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21st Nov 2004, 20:07
My niece and her best friend and their boyfriends (ages 23/24) have booked to spend a few days each side of New Year in Amsterdam. They are booked into the Bilderberg Garden Hotel on Appolon Road (and very sorry if the spelling is entirely wrong).

Do any of you have any (sensible --- huh - fat chance ;) ) suggestions of where to go that is both safe and fun for their generation?

Very grateful for any info. Ta muchly.

tony draper
21st Nov 2004, 20:38
Last time Drapes was in Amsterdam on a new years eve Mr Wholigan the bloody pubs all shut at 7.30 I think it was,1964 it were, one has only recently recovered from that trauma.
Taxi from Izelhaven(sp?) to the town center cost me three bloody quid as well,( 30 guilders then, the Dutch folks had their own proper money then and not these new bloody ero thingies.

Bum Boat Charlie brung one a bottle of Gordons Gin a case of Orangeboom and a box of Ciggarrilos which one was fond of, so one drownded ones sorrows when one returned to ones vessel.

22nd Nov 2004, 09:21
Wholi I hope they like fireworks!!!! :E

22nd Nov 2004, 09:31
The Bilderberg Garden Hotel (http://www.bilderberg.nl/uk/gardenhotel/) is located on the south side of the centre of Amsterdam. There are many places worth visiting, I would suggest going to the Jordaan and the area around the Rembrandtplein. Basically Amsterdam will be pretty busy on New Year so as long as you don't walk around with money/expensive mobile/camera easily visible and therefore easily nicked, you cannot go far wrong.

22nd Nov 2004, 09:50
Garden Hotel at the Apollolaan is a very nice (almost posh) location. Re actions, depends what they're looking for?

If they like the typical Amsterdam DJ events, then they might check out the NDSM location. (http://www.ndsm.nl/) for a typical Amsterdam DJ Dance festival Awakenings (http://www.awakenings.nl/) or Zyon (http://www.clubzyon.com/) for a New years dance rave.

Otherwise just go to either "Rembrandtsplein (-square)" or "Leidseplein", many "brown cafes" providing lotsa fun on New years Eve. With some common sense it's not more dangerous than Clackton-on-Sea I guess...

The restaurant of the hotel is one of the best in Amsterdam, if only the service was a little better....

22nd Nov 2004, 15:36
Many thanks folks - much appreciated.