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18th Nov 2004, 18:06
For all those ppruners that are a little familiar the colloquial German language or the German-speaking ppruners that want to improve their English:

I give you something on the nut - Ich gib dir was auf die Nuss

As You Me So I You - Wie Du Mir So Ich Dir

Everything For The Cat - Alles Für Die Katz

Far-Looking-Tower - Fern-Seh-Turm

Give Not So On - Gib Nicht So An

Give Someone A Running-Passport - Jemandem Den Laufpass Geben

Heavy On Wire - Schwer Auf Draht

Hold The Air On - Halt Die Luft An!

I Believe Me Kicks A Horse - Ich Glaub Mich Tritt Ein Pferd

I Break Together - Ich Brech Zusammen

I Only Understand Railroad Station - Ich Versteh Nur Bahnhof

It Knocks Me Out The Socks - Es Haut Mich Aus Den Socken

Me Falls A Stone From Heart - Mir Fällt Ein Stein Vom Herzen

Me Goes A Light Open - Mir Geht Ein Licht Auf

Me Smells - Mir Stinkts

Now Is The Oven Out - Nun Ist Der Ofen Aus

Nothing For Ungood - Nichts Für Ungut

Pig-Strong - Saustark

Poor Breast - Armbrust

So A Piggery - So Eine Sauerei

The Better-Knower - Der Besserwisser

The Chicken-Eye - Das Hühnerauge

The Closedholder - Der Zuhälter

The Do Not Good - Der Tunichtgut

The Falling Umbrella Jumper - Der Fallschirmspringer

The Flying Harbour - Der Flughafen

The Ghost-Driver - Der Geisterfahrer

The Newspaper-Duck - Die Zeitungsente

The Nose-Leg-Break - Der Nasenbeinbruch

The Page-Jump - Der Seitensprung

The People-Car-Factory - Das Volkswagenwerk

The Picture-Umbrella - Der Bildschirm

The Pub-Part - Der Lokalteil

The Sea Young Woman - Die Meerjungfrau

The Sh!t-Fork - Die Mistgabel

The Silver-Look - Der Silberblick

To Bird - Vögeln

To Come On The Dog - Auf Den Hund Kommen

To Come In Devils Kitchen - In Teufels Küche Kommen

To Go Strange - Fremdgehen

To Lay Someone Around - Jemanden Umlegen

To Shine Someone Home - Jemandem Heimleuchten

Train Birds - Zugvögel

Undertaker - Unternehmer

Wood-Eye Be Careful - Holzauge Sei Wachsam

You Are Going Me On The Alarm-Clock - Du Gehst Mir Auf Den Wecker

You Are Going Me On The Cookie - Du Gehst Mir Auf Den Keks

You Can Me One Time - Du Kannst Mich Mal

You Have A Jump In The Dish - Du Hast Nen Sprung In Der Schüssel

There are you but on The Woodway - Da bist du aber auf Dem Holzweg

Its raining young dogs - Es regnet junge Hunde

18th Nov 2004, 18:18
Er, I believe that I need a translation for that English into English.:)

18th Nov 2004, 19:16
it's called "English for Runaway's" :p (Englisch für Fortgeschrittene)

Take English phrases like " you're pulling my leg" and put it in a different language.... wouldn't make any sense at all :uhoh: The above phrases are direct translations, word-for-word, of similar German phrases.... for the Germans they mean something, for anyone else they make no sense at all! That's the fun about them :8


18th Nov 2004, 19:29
Its raining young dogs

WTF!!? What's the METAR code for that!?


18th Nov 2004, 19:55
Westwind, let me demur a little:
Take English phrases like " you're pulling my leg" and put it in a different language.... wouldn't make any sense at all

The phrase might not make the same sense, but surely not "no sense at all".

Frau Davaar and I were working on something not dissimilar to M. Squawk's great original work in this field, but we acknowledge his leadership.

In our infant steps we had come up with:

"As neat as Katy's leg" as "So glatt wie Kaethis Bein" (my spellings); and on hearing one young American lady complain of familiarities she had endured in Italy, our offering for her condition was "Poechenanfasserangst".

P.S. I am trying to work out a worthy translation into English for: "Wie die Haempels unterm Bett".

18th Nov 2004, 20:09
Wie meine Grossmutter hat mir gesagt, "Er hat eine Tasse los im Schrank, dabei...";)

eine Tasse los im Schrank loosely translates as "one cup short of a full teaset"

And yes, for the polyglots out there, I know the literal translation is "a cup loose in the cupboard"

18th Nov 2004, 20:37
Germans do have some funny words when motoring:

Seat Belt - Der Klunkinklikker Frauleintrapper

Indicators - Die Blinkenleiten Tickentocken

Headlights - Das Dipperenderdazzlubastad

Footbrake - Der Edbangeronvindschreen Stoppenquick

Exhaust - Der Spitzenpoppenbangentuben

P.S. I am trying to work out a worthy translation into English for: "Wie die Haempels unterm Bett". Herr Davaar, I know this as "sieht aus wie bei Hämpels unterm Sofa" = a bloody mess.

18th Nov 2004, 20:39

it's "er hat nicht alle Tassen im Schrank" which translates as " he doesn't have all the tea cups in the cubboard" which translates as "he's crazy" or "he's brainless" :p


"Wie die Haempels unterm Bett".

"Hempels" is a supposed to be the name of a very "stuffy" family and under their bed it's a mess (they sweep things under the rug so to speak) ... so, whenever you see something "messy", then it's like "Hempel's unter'm Sofa" (like under Hempels' couch)

just wanting to keep things straight here :E (alles schön glatt bügeln)


18th Nov 2004, 20:48
Brings back happy memories, CK !

The full list can be found at: http://www.antimoon.com/forum/posts/5715.htm
(and many other fine websites)

My particular favourites are:

Puncture - Die Phlatt mit Bludyfukken

Fog Warning - Die Puttenfootdownen und fukkit

Highway Code - Der Wipenfurarsen

and, of course, who can forget:

Tyres - Flattfahrts

Ahhh, the old ones . . .

18th Nov 2004, 21:47
and the surgery ones...

Breast Reduction - Der Schnippentitten

Breast Augmentation - Der Ooompahpumpen

The 'Bobbit' - Der Kockenschnippen

Circumcision - Der Kochendefrocken

19th Nov 2004, 06:17
windscreen wipers = flippendfloppenmuckenspreden

19th Nov 2004, 08:08
Exhaust pipe = Das Spitzenpoppenbangentuben