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23rd Nov 2004, 02:12
Assuming that there will ever be another NHL Hockey game we fans are going to have to come up with some trebuchets or other high tech doohickies if me mean to keep up with the NBA fans.

Seriously, what do you have to do in order to get thrown into jail?
Between the overpaid gits on the field or court or rink and the ijits in the stands it's time that the serious sports fans strike.

The first time I saw Detroit fans in the Old Miami Arena, they were lofting dead octopii (sp) onto the ice when the Redwings got a goal. You know there were several folks in the expensive seats riding home wearing octopus innerds and ink. We started throwing rubber rats onto the ice when the Panthers scored. Thankfully all that stopped. So maybe there is hope for the NBA but I sure would like to see the police hauling the criminals away. That would at least message to the kids that this is not OK no matter how much money you make. Suspension is not enough.


DC Meatloaf
23rd Nov 2004, 05:30
The brawl at the Pacers/Pistons game was pretty disgusting -- definitely the worst basketball brawl (basketbrawl?) I've ever seen. There was tons of stupidity to go around, from Rasheed Wallace over-reacting to the Artest foul, to the idiot fan throwing the beer at Artest then standing out of the way while Artest ran up into the stands and pummeled the wrong guy, to all the Pacers who joined Artest, to all the idiot fans who stood and fought and threw beer (beer!) and popcorn and water bottles and even a chair, to the impotent arena security and to the Oakland County Police Department who should probably have their jail cells full of all the morons mentioned above, but haven't arrested a soul yet.

I've been to a bunch of Red Wings' games at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, and I'm not sure it's fair to compare an odd, but good-natured tradition such as the octopus toss after a goal -- especially during the playoffs -- to the idiocy on display at the Palace (or wherever they play now). That's not to say hockey doesn't have it's black marks. The Bertuzzi incident last year, when the Vancouver Canuck sucker-punched an Avalanche player (Steve Morse) into unconsciousness then pummeled him as he fell to the ice, will result in a criminal trial this January. Bruin Marty McSorely got charged with criminal assault after hitting Donald Brashear in the head with his stick -- attempting to goad him into a fight -- and instead knocked him out. And who can forget the wonderful image of then Bruin (now GM of the Islanders) Mike Milbury charging up into the stands at Madison Square Garden to help his teammates who had climbed into the crowd after someone grabbed a stick and swung it at a Bruin player. The camera caught Milbury just as he'd taken a Rangers fan's shoe and begun to beat him with it.

Damn, I miss hockey. :)

But that Pistons riot was truly frightening. While the players were definitely in the wrong for going into the stands, I really feared for them when they tried to get off the court. They had to run a gauntlet of enraged fans who were unhindered by security and tossing anything that wasn't bolted down at the players as they tried to make their way to the dressing rooms. The shots afterwards of the young kids in the stands, in tears, clearly scared out of their minds, were heartbreaking.

I'm normally not a fan of litigation, but if the Oakland County Police won't throw some of these athletes in jail for assault, here's hoping the innocent fans -- like the guy Artest pummeled first -- take these guys to the cleaners. And let's hope the dumbf*cks who threw stuff at the athlete's get locked up for a while, too.

And let's hope the "overpaid gits" (love that) and the overpaid owners in the NHL come to their senses and end the f'n lockout. I'm sick of having to check up on my favorite players by reading German hockey sites. (That's actually pretty funny, though. My high-school German is pretty inadequate, so I often turn to Google or Babelfish to translate. Apparently German sport idioms don't translate well, so I can rarely figure out what the hell actually went on): York shot only one gate, its outstanding spielmacherischen qualities however decided the tournament. However in the final game in Sunday evening was involved the superstar from the sour country in three by four gates of the US Boys. However the efforts remained not completely without wounds. York tightened itself a light hand injury, the Aertze diagnosed an easy squeezing. Despite the problems American can accumulate however on Tuesday in Ingolstadt, afterwards however could a few days off good-do.Anyway, didn't mean to ramble. :)

23rd Nov 2004, 10:57
We get rightous indignation here as well. The First Minister (of Scotland - not that Blair bloke) got quite upset at the antics of the country's top two football teams at the weekend. I mean there was only a couple of stampings, a headbut and some serious play acting for gawds sake. Situation normal for a Rangers V Celtic game.

