pantry that is forming its own ecosystem. :)

Say EDDNHopper, I've got a lot newer wine I'll trade for that old stuff. 1977, got to have gone bad by now, I got some wine that was made, I think, Sunday, really fresh stuff.:) :)

23rd Nov 2004, 20:33
Im not gonna trade that in. On the other hand, Im not the person to collect old wine bottles. Itll either taste like vinegar, or be an experince of a lifetime, or both.

Sunday wasnt a good vintage, by the way. ;)

Boss Raptor
23rd Nov 2004, 20:38
Big jar of Sri Lankan Chicken Curry paste, Mc 'Something' brand...label faded and stained

bought Southall 1987

Still going strong :ok:

Assorted jars of dried herbs going back as far as 85-86

23rd Nov 2004, 20:46
Not really old food, but in my callow youth the family had a summer place. A few tins of soup, veggies, etc., were left there over winter. One spring it was discovered that the resident mouse/mice had become so hungry that all the paper labels on the tins had been eaten. Talk about pot luck.

24th Nov 2004, 08:34
Treacle - I use two tablespoons a year in the Xmas cake so my tin is probably well past its sell-buy date. Takes after its owner.

24th Nov 2004, 09:24
My Grandad used to have a tin of Golden Syrup like that. It was so old it had crystallised.
Since I've moved house about 5 times in the last two years, I've gone through everything in my cupboard fairly ruthlessly. However, I do have some dried seaweed soup packets my brother sent me from Hong Kong about three years ago ...

24th Nov 2004, 09:24
EDDNHopper. If it was average supping wine it probably will be off since the stuff is designed to be drunk more or less immediately (as opposed to the stufff that is for vintage drinking; never have known what the difference is between the two though).

And as for old foods we now have an unusual larder at MadsMansion because it hasn't got the obligatory tin of pilchards - I threw it out last month since it date-expired in 1999.

24th Nov 2004, 09:36
My Father had a large tin of Marmite (about the size of a catering tin of Baked Beans) which lasted the family about 22 years. :yuk:

24th Nov 2004, 10:22
Just a couple of weeks back Mrs DM had a clear out of a cupboard in the cellar to make way for new stocks of goods. She dumped a bin full of tins and packets that were over 4 yrs old.
Now it's filled up with new tins....:rolleyes:

Believe I have come curry powder somewhere that left the UK with me back in 1987.

Never use it as I have more recent spices etc that get used and replaced....it just happens to be in a jar that gets packed up with everything else by the removal people and installed in new kitchen...prolly still have it when they clear out the house when I pas away. Only hope that it will be a significantly high number of years hence!!!!

24th Nov 2004, 11:18
Some curry powder that must be ten years old, since I went off curries about then.
Hmm, maybe try it as a slug repellent.

24th Nov 2004, 12:37
Funny how curry spices have been mentioned. In one of my spice boxes, I notice that the cloves were best used before 10/98. I hasten to add that I still like cooking curries but tend to buy the bigger (and very, very much cheaper) catering packs of spices these days.

However, I keep most of the dry stores in an old 2m. high traditional French wooden kitchen thinggie that the last occupants left behind. I see there are 4 x 340g. packs of Chinese noodles remaining, part of a big lot I bought at Carrefour in 1999 (thinking about BossRaptor here) because they were so cheap. I remember cooking some back then and thinking that they tasted really awful. Anyway, this piece of furniture is apparently home to a colony of moths of some sort. Which lay their eggs (perhaps the noodles were so cheap and tasted awful because they weren't egg noodles?) after boring through any plastic packaging... Every so often, I have to leave the cupboard doors open so the new moths can escape. I haven't the heart to throw them all in the rubbish bin. I only keep tins in there these days - they don't appear to be able to get through steel (yet).

If GroundGirl happens to pass by, I also have 2 cartons (total 48 x 200g. packs) of Satay Broad Beans (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?threadid=120608&highlight=satay+broad+beans) left. These are stamped best before 08/2004 and I hasten to add, stored away from the moth cupboard. I don't understand why, but I went off them completely all of a sudden :{ . If anyone would like them and knows someone operating out of Nice, then they can have them collected in Antibes by the port...

24th Nov 2004, 13:53
Last evening, chucked out a bottle of Thai Fish Sauce with a use by date of 6 July 1993. I didnt bother to open it - the smell was probably unimaginable

24th Nov 2004, 14:02
Canadian dried chicken noodle packet soup. 1986. Well, it's dried now, anyway.

One can remaining of Pabst "Blue Ribbon" unpasteurised light beer. Last of my stocks from c. 1990. The last one consumed (about 6 months ago) was as good as the day it was brewed.

24th Nov 2004, 14:07
You shouldn't have chucked that unopened bottle out phnuff! I'd have been prepared to swap 2 genuine Bengal tiger-related cats' whiskers for the smelly stuff?! :O

24th Nov 2004, 14:15
Just found a tin of Ovaltine under my ration book ..... didn't realise I had it, still on the previous tin ;)

24th Nov 2004, 15:54
DId someone mention satay broad beans, haven't indulged in a while - might just have to go and get some tomorrow!!:E :E :E :E

My parents have a bottle of eggnog (Spelling??) that must be older than me! :yuk: :yuk::yuk:Scary - hasn't seen the light of day in a long time

tall and tasty
24th Nov 2004, 20:08
Bottle of bubbly from my christening how scary is that!

A piece of my parents wedding cake from over 30 years ago (when I cleaned out my mothers cupboard not mine I will hasten to add)



Mine bottle of JD green label from 1993 (very special) :E

24th Nov 2004, 21:27
A tin of Tuna, best before mid eighties.

It has sentimental value (:\ Don't ask!!)

24th Nov 2004, 21:41
Mind you, Synthetic, there HAVE BEEN cases of exploding tuna tins... !

28th Nov 2004, 21:22
I promised to keep you updated on the 1977 Cabernet Sauvignon I found in my cellar last week. :cool:

Weelll, it had seen better days. It lost its flavour, but it has not turned into vinegar. I put it in the sauce, though, and opened a 2002 Pinotage. :ok:

Captain Airclues
28th Nov 2004, 22:25
I have an unopened bottle of Coca Cola, bought in Italy in 1969. Does anyone know if this was a good year for Coca Cola?


29th Nov 2004, 02:06
Fridged trailmix leftover from 1996 dogsled trip in the Yukon...
Didn't taste that good then... :D