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22nd Nov 2004, 21:16
I met a couple of nice people here and I enjoyed it very much but since the last couple of months the political atmosphere has been going downhill and I have the feeling that I've been wasting my time recently.

lemurian's post (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=1617593#post1617593) says it much better that I would have.

Je tire ma révérence.

Yours truly

Bre901 aka The Invisible Cat, Jerricho's Boss and Churchill Polar Bear (there might be a couple more but my memory has been going downhill too)

22nd Nov 2004, 21:25
Au Revior, mon vieux

tony draper
22nd Nov 2004, 21:26
Ah don't go Mr Bre, in the great scheme of things all our opinions don't amount to a hill of beans anyway, and one needs a adversary in the TRRBATPSOIT, ignore the political threads or just nip in every now and again and stir the pot wot like Drapes does.
You will be missed.

22nd Nov 2004, 21:31
Yes, stick around and as M. Drapeur says ignore the political stuff. I do. How about a position as PPRuNe Food Editor doing a weekly column on gastronomie. Poor pay included.

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Nov 2004, 21:37
Bre - don't let the plonkers drive you out. Just stick to the thread and ignore the rest - you know we appreciate you in there :D

22nd Nov 2004, 21:41
Sad news, indeed, Monsieur bre. We´ve had fun, and we´ve had good and serious discussions.

I never ever looked at the political threads. Pprune is like a fun fair, or the Tate Gallery: you only look at those paintings you like, and discuss art (if it can be discussed) with those you want. You ignore the rest, and sit down for a café au lait in the meantime and take a rest while the others rant away.

If you go, you´ll be missed! If you stay, I´ll join you with that café... ;)

22nd Nov 2004, 22:08
Mr Bre,
Your choice to stay or go, and if you feel unwell being here, of course you should leave.

We have 1 political thread on the first JB page.
1 thread out of 25.
On 1 forum out of 48.
Surely not an overpowering amount of politics?

Still, if the Dutch copped even a tenth of the vitriolic verbal abuse that the French do on this forum, I would leave as well. Would have left a long time ago in fact, but I wouldn't blame it on the politics.

Bre, you have done well sticking it out as long as you have.
It's been a pleasure always.

22nd Nov 2004, 22:16

I deliberately try to stay away from the political threads here, simply because my Grandmother always told me there are 2 things you should never get into a discussion about with non family members............religion and politics.

If you really feel you must go, I wish you all the best. And thanks for owning up to two of them.

22nd Nov 2004, 22:21
My name iz not Michelle, but I vill anyvay say ziss only wunçe. Anozer wun bites ze dust. Eet is true wat Monsieur Bre haz sayed. I coude not let ze passing off a felow zéro club membre wizout making ze echô of is heartfelt sentiments. I two ave notized ze diference, ze veery strong anti-French feeling expressioned in JB, not just because of le supremacie of Airbus courentlie. Peraps ze French are simplement more sensible compared wiv ze anglo-saxons? Zey do not ave a thik skeen? Zey ave long ago recognizid leur défaults et aspire to inspire others to grander things?

Seriously though, the only times we see Danny around here these days is when he feels the need to launch another diatribe, quoting whatever verbatim, usually aimed at demonising the French. If he was present more often, perhaps showing us his more frivolous side (I have seen proof that it exists...) one could perhaps better appreciate those heated interventions. It's easy to make enemies. A bit more difficult to make friends. And a whole lot more effort is needed to keep friends, especially as they get to know you better, with all the defaults.

Anyway, keep deleting and merging threads in JB, and I for one will soon lose my interest in coming here. Surely I can't be the only one who's noticed the paucity of new threads recently? I thought this was JetBlast...:confused: :rolleyes: :sad:

Not a Frenchman, nor ever will be...! Well, perhaps posthumously, just a little bit.

22nd Nov 2004, 22:25
It's been a pleasure, please reconsider and stay. I rarely look at the politically charged threads because there's rarely any thing new in them. Just folks getting all het up about stuff.

22nd Nov 2004, 22:35
My deep English culture didn't allow me to see any change in Pprune administration or expression.

You know, as said Jean de la Bruyère (1644-1696):
"Il y a des gens qui commencent à parler un moment avant de penser."