On the same day at a number of rugby grounds around the UK, players were berated for NOT using the boot on opponents.

The handful of NHL games I've seen I have enjoyed but there hasn't been a tenth of the atmosphere generated by the crowd than at a typical British footbaall ground. Indeed, when I had a hockey team to support :{ :{ :{ the atmosphere at the small arena on game night was far better than any of the three NHL arenas that have been graced by my presence. Plenty of bile and vitriol aimed at the opposition and the referee but not a whif of physical violence in the stands. Plenty on the ice, though...

Hell, I miss the hockey too... :(

keyboard flier
23rd Nov 2004, 11:23
There's some great hockey going on in Britain. Quite a few teams have signed some on the NHL guys to add a little extra to their teams. You have Steve McKenna at Nottinghan and Eric Cairns at London to name just two.
get yourselves down to game.

Left Coaster
23rd Nov 2004, 11:36
I'm sure if there a way to get to a game I would. But from where we sit, all we can do is watch last years run to the "cup" on reruns on Fox. Not the same. There is some very good hockey, expat style to be found, and those guys play hard and have a lot of fun. But the Saturdays are not the same, if you know what I mean. Todd will have to pay a price for his stupid move, but the NHL he will eventually return to will not be the same, will it?:{ :{ :}

23rd Nov 2004, 12:02
when I had a hockey team to support :{ :{ :{

Opening up wounds there BALIX! :(

23rd Nov 2004, 13:35
Going to NY next month for my birthday, was going to see the rangers play on my birthday and they go and strike :( and my local team are no good anymore either, if only mr nike would pay for an nhl'er now that would be fun.

23rd Nov 2004, 14:30
Keyboard Flyer

I keep promising myself a trip or two to see some of the Elite League/BNL stuff but haven't got round to it yet - the nearest rink is Belfast but the Irish Sea is in the way - Edinburgh isn't too far and despite being a hole, I've enjoyed my trips there in the past. I should try and fit it into my, erm, busy schedule. If I lived a bit closer to Nottingham or Sheffield I might just be tempted along. However, it is never the same when you don't really care who wins or loses...


Only ever got to Bracknell's rink the once - strange place but the fans were great. Oh, and the Bees won :*

23rd Nov 2004, 14:51
Went to watch the big fight last night and an ice hockey match broke out:E

23rd Nov 2004, 16:12
Well done allan907, we hockey fans have NEVER heard that one before... :bored: :bored: :zzz:

23rd Nov 2004, 16:26
Agreed. First year in the frozen north, and the feckers have a lock out. It's a conspiracy I tells ya. Oh well, there's always a Moose game to go and watch.:(

23rd Nov 2004, 16:58
Yes, what a horrible waste of BEER!:)

24th Nov 2004, 13:31
The news media has released a brilliant picture of the idjit that tossed the cup and started the melee. It won't be long now before before one of his mates turns him in. Perhaps he could be placed in the same jail cell with the players. "That's Entertainment!" And yes I know the tradition of the octopus and all that but when it started there weren't upper decks and skyboxes and the like, the venues were allot smaller. It isn't cricket to throw a dead octopus on a fellow fan even if they are from the other side, it just isn't. Even if it is fun to watch.

God I miss it too.:ugh:

24th Nov 2004, 15:48
First year in the frozen north, and the feckers have a lock out.

Sorry to shatter your illusions Jerricho but Winipeg's NHL team departed long before the current lock out. I think they went to Pheonix which is a bit different to the 'frozen north'.

Mind you, I don't suppose it is TOO long a drive to Calgary when the buggahs start playing again... :confused:

24th Nov 2004, 15:59
Thanks for the tip Balix, although no illusions shatteres. Funnily enough, I did know the Jets moved in 1996 to Phoenix (and became the Coyotes, which turned out to be not the smartest financial decision), so I think I'm more than a little late for that one.

As you say, Calgary isn't that far a drive (and I hear it's pretty much all downhill)

24th Nov 2004, 16:42
BALIX, bracknell is an odd rink, spent many years of my youth there. Both watching the bees and playing myself. Havent been on the ice in a few years...miss it.

