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18th Nov 2004, 10:02
Hi folks,

we are going to have a charity quiz in our company tonight and still have to prepare questions.

A colleague of mine has come up with the question "what's the first line spoken in the first Starwars movie", but we are not too sure what the answer to this is. Any Starwars freaks out here that might know the answer?


18th Nov 2004, 10:04
Of course, the instant argument is "which is the first film?" ;)

18th Nov 2004, 10:06
Sorry folks,

it's "Epsiode 4: The New Hope" of course.

Somehow I already feel like we've got some real experts around .:E

Stupendous Man
18th Nov 2004, 10:21
Just wait til I put my anorak on.

Right - In Episode IV A New Hope the first line is

"Did you hear that?" Spoken by C3PO Closely followed by "They've shut down the main reactor".

Hope this helps.

Anorak mode off.

18th Nov 2004, 10:25
:ugh: Now you've got me thinking,

I did buy little bro the box set recently and so if you can wait I can always call him tonight & get him to watch it and tell us.

My instinct (which is most probably wrong) is that the opening of the film was with Luke on his uncles farm.. and him calling out 'Uncle Owen'
Edited to say ... Actually no, it can't be that... as the opening is the words rolling up the screen and then it pans around to the spaceship, being attacked by the Imperial fighters in which case surely the opening line would be C3PO saying 'They've shut down the main reactor. We'll be destroyed. This is utter madness'

hehehe phew and I was worried I'd be the only geek on here.

Buster Hyman
18th Nov 2004, 10:42
All the above confirmed here. (http://sfy.iv.ru/sfy.html?script=star_wars) Perhaps you could also ask who was the (only) Australian actor in SW: Ep. 4;)

Stupendous Man
18th Nov 2004, 10:43
...or how many actors have played Anakin Skywalker / Darth Vader over the course of the 6 films.

Buster Hyman
18th Nov 2004, 10:57
One actor "played" him (Mayhew?), but I think 2 or 3 did his voice, including JEJ.

Stupendous Man
18th Nov 2004, 11:06
JEJ did his voice and David Prowse was the guy in the suit for Eps 4-6.
Hayden Christiensen plys Anakin in Eps 2 and 3 and Jake Llyod plays him in Episode 1.

And for the bonus point Sebastian Shaw plays Vader at the end of Jedi (when his mask is removed on the Death Star) and at the bonfire scene as the spirit of Anakin alongside Obi Wan and Yoda. Although apparently this has been replaced with Christensens face in the new DVDs.


Anyway - I'm off to get out more.

Who is the Aussie actor btw?

18th Nov 2004, 12:42
first line in Top Gun :E

Onan the Clumsy
18th Nov 2004, 12:45
"Now is the Winter of our discontent, made Glorious Summer by this Son of York."

Or was it

"It was love at first sight"


18th Nov 2004, 12:57
Top Gun's easy... I could virtually act out the whole film solo!

First line's gotta be:

GhostRider this is strike, we have unknow contact inbound. Mustang, vector Zero- nine (or was it five?) - zero for bogey.

itchy kitchin
18th Nov 2004, 13:14
Ok, you got the FIRST line,

...but what do you think is the BEST line???
for me, it has to be:
Bar Thug: You just watch it, I have the death sentence on 5 systems...
Luke: I'll be careful...
Bar Thug: You'll be DEAD!

18th Nov 2004, 13:29
Thanks for the answers folks, that's sorted now!

18th Nov 2004, 13:37
topcat450 WRONG!!!

I think you'll find it's

"'Morning Scott...........".

18th Nov 2004, 13:45
Isn't the intro text disappearing into the far beyond spoken? In which case it would be "Once upon a time in a galaxy far, far away..."

Not sure about this tho


18th Nov 2004, 13:48
:eek: Sugar my nipples and rip off the hair with a dishcloth! I think Jerricho's right. I must now go and watch it again 10 times to make sure I don't have any more of the lines wrong.

1000 apologies. :bored:

18th Nov 2004, 19:26
TC450, you don't have to sugar you hair and rip off your nipples, or whatever you wanted to do? I'm just a well of useless information.

