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20th Nov 2004, 20:22
Just got back from Twickers!

Bit pished but was the National Anthem sung with more fervour than usual - how did it come across on TV?

Great game 1st half resorted to drinking smuggled port second half as lost interest - still did these guys really stuff NZ?

Have to say a day at HQ is still special - but blooming expensive (can't remember the last time I used the word blooming).

Am rambling and losing focus but well done England Rugby Team!

Bring on the Ozzies!

Edited coZ Mrs Candoo requires my presence in a SA pub!!!!

Standard Noise
20th Nov 2004, 21:43
Beginning to wish I'd stuck a tenner on us and England beating the South Arse-icans.:sad:

20th Nov 2004, 22:38
Standard Noise

Had you made it a treble with the Argentinians to beat France you might have made a nice tidy sum ;) After what was said by the South Africans prior to the Ireland game, it was nice to see the Irish supporting England for a change. :ok:

Thoroughly enjoyed the game (alas, on TV, not at the ground) but was the ball made of soap? SA just couldn't keep a hold of the damn thing and by the middle of the second half, neither could England.

Standard Noise
20th Nov 2004, 23:06
Any other team .v. England and I'm all for the others (sorry, can't help it, I take after the late Daddy Noise!) but I just can't stand the Springboks and their superiority complex. They just don't give any respect which, after our raid on "fortress Twickers" earlier this year, they probably should have shown when they came to Dublin. Jake White must be thinking of going home now since finding out the home nations aren't the soft touch after all.

All credit to the valley boys too, they put up a grand show, shame it wasn't a point the other way.
Bloody French, had a few quid riding on them beating the Argies. Stuffed that accumulator right up. :{
Vive le poverty!

Onan the Clumsy
20th Nov 2004, 23:35
candoo I thought thhat was you in the stands. Good match eh?

21st Nov 2004, 04:04
For an Aussie, watching England play Seth Africa is like picking between broccoli and brussel sprouts. Yuck!

BTW, England deserved the win, and I don't fancy the Wallabies chances against England next weekend after their performances against Scotland and France.

Solid Rust Twotter
21st Nov 2004, 05:35
Definitely won by the best team on the day. Sad to say I no longer support the Boks and am now an All Blacks supporter and have been for a while.

Government interference in sport will do that to you..... :(

21st Nov 2004, 15:27
Oh no!

Since posting thread last night, got phone call, against my better nature encouraged to go to local pub to join in revelling with Mrs Candoo.

It's all a little blurry from there on in. Rolled in at 5'ish this morning having insisted taxi driver take me to casualty for clearly life threatening wound to left knee - turned out to be a claret stain of the drinkable variety :uhoh:

Even worse, and surely the most heinous crime, have apparently offered to take Mrs Candoo to see Australia next weekend.

Trouble brewing as I have two tickets one of which I also promised to my newest best mate met in the Rising Sun, Richmond, last night.

Now I am NOT sexist but women and HQ just does not work for me need to resolve PDQ so any advice welcome have you had this problem?

Standard Noise
21st Nov 2004, 22:20
Simple, will yer new best mate let you "tickle his fancy" if England win or "console" you when they lose, er, I mean if they lose?:E

If the answer is no, then take 'er indoors.

If the answer is no, but neither will the wife, then take the mate!:ok:

22nd Nov 2004, 01:02
Send the mate and the wife together, who knows what might happen! Then go to the pub and watch the match on TV.

Standard Noise
27th Nov 2004, 18:31
What's going on here then, Aussies overrunning the world champs. Boks bashing the thistle munchers. And only Ireland holding up the honour of the home nations.
Or to put it another way,

Ronan O'Gara 21 - Pumas 19

Time for a pint of Genius or two!:}

27th Nov 2004, 20:02
candoo - watch what you're saying! there are some of us ladies who fit in nicely at Twickers thank you very much!
I was there last week. Unfortunately had to let my folks use the Debentures for today's match.

27th Nov 2004, 21:21
..... you didn't miss much.

Loads of handling errors, a subdued crowd and knock ons for fun!

(how did the hooker score from 40m??!)

Hey ho - at least we stayed dry, warm and moist.... if ya know what I mean!! :)


With a bit of luck they won't pin the blame on Charlie Hodgson..... and the first person to mention "Bring back Johnny" gets a slap!

27th Nov 2004, 23:00
I saw the game. Copped some ribbing from my gym mates at the errr gym early in the 2nd half.
On hind sight I should have stayed. :E

28th Nov 2004, 03:58
It's true after all... a Wallaby really CAN take on a Lion and win! Bloody good game though - I thought that the Lions rallied well in the second half, but also thought that the best team won! :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
28th Nov 2004, 07:35

Thought Oz played England.

Well done to the all Blacks!:ok: