View Full Version : NTL gone bust?

22nd Nov 2004, 16:36
Just had my tea disturbed again by yet another salesman. However this one told me (after assuring me he wasn't trying to sell me anything:rolleyes: ) that he was from the new company who had taken over from NTL as they have gone bust. Didn't think to ask the name of the new company as I was more concerned with my rapidly cooling food. Anyone know anymore? Can't say I'm surprised if they have, bunch of incompetent feckwits:mad:

22nd Nov 2004, 16:56
I reckon he was trying it on.

NTL's third quarter results from a couple of weeks back seem reasonable with no indication that they had gone bust:


They have also recently completed the acquistion of virgin.net, something that a company going bust wouldn't normally be doing:


Hope ya slammed the door in his face. :E

22nd Nov 2004, 17:00
I do hope so, they fully deserve it!
Mind you if the morons they employ are as 'on the ball' as they were when I tried to deal with them once they'll all be sitting there 'til well into the New Year before they finally realise they're out of a job and most likely then only when someone comes to take the office furniture away.
I did warn the useless dozy :mad: they were doomed at the time!
May of been two years ago, but my prediction has come true (allegedly). :E

Oh bu**er! It's not so then? Not going to miss a chance to knock 'em though, too many hours wasted on hold for that.