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24th Jan 2002, 16:35
Following today's FR order, the impending EZY order and yesterday's reports about runway capacity in London, I was wondering what the effect of this new capacity would be on London.

Taking STN, for a start: is any new short haul operator going to even think about opening new services in the face of FR (or GO)? The second runway there is effectively a Ryanair runway.

At LGW, the scene is going to be particularly interesting, with the two titans of the low cost sector doing battle: EZY and FR; BA can either withdraw or be run out of town.

Even at LHR, when the third runway comes into operation, I think EZY at least will be interested; it's a misconception that lo-cos are only interested in off the beaten track, low cost airports; it's largely because slot limits have kept them out; look at FR on DUB-LGW - a low cost carrier offering not too low fares and no doubt making a killing.

It will also be interesting to see how the Irish government and Aer Rianta reacts to the FR order; it should be clear to them now that they can either accommodate the rise of low cost carriers or they will fly (and take customers) elsewhere. The new spate of orders (will GO be next) seems to herald the beginning of a new chapter in which the lo-cos begin to pose a far more serious threat to the established carriers (and possibly airport operators) . . .

24th Jan 2002, 19:26
akerosid,Why should the Irish Government or indeed Aer Rianta react to the FR deal?.Ryanair is a PLC 100% owned by the shareholders the majority of whom I suspect are not Irish citizens.As for accommodating them, the Government, through Aer Rianta, have just completed new Passenger terminal extentions at Dublin and Shannon and are well into the building of a new terminal at Cork. . .In addition plans are at an advanced stage for a new parallel runway at Dublin . All this should more than cope with whatever expansion plans Ryanair have........unless of course they want everything for free!!

Amazon man
24th Jan 2002, 20:15
Id be interested to hear anybodys thoughts on whether any of the low cost outfits will start to look at the smaller regional airports in the South ie Bournemouth and Southampton, I am aware of Ryanairs presence at Bournemouth.

I have heard in the past that GO looked seriously at Southampton but then decided on Bristol instead, but that this was an issue more to do with the airports management than operational considerations.

Is Southamptons runway too small for B737-300/700/800 and would lack of Cat2 landing ability be a factor also.

24th Jan 2002, 20:51
Air Europa use B737-400's on charters during the summer and Britannia use B757's, so the runway should cope. . .Ryanair mentioned in a report in the Bournemouth Echo that the next international route to Bournemouth would probably be from an Italian airport starting early 2003. I'm guessing Pisa after reports in this site. <a href="http://www.thisisbournemouth.co.uk." target="_blank">www.thisisbournemouth.co.uk.</a> Look under the business section for full interview.

Mr Moustache
24th Jan 2002, 20:57
There is more than a couple of people at EZY wondering where all the new aircraft are going to go. LTN is pretty full, LGW will obviously take a number but now AMS is off -- where?

Buster the Bear
24th Jan 2002, 21:09
"Luton pretty full". Rubbish!

Published max runway movement rate is in the mid twenties per hour, it reaches this maybe once or twice per day (In the summer).

Plans for extra aircraft parking and improved access from the M1 and railway station will improve matters.

The tinminal, sorry terminal has plenty of capacity.

Mr Moustache
24th Jan 2002, 21:14
The 'tinnmal' may have capacity but it doesn't sound like you have sat at B2 third in line waiting for a couple to come out the cul-de-sac watching your hard fought 'on-time-performance' evaporate.