It's so pleasant to find you can agree with other French people, Pprune is a unique occasion to make us cooperate against Dubya's unilateralism............while we would for sure argue for hours if we were discussing French affairs in private.

(and besides Bre901 was such a beautifull aircraft!

Lon More
22nd Nov 2004, 22:35
Stick around Bre, in all your personifications. Things can only get better. We all upset someone at some stage - I made a career out of it - and if you leave les salauds have won.

Lon More; here since before Pontius was a Pilot or Mortus a Rigger

Tuba Mirum
22nd Nov 2004, 22:39
M Bre, il y a beaucoup de gens que peut-etre vous ne connaissez pas qui ont trouve du plaisir en lisant vos messages. J'espere que vous ne nous priverons pas de votre ...

sh*t, I mean m*rde, what's the French for "sense of humour"?

Et il faut absolument y avoir un adversaire pour M le Grand Admiral de la flotte du Nord-Est. Sinon, tout est perdu! (Is that a good translation for "we're all up the creek without a paddle"?)

Le Petomane musical. (Qui a bu quelques verres...)

Onan the Clumsy
22nd Nov 2004, 23:23

Ne me quitte pas (http://www.malhanga.com/musicafrancesa/Brel/quite.htm)

Edited to include a much better link. Hope you like it.

Feeton Terrafirma
22nd Nov 2004, 23:27
G'day Bre, me old mate.

I can't speak them fancy french words or anything but there is one thing I can tell yer. Leaving will not change proon one little bit. Staying just might. Live in hope, stay with ya mates in the treads that ARE important, like TRRBATPSOIT Mk 2 (and 3?) and just maybe things will change.

hope to see ya round cobber


Jerricho's Wife
22nd Nov 2004, 23:32
Jerrichos Boss just cannot leave. I need him to keep Jerricho busy, otherwise, he keeps...pestering me.


22nd Nov 2004, 23:33
on est en sous-nombre, on n'a certainement pas la suprémacie de ceux qui, répétant comme des marionnettes les discours tout dictés par leurs dogmes stupides et rigides, nour crachent à la figure..
BATS TOI, nom d'un chien, tu n'as pas a t'excuser d'être francais et tu n'as pas a payer pour les gueguerres de nos leaders. Qui plus est, il y a quand meme aux US , en UK, en israel, Australie, Nouvelle zélande, canada et ailleurs des hommes a l'opinion courageuse, des hommes de paix et d'humanité, d'une pondération et d'un sens de l'amitié admirables, qui à eux seuls méritent que l'on essaie de raccomoder la toile.

Ne laisse pas un vide se combler par les mauvaises herbes..
Reste s'il te plait.


Un portugais vivant en France qui se sent de plus en plus Francais.

23rd Nov 2004, 00:39
Sorry to see you go. There is no more French bias on here than there is any other bias. Lemurian appears to have taken my comments against only two French posters as an attack on all French PPRuNers. Wrong! My attack is only against Grandpa and his new cohort Zoohee (or whatever). My tone is as invasive as their pompousness [?] but it would appear that as a minority on here some of our French cousins are a little too sensitive to criticism.

Personally, I would prefer not to have any political discussionon PPRuNe but the demand is there and when it has been requested to be removed there have always been eejits of the first degree who are incapable of understanding why and then go on to attack ideals and views that are contrary to mine. Unfortunately, there are too many people who seem to think I should give air time and space on my website for people who hold views divergent from mine without my right to reply.

Well, as far as I'm concerned, I don't mind closing this forum down for a while so that tempers can cool down but the eejits will still post their irrelevant [email protected] on other forums. It's a no win situation. Blame the Americans... you'll feel much better in the morning.

Au revoir. :(

23rd Nov 2004, 01:12
In reply to the previous poster...I see sad :sad: faces but no angry :* ones. I can't remember the last time I saw a pompous Frenchman. Like all manner of noble prizes, that one probably went across the pond. In fact, the last pompous froggie I know of wore a funny hat and ended his days on a tropical (well, warm anyway) island.

Onan, you have me all confused...getting sentimental in your old age?! Hmmmph, what is this "Edited to include a much better link. Hope you like it." stuff in rouge? I suspect...nothing!