Jerricho, the NHL would be a major reason for me to ship out to canada. I can only imagine how bad it must be with no NHL to go see. Only one good thing came from the jets move. My dads company have a big plant in phoenix - and a box at the coyotes ;) hockey and unlimited beer.... now why wont he take me on THAT business trip??

24th Nov 2004, 19:48
As you say, Calgary isn't that far a drive (and I hear it's pretty much all downhill)

Edmonton is about the same distance (and a better team to watch!). Weather is more like Winterpeg's too so you won't have to acclimatize to our chinooks here in Cowtown.

Alas, from where you are both are uphill drives, and into the wind to boot. Then again that downhill, downwind return makes the 12 hour drive feel much shorter.

24th Nov 2004, 20:08
Thanks Lubicon!

Who knows. I may just have to give you a call for a beer (if and when the season starts):ok:

24th Nov 2004, 21:19
Went to the game last night, local team (http://www.frisktigers.no/) beat the leaders of the series 6-4. The visitors, TIK, have just brought in Mark Bell, second highest scoring player with the Chicago Black Hawks last year, so we were well proud of the lads for beating TIK.
Number 1 Child performed with the figure skating show team after the first period. (her Dad was not pleased with the costumes worn by the young ladies, but going by the wolf whistles and catcalls from the stands, the hockey fans didn't mind)
A very good time was had by all but the visitors.

You boys get really desperate, Mr40 has 6 season tickets so you're most welcome to come and visit. ;)

Boss Raptor
24th Nov 2004, 22:00
Come to Russia...home of hockey which turns out like a cross between Rollerball and Gladiator with a touch of 1812 Overture particular when they are local rivals or military teams whom everyone hates...fights and blood guaranteed and enough general violence to get an 18 rating...brilliant :ok:

24th Nov 2004, 22:24
Boss Raptor - just rub it in why don't you... :{

24th Nov 2004, 23:39
FYI all: Oakland County Sheriffs have arrested the fan that you mention as well as a few others and do plan on pressing charges. Regarding our (Wings) tradition with the octopus, this can not even compare to the basketball incident. Detroit was one of the original 6 teams in the NHL, and the eight arms of the octopus represented the eight games that had to be won for the championship. It has been a fine tradition that has served for over 80+ years. Only when nimrods from other expansion team cities tried to adopt and amend it, did it become a problem!!!

25th Nov 2004, 03:46

I'm glad that they have arrested to idjit. If you read my post you would have found out that:

1) I knew all the great history of the tradition and all that.

2) It was not a comparison of one incident to another, only that it had a rather poor outcome for the nice ladies in the expensive seats at the glass. Fans need to be aware that it is not all about them.

3) The Panthers were playing the Red Wings for the first time in the Miami Arena and it was Detroit fans that lofted the seafood onto the ice and the fans below.

I invite you anytime you want to wear all the splattered octopus entrails you want. Enjoy yourself!:ok:

In any case after much research I have been able to find Pablo Picasso's take on the Indiana/Detroit B-Ball debacle:


25th Nov 2004, 10:46
Might go and watch the London Racers play, they seem to be a team of goons. Would be good to see some on ice fighting. If you look at their website www.londonracers.com the phots from games nearly all show fight scenes, some good rock em sock em hockey would be good to see in the uk again!

keyboard flier
25th Nov 2004, 11:36
If you want to see some action go when the Racers play the Panthers. Racers NHL signing Eirc Cairns has had some humdingers with Steve McKenna, Panthers NHL new boy over the years whilst they were playing in 'the show'

You could always 'adopt' a team in the short term and give them a little support, heaven know Edinburgh need all they can get.

Windy Militant
25th Nov 2004, 11:47
I've not really been a hockey fan but I'm thinking of starting since I saw this advertised in the Swindon Evening Adver

Hot Ice (http://www.swindontopcats.btinternet.co.uk/HTMLpages/Calendar.htm) :ok:

25th Nov 2004, 15:14
Keyboard Flyer

A handful of Ayr fans do regularly go and watch Edinburgh and I know I should make the effort to get along there but it is an hour's travel in either direction to a cold, decrepit old rink with little atmosphere. I greatly admire Scott Neil's efforts in retaining a hockey team on crowds of 400 or so and will try and get there a couple of times this season.


Swindon Wildcats? Not bad. However, try the San Diego Gulls Cheerleaders (http://www.sandiegogullsgirls.com/)