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19th Nov 2004, 09:04
Thought I'd post this here - geez the press crack me up... a quick thirty-second proof read would've saved some embarassment...!
Mouse Shanghai's Aircraft
17 November 2004 - AJS News
A passenger jet owned by China Eastern Airlines has been held out of service for five days while crew members searched for a most unlikely stowaway.
The culprit: a small mouse that may have boarded the plane in Shanghai.
The high-flying rodent was finally trapped over the weekend, but the plane remained grounded for inspections.

It all began last Wednesday night, when a China Eastern Airbus A300 touched down in Singapore after a flight from Shanghai. As passengers were getting off the plane, a mouse darted into the passenger compartment.
Crewmen failed to catch the stowaway in Singapore and became concerned that it might chew through electrical wiring and pose a safety hazard. So instead of flying back to Shanghai with a full load of passengers, the plane returned to Pudong on Thursday with only the mouse aboard.
With the aircraft out of action, China Eastern canceled its regular Thursday run to Singapore and transferred passengers to other flights.
That evening, crewmen laid 36 traps and more than 20 cages. The next morning, they were all empty. So on Friday night, workers increased their capture arsenal and added some "mousepaper" - sheets of sticky-surface material - to the mix.
On saturday morning, the intruder was finally trapped. By then, the 10-gram rodent had held a multi-ton airplane hostage for almost three days. But the delay was not over yet.
"After another two days' search, we are convinced there are no 'accomplices' left on the plane," said Deng Yaohua, an official with the Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.
The bureau has quarantined the mouse and was sanitizing the plane yesterday. If inspections rule out damage, the aircraft could return to service today.

itchy kitchin
19th Nov 2004, 09:27
Was the ship's CAT not working then?

19th Nov 2004, 15:53
Nice publicity for Bejing 08, alongside their clean-up of public toilets. I hope the trappings of the XXVIII Olympiad open up China eh.

20th Nov 2004, 02:24
China's already open Mike - try it, you may be surprised. The next Olympiad will undoubtedly be the most awesome ever seen.

By the middle of this century, English will have been replaced as the world's first choice of second language by Mandarin Chinese, so maybe its a good idea to start learning it now.

20th Nov 2004, 03:28
Just of interest, a very famous person made a prediction in 1788, and it was Napoleon. He said when the Chinese economic tiger awakes, the world will take care.

Hope they learn to cook Chinese tucker the food is shite .

Erwin Schroedinger
20th Nov 2004, 06:27
Mouse Flies China Eastern Airbus
Activity at the Airbus factory must be at fever pitch.

"Mon Dieu, ziss ees a gret idea. We can deetch zee pillot and use zee computer mouse to fly zee plenn!"


20th Nov 2004, 10:57
I know Edwin but unfortunately there was a cock-up in translation.... it's now mousse