23rd Nov 2004, 01:34
Well, airship:
I can't remember the last time I saw a pompous Frenchman.
I do think you are taking this farther than intended by Bre, and into areas I shall not visit. Bre is acting, I gather, on the basis of his experience. We all act on experience, our own or others'. My own repeated experiences in and with one particular country and those of its people I met persuaded me I'd be happier not to visit there or do more business than I have to with them. It makes me less troubled and, I suppose, them too.

23rd Nov 2004, 01:36
Danny, you are very wrong and a little hypocrit..
I only joined pprune 2 months ago or less...
But the postings were there much before me, and , ok you don't like the way i post, in fact , you dont like whoever could bring a counter point of view on your statements.

If much more valuable people than me just leave, that is not because of me and my posts, but more because of you and friends.
If i decided to post, that's because I'm tired to read people like you spit the venom on easy targets.

Trust me, i will be a good opponent, I'm spit-proof, so, go on, I won't leave the world community, unless you kick me out.

West Coast
23rd Nov 2004, 01:41
"Blame the Americans... you'll feel much better in the morning"

Now, that's what I'm talking about. Bring that sh!t to me!

Man, if he's bailing becuase of the level of abuse, as an American he wouldn't have made it a month here on the prune. You just have to be thick skinned.

He/she will be back, they always do...

23rd Nov 2004, 02:32
Heh heh,
Right on West. They can abuse us, but if we fight back, we are just mean... Typical liberal scree ;)


23rd Nov 2004, 02:39
Bre901, I have had my own moments of despair in Pprune and thought I would leave. The prospect upset me even more than staying did, and fortunately a lot of Ppruners I've never met encouraged me in posts and PM's not to go. I was touched by their concern and stayed, whether for the overall benefit of Pprune or not is arguable. :hmm:

So while I understand fully your reasons for wanting to leave, I too would like to encourage you to stay, and as others have mentioned, just avoid the political threads for a while. They are full of "vexations to the spirit" shouting at each other and achieving nothing. Enjoy the lighter side of Pprune until your spirits rise.

I find my interest vacillates; sometimes I get annoyed at the shallowness and the folderol of the meaningless threads and wish for something likely to add to my understanding of the human race. Unfortunately when that happens I get depressed, so I am difficult to please.

I think it would be only a very small number of blinkered and ignorant people who would judge a whole race of people by what their government decides, and that number can be ignored.

It is always sad to lose somebody with a sense of humour, and I hope you will reconsider, as I did.

And if Lemurian happens to be reading this, congratulations on your post, I agree entirely and wasn't at all surprised to see it, like other well aimed posts in that thread, completely ignored. So I direct this post to you as well.

Bonne chance, mes amis.

P.S. I hope I go some way to countering the nasty mean-spiritedness of the last two posts.

23rd Nov 2004, 03:37
Nothing mean spirited about my posts, and no personal attacks either.

The number of Anti French posts is NOTHING compared to the incesant America bashing that goes on here. How is that mean spirited to point out?

I guess it really is do as I say not as I do.


Onan the Clumsy
23rd Nov 2004, 05:28
There's anti American and there's anti Bush.

Me, I've lived here twenty years and made some wonderful friends. I've enjoyed myself immensely, if only because I got to express my intellectual superiority and the accent works every time with the chicks ;)

(I'm just joking really, it only works ninety percent of the time)

There really is a difference between the two though.

Even though I don't venture much into "the two threads of doom", I hope we can continue trading posts as you have some worthwhile things to say (occasionally).


West Coast
23rd Nov 2004, 05:46

You are absolutely correct about a double standard, especially amongst our British friends. Its pile on America and when questioned its written off as irony. Something I as an American couldn't possibly understand they say. When a thread comes up that is critical of anything Brit, watch out. Anything to do with the IRA/NI and the fangs hang down low, to a lesser degree the royals will also set many off. Its not irony, its xenophobia, blatent hatred, ignorance on our part, you get the idea. One World has also commented on this same lack of standards in the past.

23rd Nov 2004, 07:24
Jet Blast.....Civilization does NOT end here but stay out if you are faint hearted


23rd Nov 2004, 07:36
Bre, good Sir, no-one enjoys taking the p1s$ out of a Frenchman more than a New Zealander. But this Great P1s$-Take we call JB just won't be the same if you take the Frenchmen out of it.

Ignore the politics and stick with the banter.

Remain, comrade. Or should that be remain comrade?

