View Full Version : At last - a worthwhile art installation

Onan the Clumsy
23rd Nov 2004, 00:12
You have until December the 10th to go to The Adobe Bookshop in San Francisco to see how Chris Cobb reorganised 20,000 books, by the colour of their spines. It starts with red on the left and wends its way through the spectrum to the violets over on the right :ok:

"How do I find a book?" asked one bemused shopper.

Well, it's a used bookstore, so you might just end up finding something fabulous that you wouldn't otherwise have come across.

I for one think it's a great idea.

Tony? :)


23rd Nov 2004, 02:26
Is this your new job Onan? Organising books into colours?!?! :p

Onan the Clumsy
23rd Nov 2004, 05:30
No I sit and read manuals whilst those around me...work

No kidding that's all they do :confused:

tony draper
23rd Nov 2004, 07:24
Used to spend a lot of time in ones public library,(fine institutions)one would get to know where all the various non fiction subjects were to be found ,then regularly for no apparent reason the nice library ladies would shift everything round so one had to commence finding things all over again, one asked why but never recieved a satisfactory answer.
It could be embarrasing going to the Jack the Ripper shelf and pulling out a tome on natural childbirth.