View Full Version : Flight/Hotel/Car search websites

22nd Nov 2004, 11:22
I'm looking to book a holiday online. Obviously expedia.com will be one of the sites I'll use, but do any ppruners have other recommendations for useful websites?

22nd Nov 2004, 12:12
Avoid lastminute.com as they appear to have the most singularly useless search engine in history. Regardless what date and destination you may be looking for, it always produces the something completely different.

Your best bet is to do a little leg work and put the individual sections together yourself, as I have yet to see any of the sites like Expedia produce a better price than I've had looking about myself.

22nd Nov 2004, 12:41
I have found this site very useful for research and have also found some very good deals with it too although I have only ever booked just hotels.


22nd Nov 2004, 12:48
These (http://www.flightline.co.uk/) boys have never let me down yet:ok:

22nd Nov 2004, 13:11
Give yourself a morning on your own with your computer.

Earlier this year I got return flights to ALC and a week's car hire for myself, the trouble and two kids for 254 quid. It took me four hours though.

When you think you've got the cheapest offer, try another search. My first search came up with circa 500 quid for the same trip. Four hours saved me 250 quid.

Er, don't accept a Renault Megane though..... :ok:

Sharjah Night Shift
22nd Nov 2004, 18:43
Don't take the headline price on the search results page to be available. Take your intended booking as far as the screen that asks for a credit card number.

Travelocity have an annoying habit of putting up an error message such as "fare rules are incompatable with travel dates" also look out for the hotel in the wrong country that often turns up in the search results.