23rd Nov 2004, 07:53
Monsieur Bre.

Sorry to hear about your departure. If there is anything I can say to persuade you otherwise please consider it said.

I stay out of the political threads as a rule since there are too many entrenched positions, with people unwilling to hear, whereas you always did appear to listen to the other point of view even if you remained unconvinced.

Evening Star
23rd Nov 2004, 08:09
Funny thing is that until just over 4 years ago quite often the French were praised on this site because, in dealing with their security threats, they do things their own way, especially as often that 'doing own way' was direct action. Generally speaking the attitude was that the French had the right idea. Then, when they do their own thing by refusing to be embroiled in Iraq, suddenly they cop the vitriol. Double standards.:yuk:

This was not intended to be against any country, however [axe grinding noise/on] I do notice most of the vitriol appears to be coming from a country that 15 years tolerated the funding of terrorist bombs intended for the UK. Every morning for three years, while working on behalf of the MoD, I had cause to curse these people while I checked my car for IRA bombs. As such, the hypocrisy tied up with the vitriol is hard to take, even as a mere observer who has no attitude about France one way or another.[axe grinding noise/off] And no, this is not irony.

23rd Nov 2004, 08:21
Well, leaving makes them win. The usual suspects might say the Americans are on the receiving end as well, yet I've never seen the Yanks being called names like cheese-eating surrender monkeys or worse. This being said on a forum is one thing, but being a policy of a Government is typical.

And as mentioned above, anti-Bush or anti-Iraq War is completely different to anti-American. Lumping that together is the usual tactic which kills any argument.


23rd Nov 2004, 08:46
MadsDad said it. Danny said it.

Come on mon ami. Don't leave the thread because of politics!!

23rd Nov 2004, 08:59
M. Bre,

Je t'ai envoye un e-mail, mais cette systeme m'a propose a changer mon password au lieu de confirmer l'envoi.

Si tu ne recois rien, stp m'envoyer un PM.

Je ne pourrais pas tous retaper ici!!!



23rd Nov 2004, 09:17
It says right on the Jet Blast label it's not for the faint hearted.

And really, what's the good of a debate society where everyone is agreed? My advice is take a few days off, try to resist making "I've had it" statements, and if you don't want to participate, don't. Always feel welcome, even if someone has a go at you or what you say.

For Danny: Jet Blast has become part of my routine and I value it highly. As soon as I think of a worthy title, I'll buy one. And Zeeoo, though I think misinformed, has shown me a virtue fairly rare: When shown to have made a mistake or factual error, he is strong enough to say, "My mistake, sorry."

To all who take the time to post: I'm glad you're here.


23rd Nov 2004, 09:54
Don't go, Bre, you will be missed if you do. Stay away from the politics ... it's a vexatious subject ... just keep to the light-hearted stuff and enjoy yourself. Please reconsider. :(

23rd Nov 2004, 10:36
It has been said but for my centsworth, the bashing would seem to be tidal in nature. Various countries, political parties, causes, religions, individuals all take a turn in the spotlight for adulation or the stocks and have rotten tomatoes lobbed at them.
It would appear to be human nature to generaly have a go at whatever displeases one, or defend that which we espouse. Lord knows we all seem to have our pet peeves, and thinner patches of integumen capable of being easily irritated. We in turn are ceaselessly searching for that soft spot in our percieved opponents.
The satisfaction of a palpable hit confirmed by an angry squirming as the recipient seeks to reply, is all part of the multi spectrum entertainment value of Pprune, that cybervenue so kindly provided by Danny and ably staffed by the mods.(obligatory forelock tug to our host :) )
The announced departure of any ppruner would seem simply to be a declaration of capitulation or confession to a skin that was either too thin, or one abraded to bare nerves. JB to be fair, always did carry a health warning, though I have often felt that as a safety valve it should also be prescribed as a perfect way to vent our frustrations at an imperfect world in which we seem to have so little controll.
We are all formed by an almalgam of life experiences and what information has been force fed, sought, or dripped endlessly into us by parents, schools, work, the extremely varied press/TV/radio and the multitude of other influences which surround us. Each of us is a multifaceted individual capsule of opinion, talent, bile, generosity, compassion, cruelty and whatever other magic that makes us our individual selves. However repressed or free in our real world, we all here tend to express our innermost feelings released in part by our relative annonymity. Some of it is interesting, some contraversial, some offensive, all of it though we are free to agree with or not as the mood takes us.
Bre would sadly, to me, seem to be the loser by his voluntary abstention.