Did you know originally, Christopher Walken was to be cast as Han Solo, and Sissy Spacek was to be cast as Princess Leia!?

And whether scripted or not, Christopher Walken always dances in any movie he's in.

18th Nov 2004, 20:21
How's about the last line in Hobsons Choice?

Ascend Charlie
18th Nov 2004, 21:01
How about ANY line from "Futtock's End"? I think it starred Ronny Barker.

Note: This is a trick question...

18th Nov 2004, 21:44
How's about the last line in Hobsons Choice?

The End!? :E

18th Nov 2004, 21:47
Exactly the same as in "The Plank" starring Eric Sykes.

Mike W

18th Nov 2004, 23:01
Perhaps you could also ask who was the (only) Australian actor in SW: Ep. 4

Peter Sumner

He played 'Lieutenant Pol Treidum' - the Imperial Officer struck down by Chewbacca on the Death Star.

He reprised the role in a fan film 'Dark Redemption' made a few years ago.

His line was something like 'TK421 why aren't you at your post? Must be a bad transmitter'

Buster Hyman
19th Nov 2004, 02:02
Obiwan...I salute you sir! Now, if only we could get Mr Sumner to apply for the Bond role!!!:p

Nick Riviera
19th Nov 2004, 19:37
Don't remember Christopher Walken dancing in Pulp Fiction.

19th Nov 2004, 20:23
*Scratches head*

Yeah, you're right. I'll have to dig out where I saw that.

Disguise Delimit
19th Nov 2004, 21:11
Was that his cousin in Star Wars? You know, Christopher Sky-Walken , the dancer in the bar scene?

20th Nov 2004, 13:41
Purely from memory, it's difficult to imagine CW's character dancing in The Deer Hunter either. Err, or the Man with the Plan in that Things to do in Denver when you're dead movie either.

Did Christopher Walken in fact ever dance in any movie? :confused: :confused:

20th Nov 2004, 15:34
Ahhhh, I was only going on what I was told. :( Mebbe it always gets cut from the final thing?!? I dunno.

He danced in Stepford Wives..............no, wait. That's admitting I saw it. Scratch that.

21st Nov 2004, 04:11
For your trivia quiz, a better question would be, "What are the first 11 words spoken in Four Weddings and a Funeral?"

Solid Rust Twotter
21st Nov 2004, 05:31

"A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away....."

Now where did I put my life?

21st Nov 2004, 12:42
Re Four Weddings - fecked if I know!

21st Nov 2004, 13:40
It's been a while but if my memory serves me correctly is it Hugh Grant say F:mad:k 11 times???

Re: Christopher Walken, I don't remember him dancing in A View To A Kill either?

21st Nov 2004, 15:00
Yes, yes. Thank you matt. Jerricho is full of sh*t. We've proven that.:( ;)

22nd Nov 2004, 01:11

very good, elephant stamp for you and 2 gold stars.

Just thought that it might be a good question for say a kindy or primary school parents trivia night. (Tongue firmly in cheek). Especially if its one of those lovely parish schools that my kids went to.

22nd Nov 2004, 02:29
I'm sure some of the children at various parish schools around Bris-vegas could come up with much better than repeating the same word 11 times.

22nd Nov 2004, 04:15
Hmmm.... I dont remember him dancing in "Nick of Time" either (Depp, Walken)

(sorry Jericcho) :E

22nd Nov 2004, 12:21
And there was me thinking the first words in the miniscule Tom Cruise's festival of aviation cheese were....

"Metal under tension, begging you to touch and go"


22nd Nov 2004, 13:10
Dirtypierre, I think the opening few scenes are the funniest in that film, especially the red mini overshooting the slip-road. Hilarious.

Jerricho, I watched remake of The Stepford Wives last night, in which Christopher Walken does waltz!! Just thought I give one back to ya!

22nd Nov 2004, 14:58
Now, matt, while I thank you very much for that matey, you were warned about watching it. :yuk: :yuk:

(Although, Nicole looks great with short hair)

22nd Nov 2004, 15:04
The missus made me watch it..... honest guv!


