View Full Version : The "I work with somebody who looks like............" game.

21st Nov 2004, 21:02
I work with a guy who looks like Private Gomer Pyle/Leonard Lawrence in Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket". You know, the one who screws up all the time and ends up shooting the sergeant (and himself).

I think I'm a little scared of him.

Feeton Terrafirma
21st Nov 2004, 22:13
One of the great things about having my own little business is that I don't work with Gomer, or anyone else.

From another perspective, I wish I did work with a hot little sexytary, at least then I wouldn't have to make my own coffee.

21st Nov 2004, 22:16
Or sit on your own lap for dictation.

22nd Nov 2004, 01:04
Is that him (www.navcanada.ca/NavCanada.asp?Language=en&Content=ContentDefinitionFiles%5Cdefault.xml) peering out there on the left? ;)

22nd Nov 2004, 01:05
I used to work with Mr. Bean (or a close facsimile of him).

Jerricho, you might remember him.

We also have a supervisor that looks like a bank robber who has forgotten to take off his stocking mask.

22nd Nov 2004, 02:31
Jerricho, you might remember him.

I certainly do. Especially on night shifts when he was sitting on the Crisper console wanting to challenge people to a game of mind chess. :suspect:

22nd Nov 2004, 04:04
One of my immediate seniors speaks like Porky Pig...



22nd Nov 2004, 08:23
One of my colleagues looks like a womble. :suspect:

22nd Nov 2004, 08:31
He's on an overseas contract now, but I have a collegue called Geoff, who is the spitting image of Geoff Hoon. Poor sod.

Nigerian Expat Outlaw
22nd Nov 2004, 08:34
I don't work with him, but a guy who drinks in my local is the spitting (excuse the pun) image of Bob Carolgees. Hasn't got a dog though...........

22nd Nov 2004, 08:45
I used to work with someone who was the spitting image of a white gollywog.

Send Clowns
22nd Nov 2004, 08:59
Call him "Buff", eal. It's Geoff Hoon's nickname in the services (think about it).

I have a colleague who looks like Bruce Forsyth. He doesn't appreciate the students pointing it out!

22nd Nov 2004, 09:11
A colleague of mine looks like the lead character in that new series "Blackpool" - Ripley Holden. Except without the side burns, or the hair.
I only mention it because I know it will p!ss him off.
Hello Chris!:E

Atlas Shrugged
22nd Nov 2004, 09:53
One of my collegues looks like Danny DeVito in the Batman movie....only thing is, she's a she!

22nd Nov 2004, 09:59
:uhoh: I think I might have copped off with her once Atlas :}

I work with a fat-asian Freddie Mercury look-a-like. I can't wait to the Christmas party when he will be forced (at gunpoint if necessary) to sing fat-bottomed girls in the town center.

22nd Nov 2004, 10:00
Know a guy who looks like Garfield's owner. He acts like him too, come to think of it.

Big Tudor
22nd Nov 2004, 10:17
Going back in history, but the landlord of my local tavern some 20 years ago was the absolute image of Omar Sharif. Didn't take kindly to the fact being mantioned though! ;)

22nd Nov 2004, 13:11
I work with a guy whi is the spitting image of chris moyles of radio one breakfast show fame!

22nd Nov 2004, 14:25
There's an individual that works in the catering division of an Air Traffic Control unit no that far north of Heathrow that looks just like Saddam Hussein.

Just an other number
22nd Nov 2004, 14:31
A little bit off topic .
There's 10 points for spotting the odd man out -
here (http://www.slamnet.org.uk/slamnet_team.htm)

22nd Nov 2004, 14:56
Is it Tim Mackley, cause he looks like he's 11 years old? :E

PPRuNe Radar
22nd Nov 2004, 14:58
We've got Buzz Lightyear, Pereluigi Collini, Osama Bin Laden, and some guy who looks like a gaming/film review presenter from the TV whose name escapes me, on my Watch :)

22nd Nov 2004, 15:02
There was a guy on my course that lookes and acts just like Dale Winton. He's now a copper darn sarf (not Dale..........well, not that I know of.)

Speaking of coppers, there's a lady police officer around the Farnham area of Surrey who looks just like Jo Guest.

22nd Nov 2004, 15:15
Just an other number, is it that Kelvin Southgate looks like Gareth Keenan from the office?

Biggles Flies Undone
22nd Nov 2004, 16:01
Used to be a bloke in our IT department who was the spitting image of Baldrick (Tony Robinson) - even spoke like him. Whenever he came round to fix the latest PC crash and someone muttered "I have a cunning plan" the guy had a total sensayuma failure :E

22nd Nov 2004, 16:11
a lady police officer around the Farnham area of Surrey who looks just like Jo Guest.

Did'nt her brother joined the Foreign Legion?

22nd Nov 2004, 16:15
You a bit inebriated there Gainsey? Or have you lost the ability to type: :E ;)

22nd Nov 2004, 17:06
Until very recently we had a Desmond Lynham on our watch. Nice bloke - smooth type, popular with the ladies as well...

22nd Nov 2004, 20:15
My previous boss looked like a cross between my brother and an even more previous boss (both of whom live a couple thousand miles away). Of course, in that it is highly unlikely that even the most astute reader of these threads will know either of them, I fear my submission will fail to rise to the level of the Jo Guest police officer story.

Oh... and a gentleman in my wife's bicycle-riding club looks exactly like my father-in-law. But I suppose you'll tell me that THAT fails to rise to the Jo Guest level-of-interest as well... :(

Also, my son and daughter both look like me and my dog looks just like Toto. Yup. Toto is my claim to fame.

23rd Nov 2004, 03:40
My boss looks like Bernie Winters dog, Schnorbitz... :ok:

Smells like him too :(