23rd Nov 2004, 10:57
JB is a fascinating place, you can take from it what you wish. My own personal ethic is this:

Live and let live (but if someone hits you, hit them back twice as hard). If you can't do it, keep your head down! And leave your ego in a jar for use in the real world.
Its just like a big cyber school playground, and observing is just as much fun in its own way as getting stuck in.

BRE is a tolerant & good natured character, and its a shame he has taken some of the rough boys stuff to heart. As Flaps said, chances are most would do the same thing though given the same. But it is only a BB when all is said and done!

Let the Bre / IC etc personas go, take a break and come back again in a new guise. See who can get you identified as Bre first!

23rd Nov 2004, 11:21

This place will be worse-off without you.

You should follow my policy of never reading, especially never participating in, the derogatory threads. Just reading their titles lets one know what's inside. The participants could save a lot of effort by just numbering the insults and hurling numbers at each other.

You bring a welcome breadth to JB and will be sorely missed.

Don't go.


[The initial color was as close to a French blue as I could find in the palette.]

23rd Nov 2004, 11:29
Probably get into trouble for recycling others' opinions here, but occasionally something is so good it deserves repeating, so I cheerfully re-paste a paragraph from Lemurian:

It appears that the new pruner is now -or should now be- high on testosterone,short on memory,low on world culture,only long-sighted through a rifle 'scope and earless to arguments.

Wonderful stuff. The American triumvirate will of course be "earless" to the subtleties of that statement.

23rd Nov 2004, 12:05
M.Bre, most people on these forums joined to enjoy the debate and conversation, to get information and questions answered and that is the strength of Pprune. The threads often start on one subject and finish off on something entirely different which is generally OK, sometimes they become unpleasant for some people and then you either move on to something else or fight back. The majority of us will defend our corner, and when we come up against extremists they may only be extreme in our opinion, but we respond as we think fit. At the end of the day it is only debate and conversation, not pistols at dawn, so treat it for what it is.
You, being French, will make your own decision and not bother too much about the consequences BUT consider the content of this thread. It is very clear that the great majority of contributors are for you so give them some consideration and stay..

23rd Nov 2004, 12:08
Speaking as someone who decided to leave their favourite engineering techie’s forum on the grounds of anti-French rhetoric, I have a minor idea how Bre must feel, and I’m English…

Xenophobia leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth regardless of the direction it’s aimed.

I often wonder if internet forums have an inherent flaw, in that one has to be thick-skinned to frequent them, yet those who have the most acute insight to offer are often imbued with a more sensitive disposition?

Having vacated the once excellent engineering forum (outside of pprune) detailed above, I can’t help wondering if I’m playing into the hands of the politicians / Murder-och?

I hope Bre will pop into the Nostalgia forum from time to time - the achievements of all nations are celebrated equally there.

23rd Nov 2004, 12:14
Would a certain two eternally disagreeing Gentlemen who have much more in common than they both care to admit, please be kind enough to take their basically private conversation to the PM system? ;)

23rd Nov 2004, 12:17
Suitably mortified, point taken:O

23rd Nov 2004, 12:21
My lack of interlect, inability to construct a cohesive argument, and also lack of interest mean that I do not visit 'those' threads. Bre , I may be being naive, but can you not just do the same and refrain from being drawn? Yes, the 'froggie bashing' does rear its head in some of the other threads from time to time, but hopefully that could be taken in the same spirit as the pom / yank / welsh / scottish / dutch etc etc 'sport'.

Would be nice if you'd stay around mate. :ok:

23rd Nov 2004, 14:16
Come on Bre, toughen up and stick it out, it can't be that bad.

Cowboy up,

cargo boy
23rd Nov 2004, 15:09
Um, isn't announcing that you're leaving the same as one of those suicide threats? It's just a cry for attention and some help. I mean, if you're going to leave or top yourself, why not just do it?

Seriously, I think M.Bre should stay. Just because he feels that he is not wanted due to his countries maligned reputation here on PPrune is a feeble reason. As many of the posters on here have pointed out, just ignore the threads that get your hackles up. If it was such a one sided platform for the xenophobes then why are ALL the arguments and points of view still there for all to see?