22nd Nov 2004, 15:06
Yeah, yeah. Happens to us all. Just happened to fall in the DVD player, didn't it. What next, Priscilla Queen of the Desert? ;)

22nd Nov 2004, 15:13
Wow, you must be psychic and it's a little bit freaky! :eek: We do have that out on hire at the moment. Mrs Matt was told it is very funny.

24th Nov 2004, 22:49
CW dances in 'Catch me if you Can' - Hope this makes you feel a bit better J!

24th Nov 2004, 23:50
There ya go............. thanks A

Mebbe it was "He dances in every music video he appears in" :(

Buster Hyman
25th Nov 2004, 01:45
Jerricho I've borrowed a copy of the Dead Zone...I'll let you know. I assume Russian roulette isn't considered a dance in Deer hunter?

25th Nov 2004, 12:48
Walken does a pretty mean sequence in the vid of Fatboy Slim's 'Weapon of Choice'.

Maybe a good question for the parish school quiz would be 'Where did Christopher Walken's character store Butch's watch?', or alternatively 'Who, how many and with what tools, will Marcellus get to go to work on the "homes"?' (bonus point for the best impression given whilst giving the correct answer).

Or, what does Marvin say he doesn't have?

25th Nov 2004, 14:19
I assume Russian roulette isn't considered a dance in Deer hunter?

Sure it is. Dancing with danger?

Just like I'm graspin at straws :uhoh:

26th May 2005, 22:26
Dear all,

An easy one here, What is the only word spoken in Mel Brooks Silent Movie and for a bonus point who speaks it?



26th May 2005, 22:48
'Who, how many and with what tools, will Marcellus get to go to work on the "homes"?' I believe it was actually the "Holmes"..... A quaint term, referring to white Americans and generally used by those of negroid descent.

And the answer was something close to:

"What now? Well let me tell you what now. I'm gonna call a couple pipe-hittin' n****rs, who'll go to work on the holmes here with a pair a pliers and a blow torch."

Buster Hyman
26th May 2005, 22:48
"No!" and it was by Marcel Marceau (?)


tony draper
26th May 2005, 22:53
Christopher Walken did indeed dance in the Deer Hunter,anybody wanna bet me he didn't?.

26th May 2005, 23:01
See, now you're just toying with me.

26th May 2005, 23:15
Okey-dokey, then....

.... Which film finishes with the line, "C'mon, I'll buy you a drink. You know, a drink?"

26th May 2005, 23:22
I dunno.

How about:

"Your family? Nice family...."

27th May 2005, 02:17
Scrubby - Blues Brothers?

Buster Hyman
27th May 2005, 03:28
"How much for the women?"

27th May 2005, 09:52
JEJ did his voice and David Prowse was the guy in the suit for Eps 4-6. Hayden Christiensen plys Anakin in Eps 2 and 3 and Jake Llyod plays him in Episode 1.And for the bonus point Sebastian Shaw plays Vader at the end of Jedi

Missed out Bob Anderson who played Vader during the dueling in Cloud City.

27th May 2005, 16:35
"I want to buy your women......."

(I've just realised Scrubby's line isn't form Blues Brothers. D'oh)

27th May 2005, 16:49
J -

"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly."

For bonus points - who best fits those descriptions around here......

tony draper
27th May 2005, 16:57
"This train don't stop at Tucumcarre' "

27th May 2005, 17:10
"This train'll stop at Tucumcari"...... for a few dollars more.


tony draper
27th May 2005, 17:22
Quite correct Mr S, one was just testing, award yourself five points.

27th May 2005, 18:42
That's right Hair Draper.

They don't make 'em like that anymore. You sound like maybe you're fan of the classics.

BTW my kingdom to anyone who knows the title and artist of that old song that goes a little something like this:

"They just don't write 'em like that anymo-o-oohh...... uh-uh, oh no, ..... etc, etc.."

28th May 2005, 12:57
Oi Scrubby,

You still owe me a slabapizz from your last question.

And for your kingdom, it's The Breakup Song by Greg Kihn Band..........