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Windy Militant
22nd Nov 2004, 11:35
Recently I discovered Mark Lamarís Alternative Sixties show. Itís now become part of the getting ready to go out routine of a Saturday evening, whilst making my tea and getting spruced up. Now love him or hate him one thing that Mr Lamar does really well is research the music he plays.
Over the last few weeks heís played some really good tracks but the ones that really fascinate me are the ones cut by people who are now better known for later recordings which were really dodgy or people who are now better known as actors or comedians.
I had a vague notion that Kenny Lynch had a hand in writing the Small Faces hit Sha-la-la-la-le, but to discover that he was a Soul God in the sixties came as a shock. I remember him mostly as Jimmy Tarbucks sidekick.
Or Karl Douglas best known for the novelty disco track Kung Fu Fighting, laid down some killer soul tracks in the sixties.
But the one that really made me spit tea all over the kitchen was Freddy (He ate my Hamster) Star. They played two tracks by the band he had in the sixties and they were absolute belters.
There was recently a slight detour into the seventies to Play Vehicle by the Ides of March even though part of the band went on to form Survivor!
Of course any foray into this kind of territory would not be complete without Brotherhood of Mans Northern Soul classic Reach Out And Touch Somebodyís Hand recorded before they sold out and went Eurovision
Any Ppruners out there know of any other hidden gems performed by unexpected Artistes?

22nd Nov 2004, 13:42
Windy. The problem is that in all the descriptions you give the acts have got worse over time, were good but have disimproved (happens to the best of us).

So surely the thread title should be "Sow's Ears from Silk Purses" ?

22nd Nov 2004, 18:55
A few months ago I was driving along to Sir Norman Jay's show on Beeb London. Norm dropped a blue-eyed-soul "Steely Dan"-esque track which was quite enjoyable.

Was staggered to find out that Cliff Richard made said track! Still can't believe it today :ooh:

There are some obscure, quite "rootsy" sounding chestnuts in Elton John's back cat, expect to see a rash of "remixes" in the coming months.

Numerous artists have started out in the business making quality material driven by their own creative goals, unfortunately sooner or later they want / need payday and become driven by the market - an obvious example would be Kool and the Gang, pre '80s they were amazing.

22nd Nov 2004, 20:09
And George Benson. Just had a bit of a sesh on in flight. Great album that.

23rd Nov 2004, 21:03
WG774, Cliff did several excellent songs in the early 80s, a trend that appeared from nowhere and disappeared in the same manner. Shame. Also, Mr Dwight's back catalog is probably his most appealing feature, seeing as he's made nothing worth listening to since 1975.

24th Nov 2004, 08:34
Ah, Kenny Lynch! He originated one of my favourite non-PC lines, when hooked up in a show with (?) Harry Fowler.

"I was the first to fly the Atlantic non-stop!"

Prolly more in an aviation forum will get the joke than in the original audience........:rolleyes:

Windy Militant
24th Nov 2004, 15:22
Mr Teeteringhead,
I belive that there was a lady named Elisa who described her beau in similar terms. BTW how does a Gentleman aviator come to know a joke like that, oh I know you've been earwigging round the Hosties again. :ooh: :uhoh: :eek: ;)