Now, about those "cheese eating surrender monkey" comments, if you seriously believe that most people on here will think any differently about their French friends just because that comment was made about the past antics of a French government then you must have a seriously weak sense of self importance. You are almost as bad as the Americans who frequent this forum and assume that any criticism of their governments policies are a slur on all Americans, themselves especially.

GO read a few of the other threads on this great forum and have a giggle. When you feel better you can come back here and repeat the whole process. That's what I do. Life's a roller coaster and telling us all that you're leaving because of a few comments made in the heat of the moment during all that political debate means nothing except we'll now have to put up with all those smug [email protected] who will take it as meaning they've won. Don't give them the satisfaction. :E

23rd Nov 2004, 15:42
regardless of the topic, I adopted Audiard's motto: Il ne faut pas parler aux cons, ça les instruit. Why do you bother?
If you don't like it, jump to the next thread. You cannot retreat to your ivory tower just because you don't like the way some people think. Ignore them, and live happy.
Heck, I'd have a liver the size of the A380 if I didn't :rolleyes:

23rd Nov 2004, 16:24
There isn't room flyblue!!!

23rd Nov 2004, 16:31
If Bre doesn't post a reply on this thread by midnight (UTC) then I'm closing Jet Blast down indefinately.

I say blame the French! :O
Vive la difference!

PPRuNe Radar
23rd Nov 2004, 16:35
As Brave Sir Robin (PPRuNe Towers) and the Knights of the PPRuNe Round Table tried to persuade Bre901 to stay, he taunted them 'one more time'.

Fetchez la vache !!!!


23rd Nov 2004, 16:59
If Bre doesn't post a reply on this thread by midnight (UTC) then I'm closing Jet Blast down indefinately.

That shouldn't be necessary. The new description of Jet Blast on the front page now covers all the options :)

23rd Nov 2004, 17:08
;) And I thought no one would ever notice!

23rd Nov 2004, 17:40
Indefin-a-tely huh? ;)

Wholi, FlyBLue, get yer swimming suits before the boss changes his mind, we're going to http://www.hostboard.com/ubb/smilies/sports/surfing.gif Dunnunda!

surely not
23rd Nov 2004, 18:23
Well just in case the threat is carried through, let me be pedantic one last time on JB

it should be spelt 'Indefinitely'

thank you.

edited to add..................... Bre901 you shouldn't give in to the bigots, not many contributors feel anti french.

23rd Nov 2004, 19:07
Falps wrote:

Wholi, FlyBLue, get yer swimming suits before the boss changes his mind, we're going to Dunnunda!

Hehehe, stepping from Mod Bod to POD Squad. :uhoh:

23rd Nov 2004, 19:50
“Feel anti-French”, heck no, I used to know some French ladies I would have been happy to feel, if you know what I mean. Happily married now, blast the luck.

Come on Bre, don’t quit on me now, I just bought a French airplane. You need to stay just because of that.


23rd Nov 2004, 20:29
Is that OK for you Danny?

But you know, you should THANK Grandpa....................

Cause I know WHY Bre901 is leaving Pprune............

There is a woman in the story!

23rd Nov 2004, 20:31
Don't tell me the mods moderated him too hard ?? ;)

Granpa, where are you from please, I mean in france of course :}

23rd Nov 2004, 20:53
....under the sunhine of Provence, cutting and burning tree branches.

23rd Nov 2004, 21:11
Quite a neighbour.
Enjoy it granpa !

Big Tudor
23rd Nov 2004, 21:22
Well, an hour and a half to go. Either Bre has really left Pprune for good or it is a clandestine plot to get JB shut down.

My view, for what it is worth. Stick at it Bre. JB is one of the biggest ironies I have ever seen. The same posters who condemn the French to eternity in Hell on one post, will post their total hatred for racists on another post. They will post anti-journo comments on a thread concerning newspaper reports of an aircraft incident on one thread, whilst at the same time pontificating wildly as to the reasons behind the same incident on another (just as Unwell Raptor). JB is only as good as the people who post here. What are we gonna do when all the good guys (and gals) have gone?

23rd Nov 2004, 21:22
Long sighted through a riflescope?

