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18th Nov 2004, 22:46
What would you think worthy of a pledge to see on Fridays 'Children I Need' TV coverage ?

Unfortunately Joanna Lumley will not be doing 'THAT' again, no matter how much is pledged. :ooh: :{

I wouldn't mind seeing David Blunkett getting dressed up in a 2nd WW German officers uniform without being told about it;
and then let him speak to French President Jacques Chirac about European Unification. :E

18th Nov 2004, 22:51
Tony Blair pledging a weeks work as an ward orderly in a children's hospital in Somalia.

Nigerian Expat Outlaw
18th Nov 2004, 23:05
Gordon Brown spending a week living on a "sink" estate acting as hubbie to a deserted wife trying to bring up her kids with no help from the CSA ?

19th Nov 2004, 07:07
Charles Clarke invigiliating Prince Charles taking A level maths at buck house would be alright with me.:rolleyes:

19th Nov 2004, 07:50
I think they should have an auction. Highest bid NOT to show any of that telly stuff! Would probably raise more money!

(/Miserable Sod)

On a serious note, doesn't appear to be any fund raising planned in my office today, which is unusual.

19th Nov 2004, 09:55
All the (young) female's from Emmerdale engaging in a live jello wrestling contest.

tony draper
19th Nov 2004, 09:59
One has more of a fancy for Viv Windsor than younger ones timmcat, very good legs she has.

19th Nov 2004, 10:14
Blair and Hoon on a patrol with the Black Watch.:E :suspect:

19th Nov 2004, 10:17
A live disembowling with Simon Callow as the star guest :ok:

Biggles Flies Undone
19th Nov 2004, 10:18
Hoon playing 'catch me if you can' in downtown Baghdad :E

19th Nov 2004, 10:26
...dressed as Basil Brush and with the Cottesmore Hunt in pursuit

Big Tudor
19th Nov 2004, 10:28
25 foxes on horseback pusueing a lawyer over open countryside. Most ppruners think lawyers are vermin (with the exception of our own Flying Lawyer of course) so should be a fair contest! ;)

19th Nov 2004, 12:42
Unfortunately Joanna Lumley will not be doing 'THAT' again, no matter how much is pledged. For us Brits in the Colonies, pray tell, just what did the fair Ms Lumley "do" that she refuses to repeat??


19th Nov 2004, 13:17
Jounalists pledging to allow the truth to get in the way of a good story ?

19th Nov 2004, 13:24
..Ozzy believe it was a few years back that Joanna did a striptease for cash.
People were ringing in offereing money for her to remove items ov clothing.
Just down to her nicks, stockings and bra :E

19th Nov 2004, 13:46
Lumley in her underthings?....:ooh: :Egrunt, thud.....Oh, I'm all better now...:E


19th Nov 2004, 14:10
She was wearing a very fabulous corset and stockings with a most desirable pair of high-heeled FMs. She sat on a tall bar stool with her legs crossed looking totally stunning.

Biggles Flies Undone
19th Nov 2004, 14:16
Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh far too much information, PP!

Cue one totally distracted afternoon.....

19th Nov 2004, 14:44

That should knacker yer afternoon Biggles.

Biggles Flies Undone
19th Nov 2004, 14:50

Who do I make the cheque payable to?

tony draper
19th Nov 2004, 15:04
The poor lass needs a good feeding, she's way to skinny to be a good Geordie wife, she wudn't have the stamina to carry a bain under each arm, a backet of washing on her head, push a pram with another three bairns and a sack of coal in it back home after doing a shift down the pit at the coal face, we likes em with a bit more meat on the bone up here.

Biggles Flies Undone
19th Nov 2004, 15:19
Maybe not, Tony - but I bet she bangs like the sh*t house door in a force nine :ok:

19th Nov 2004, 15:21
:{ :{ :{ I said "a few years back..."
Didn't realise it was 21!:ugh:

And Adm. Draper, should you discover any of the females appearing as Joanna did wandering unwanted and unloved around yer neck of the woods, you could give them directions South...and over the water :E

19th Nov 2004, 15:24
Getting back to the thread

Bush showing he really is a tough guy - flying a 152 into Baghdad.

19th Nov 2004, 15:29
How about htis thread.

Nick Riviera
19th Nov 2004, 19:57
All MP's to pledge to give up their tax-funded overlarge pensions and made to worry about the future like everyone else.