I use a 12 bore thank you so much, max range 40-50 yards. (When the eejit D-H behind it doesn't forget the safety catch :rolleyes: )

Onwards though: Don't bother with politics, I don't (unless it happens to infringe my shooting or my friends hunting). Have a laugh. Thats all JBs about isn't it? Go on threads that let you do this.

Bear in mind, on an anymous forum, the usual laws of society tend to be left at the door (I don't know why either.) The Mods do a grand job, IMHO, considering this fact AND that pprune operates on a vague form of free speech. Except people who want to ban bloodsports, who should leave me alone and shutup. ( Now, lets see if that gets modded:} )

Anyway, I'm rambling on on any old topic here, as I will do, but basically, Don't give up and bugger off, thats just giving the s*ds what they want.

Feeton Terrafirma
23rd Nov 2004, 21:46
Wholi, FlyBLue, get yer swimming suits before the boss changes his mind, we're going to Dunnunda!

Great idea Ms Flappy. We can show you how to drink and party then ;)

Its 22:44 UTC..... plenty of time for Bre to post. Of course I don't beleive Danny would shut down JB, cos EVERYONE would move over to post in DUNNUNDA and give Woomera a hard time :eek:

Big Tudor
23rd Nov 2004, 21:48
Yeah, but Woomera hasn't got anything to do anyway Feeton . ;) :ok:

Buster Hyman
24th Nov 2004, 08:09
Of course I don't beleive Danny would shut down JB
Okay. Now I know who not to ask for lotto numbers!;) :p

24th Nov 2004, 08:34
All leave has been cancelled, back to the fray! http://www.hostboard.com/ubb/smilies/outfitted/bullwhip.gif

Mr Bre will post as and when his network is back up.

24th Nov 2004, 11:10
Peeps, one must say one's amazed, one thunk 'tis prolly one's most popular thread ever. :ok:
'tis akshlly quite heartwarming indeed.

Before I start elaborating I'd like to apologise, I was NOT playing with anyone's nerves yesterday evening. I spend the afternoon in meetings and in the evening I attended the world première of an American opera (http://finance.earthlink.net/newsarticle?cat=3&aid=ArtsNLit10200411180407) (NOT blaming the US here ! - Errm, Drapes, I recommend that you stay clear of that link).

I actually wrote most this stuff in the train back home. I had almost finished typing it in when something went wrong so I had to retype it (for this I guess I can safely blame Micro$oft), and then JB got closed 1/2 hour before the deadline while I was re-typing it. And this morning, the network at work went down after a power failure (blame the French utility). Won't be playing the loto tonight I guess.

I'd like to thank sincerely all the ones who send me nice and friendly messages (in here or elsewhere), and especially the ones with whom I sometimes disagree, and among them Danny himself (for your first post at least, the rest was a bit OTT IMHO).

I have to admit I somehow lost my temper Monday night (maybe I shouldn't have overindulged on Fisherman's Friends - blame les Rosbifs - guess I must be too old for liquorice now). And Aloysius (blame the Germans) didn't help either by having me forget the "sticks and stones" thinggy. But however the one to blame is this Froggy, yet I can still look at my face in the mirror this morning. I did overreact, but I'd like to point out that I didn't react to one little isolated unpleasant post ; 'nuff said for now.

I believe it would have been very rude, to say the least, not to answer and thank you all (as some of you pointed out very wisely)

As my temper is cooling down now, I doubt my stubborn resolution will remain as strong in the coming days (especially as JB has reopened now). I guess I'll take some kind of sabbattical leave for a while during which I'll refrain from posting, just lurking in from time to time until I'm really in the mood to post again. Then the hardest thing will be to find another persona behind which to hide my nasty other self (and a new writing style too, one thunk 'tis gorra be even harder).

In the meantime I have reopened my PM box and I've organised a very solemn ceremony (Pump and Circumstance March, Maestro) for the inauguration of my ignore list, whose participants shall remain unnamed.

Please accept my apologies for all the stirrup I caused, although I'm not convinced it will turn out all negative.

See you soon. Thanks again/merci encore. A big HUG to those who feel like it.

Now you all go out and find Lemurian and bring him back too !

Mort aux cons ! (vaste programme)
Et vive la PPrune !

Bre901/TIC (et al.)